محمد عبد القدوس: “لن نسمح بمبارك تاني” We won’t allow another Mubarak

محمد عبد القدوس: “لن نسمح بمبارك تاني” We won’t allow another Mubarak

In the name of God Mohammed Ihsan Abd El Qudoos That is my full name. I am the Journalists’ Syndicate
Freedoms Committee Rapporteur [and member of the Muslim Brotherhood] The consitutional declaration
is split into two parts, one part which is very bad, and another
that could be accepted. The negative part relates
to the President’s powers, and how his position is protected by law,
from the moment he took power. The other thing is that the powers allow him to do
anything, as long as the revolution is in danger. This is very dangerous and unnaceptable. Former president Anwar Al Sadat used this
in 1981 to detain his enemies. I didn’t work against Mubarak for more than ten years, so that another leader can come along
with the same powers as Mubarak. Not at all. This is the main issue,
for us at least. We will not allow for another Mubarak. Not a Mohammed Morsi Mubarak. This can’t happen. Wasn’t there a revolution? Private courts won’t retry people, officials,
unless there’s new evidence. They can’t try people who have
already been tried. Our revolution was unique in comparison
to all other revolutions, it stayed within the existing legal structure: it refused private trials, exceptional powers
and political tyranny. So any bid for political tyranny
is unnaceptable. Peaceful demonstrations are important, but we must be very careful of violence. There are those who want to
drag us into violence. This is the most dangerous phase
of the revolution. Why? Because in the past
the revolutionary block, or those demanding change,
were alone on the streets. Now the situation is different. There are the Muslim Brotherhood
and Islamist factions. And one group on Tuesday plans
to go protest in Tahrir Square, and others in Abdeen Square. No. They must force this man to find a solution
in relation to the consitutional declaration. Morsi made a big mistake the day he addressed
the people from the Presidential palace. If he was addressing the people he should have
gone to state media, to address the Egyptian people. But if you depend on your supporters and the
people of Tahrir Square depend on their supporters, this means there is a civil war and the
country will move in a terrible direction. Now there is a power facing another power. This is not to Egypt’s benefit. There is a third group, far from all of this. There are two groups at the moment:
the Islamists and the Liberals. There is a third group: the silent majority. They are the ones who are very angry with the
whole revolution that hasn’t benefited them. This third group are the majority. The revolution began with the aim of developing
their lives, but this didn’t happen. The responsibility for this lies with the
entire political class. There should have been progress
in these people’s lives. What happened to the minimum
and maximum wage limits? Where is the tangible change? You know, if President Morsi had
achieved these changes, and then announced the constitutional declaration,
people might have supported him. People just don’t feel like there’s
any improvement in their lives.

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  1. الله يا استاذ محمد والله كلامك عالى وكبير

  2. علماني
    على فكره انا مش اخوان
    اشتمو بقا في الراجل ياكلاب

  3. اخر الاخوان المحترمين ولا عزاء للخرفان 🙂
    وشهد شاهد من اهلها

  4. الله عليك ياعمنا ، طول عمرى بقول عليك إنت خسارة فى الإخوان والله ):)

  5. شكرا يا استاذ عبد القدوس ، ياريت تقول الكلمتين دول للمرشد عشان يلغي الاعلان الدستوري ..

  6. الراجل ده اللى بيكتب فى الاخبار بتاع اراهن ان عنوان المقال شدك وكلامه كله على طرح البنات وشعرهم صح ولا اية ؟

  7. اول مره أشوف إخواني من غير فروه

  8. راجل محترم واقف ورا مبدأ مش ورا شخص … المجد للأحرار الثابتين عالافكار

  9. هيتفصل من الجماعة وش

  10. تحية إجلال وتقدير للأستاذ محمد عبد القدوس .
    ونتمنى من الرئيس محمد مرسي أن يستمع للأخرين .
    ونتمنى من أعضاء جماعة الإخوان .
    عدم رمي كل من يخالفونهم في آرائهم بتهمة البلطجية والفلول ومش عارف أيش .

    تحية حب وإجلال وتقدير لكم من اليمن .

  11. و النبى ايه؟؟ طب و ايه اللى مقعدك فى الجماعة دى؟؟ ما تستقيل زى الهلباوى و زى الخرباوى و زى محمد جبيب ولا هو كلام و خلاص شغل من بتاع البلتاجى كدة؟؟

  12. ele5wany elwa7eed elly bifham..rabna y5aleek

  13. watch?v=iI6YD4Q8wvs
    الشروق خدته 😀

  14. الإخوان بقى اسمهم التيار الديني يا أستاذ محمد ؟!

  15. رجل حر شريف

  16. لا مكان للمحترمين في جماعة الخرفان, اتركها يا استاذ محمد مكانك بين الاحرار مش بين العبيد

  17. @mabdelkodos أشكركم

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