Обзор на лампу Mipow PlayBulb Candle из магазина gearbest

Обзор на лампу Mipow PlayBulb Candle из магазина gearbest

Hello !!! With your channel Can Be Hot! and today we have a unique overview of the Chinese-made device candle in a metal
housing and matches Russian
production to light it okay just kidding today we have to review
Light from the company Mipow   PlayBulb Candle ie candle is such a box
You can give someone anything I think not upset
People especially with its price of 20 bucks listed specifications
for connoisseurs of Chinese language I am sure that such
and there will I wrong is not a candle inside inscription Fun remove the side We pull out the lamp very good
He is sitting in a box this is how it looks
remove the side and move on to
pickings in a small black
box that it can be? and this candle also
aromatic really smell shock absorbers or soap or rubber It has not helped strange in Chinese
taste in smells well can you do and little instruction
products webpage all in Chinese
language I revealed and used already inserted
 battery I will show you now as it opens I
I will do so here there is a place
for tapping very good for those who have
Small children screw not included
as you saw that is, where to get within three batteries AA format from the company Xiaomi
they are here in this great
I had a box ended link
is herein lamp close close and include I lit up by the way
saying I have two I bought a set of this way they glow in the afternoon
it was evening now! I will show all the charm
these lamps yes they are included
blow it the most cool their function this is their best feature but to manage
Oral need to download attachment here it is designed Mipow start so this training let’s say we have passed that it shows that
I do not connect lamp Now check and no controls brightness can be switched off color management
built-in color at once but you can all the colors
controlled by hand for some reason,
glow different batteries more
discharged Effect a burning candle strange and burning candles
it was flickering I made a mistake burning candles here you can turn off color add white and she
It looks like a real candle outbreak has already shown simply will blink
also choose the color we can turn off color and just be one color You can color you can set the speed of flicker     pulsation maximum
speed pulsations looks like that and the minimum rate of pulsation quietly smoothly rainbow can be slowly may quickly   yet there is such a rainbow in the slow mode, too long shimmers so quickly Now we go play and will gradually
change colors quickly make color changing rapidly I prefer this mode of all he is the interesting of course I have all crazy
modes when it begins to blink
you can not breakneck speed nothing with
these that’s why this mode
I do not like him that’s all the links
in description Like put
subscribe to channel not forget until we meet again until
till hey are you still here then I’ll show you the Life hack if you turn the lamp put it this
candle and will look like this this exactly all bye Bye

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