Семь раз отмерь… Почему на Дакар 2020 нужно делать свою собственную команду

So here I am, Morocco, Fez. We’ve got administrative and technical checkups tomorrow and my function here is to assist the guys I’m planning to race the Dakar with. We’ll be tweaking and tuning the car so it runs well in the Dakar. The Russian guys are here, Sergey Karyakin, hopefully will win this race. And here’s the South racing team. This here is where I’ll spend the next week. I’ll be living for this car, working on it. That’s the car. The guys are already busy there. I know my mechanics well, but I’m still very eager to get to know this car the best I can before the Dakar. I know trucks well, all sorts of repairs on them, so this car here is a bit of a toy for me. I’ll be trying my best to get this car to the finish line. I would like to introduce my team, the one that I’ll be racing the Dakar 2020 in Saudi Arabia with. I’ve been invited to join a team and be a member of one of the crews of Forestal. These are my friends Ilya and Anton. This here is their car and there will be two of these cars on the Dakar, one of which will be driven by me. Our task is to ride as a group from start to finish and make it in the Dakar. I was supposed to be riding a quad bike, but things went a bit hard. I was ready to do it, then Ilya and Anton got hold of me and told me that there were 2 cars and that I should join them for this journey. I couldn’t say no – I’ve known these guys for quite a while in different projects. – Here we have great experience, perfectionism and great business experience and the ability to… and I’m speaking of myself now… make fast spontaneous decisions. I believe that the combination of the aforesaid will be a great success. I haven’t seen anything like this in other teams, any commercial teams anyway. I strongly believe that such results can only be achieved by private teams such as this one, where you build everything from scratch for yourself. This is the first team from Andorra, a fully independent team, built on our funds from scratch. We will be representing Andorra. Everything has to be impeccable. That is our business principle and our principal in general. Our aim is to make it and we shall make it. I’d like to mention the most important person in our crew – Ricardo Torlaschi. I know this guy for quite a few years now, he used to ride trucks. We were in the Iveco team. This guy rode with Federico Villagra and Adriano Yacopini, he’s a mechanic and navigator. We’ve always had a little rivalry going on, even though I’ve been covering them while we were in the De Rooy team Iveco. Now we’re on the same crew in a car. This is the best co-pilot and mechanic, the best expert in any situation possible. Hi, friend. – Hi, Papa. How are you? He calls me Papa since he’s younger than me and since I care for him and look out for him like after a little child. I make sure he’s fed, had a good sleep – right? In Spanish Papa is the same. I’m very glad to be here with you, the team, glad to participate in the Dakar together It is an honor to be in one car with you, 15 days racing in Saudi Arabia, it’s a new experience for me With great dedication i’d like to finish Dakar. Another friend is here with us Juan Manuel Basco. A great mechanic. Proud and ready to do best to finish this Dakar. The crew must have a mechanic on board, so both the pilot and co-pilot must be mechanics. Any mechanical failure during a stage has to be dealt with as fast as possible during the race. Here we have spare parts stashed away. This is the rear…we call it a giraffe. Here’s what can be lost during a stage – the rear control rods, the transmission, the belt. The engine is unlikely to fail, but if it does, that’s something that is impossible to fix during a stage. You either replace the engine with one from another car or abandon the race. Let’s hope the engine is ok. This will burn out the belt as he says. This is a used part, has a good chance of breaking during a stage. This car is a rental and all these parts on these rental cars…this is in bad condition. This guy is very attentive to details. This car has a variable-speed drive. The loads in this race…the standard parts won’t survive. These parts are custom made and very heavily used. We understand that the car is a rental but these parts are in bad condition. We have a good chance of breaking down during the race when this part fails. We are asking them to replace these parts, then we can be held responsible if anything happens. Our chief mechanic says this part is very heavily used and that it’s highly likely that we won’t make it. And what does Artur say? – Artur supports us. It’s better to ride with a new stock part rather than a used modified racing part. – How much better is that? – This part is done. We had to change the gearbox; the belt was mounted the wrong way. These things are very annoying, therefore we decided to start our own team. Any rental car has a lot of little things that need to be fixed. As the guys left the Terra trip failed. I’m sure something else will break down in a bit. That’s why we have these couple of days before the race to test the car and prepare it properly. You can’t expect them to fix everything just because we paid for it – they won’t fix everything. You need to control the process yourself and take part. The mechanics are just helping – that’s the reality, unfortunately. Some folks think that once you paid for a rental car – it’s all good, that’s not entirely true. The car is given at a certain level of readiness – the rest is up to you to fine-tune it. I’ve chosen a certain place to do the so called shake down. The final car test before the race. You need to shake it down a little, fix some errors, tune it a bit. The track is closed down by the police, so there is no chance you will run into someone. And so you go jumping on the hills, hard turns, the road is pretty rough look at the ground – lots of rocks. It’s too soft. Yes, the suspension is too…. Yes, it’s too soft. I’ll make it a bit stiffer. Just to the next level. The target is that it compresses fully, then releases fast. We’re making the car stiffer. It’s too soft, too shaky. We’ll adjust the suspension a bit, play with the settings. We need the springs to be stiffer. Now we’re talking. You get me? – Yep. That’s a whole different story. Great job. We managed to find the right adjustments. If the pilot is satisfied – that’s what you’re aiming to, he feels the car right. Now you have time to adapt to the car and rock on.

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