✔ Minecraft: How to make an Advent Candle

✔ Minecraft: How to make an Advent Candle

How to make an Advent Candle Another Christmas video! I’m not sure how common these things are around the world, but where I’m from they are popular. :] It’s basically 4 big candles in a some kind of spruce decoration. For the last 4 Sundays before Christmas, a new candle is lit until all of the candles are burning The wooden slabs make it look like we’re using slabs of spruce leaves Click-Christmas Tree Click- Christmas Fireplace Feel free ro click Subscribe if you haven’t already! Thank you to ZackProGaming for supporting this video!

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  1. i live from philiphines magma we have them!

  2. R u catholic ? Just wondering cause of advent ,am catholic myself p.s thx for that nice build ur doing a great job

  3. I just love your videos there are like informations oh yah I like your sounds in every episodes- this is pia ramos's daughter Lindsay

  4. where are you from exactly? what country

  5. it looks like an advent wreath on a table…

  6. i wood love to do it but Xbox doesn't have end rods

  7. This is moooooooost common in the PH maybes hes one?

  8. we use advent candles 🙂 do u know if they're used in germany? (i think it is used in germany because my grandma's from there but im not sure :P)

  9. also, how do u get the 1.9 update?

  10. Hey here in finland those are popular too 😀

  11. this is the foirsg video I've watch of you today , when I saw ur channel j was like "I Ned too subscrribbeee"

  12. how toake end rods?

  13. o c::
    Are you Swedish? xd

  14. In my minecraft theres no end rods

  15. Having a Tropical Christmas is like not buying anything on a Steam Sale. No, really.

  16. hey.. you make it in 1.8.9??

  17. __━━____┓━╭━━━━╮
    ____━━____━━╰O–O-O–O ╯
    save the endangered nyan cat by copy and pasting this over youtube
    Why i do this :/

  18. Where are you from?

  19. where are you from?

  20. the version I have witch is 1.8.9 does not have those end  rods

  21. How to make the candle

  22. Hey i used to do the candle thing on sunday thing yeah

  23. My friend, When did the end rods come out? Because I play in the Xbox 360 Edition.:l

  24. I don't have a end rod in PC or pe is it a mod

  25. This is popular in the Philippines

  26. googles what an advent candle is


  28. Where are you come from?

  29. do a paper shredder the final ofice tool

  30. Yea advent candles are popular in my country!

  31. hey magma reveal your face :0

  32. The music sounds like Animal Jam

  33. What are end rods? :3

  34. I have HEARD of advent candles but never tried them. I must have a go!

  35. Are you from Germany it's just I live here now and Advent here is that thing (I actually come from Russia, a LOT of travelings I've been through.).

  36. how i get those end rods?

  37. i don't have a candle in mc

  38. "end rod?" Is it from a mod?

  39. It really looks like a Advent candel!
    Well, a giant advent candel.. LOL
    Great work, magma.

  40. Advent candles are very popular in Estonia too…

  41. Are you American or English

  42. Magma, u are espetacular!

  43. trap remix of christmas music:D

  44. can u show us how to get the end rod

  45. +Behold kh shut up you can't do better

  46. we have it on philippines!

  47. Hej magma. Jeg er dansker ligsom dig! Jeg har set dine videoer siden… 2011! Jeg startet med at se den der video hvor du lavede en pool!!! Elsker dine videoer | FNDK

  48. am building from minecraft pe wat aim can do to candle

  49. How is this bad? Is just a fun decoration

  50. dudstep christmas magic!

  51. love the video magma keep up the good work

  52. Where are you from?

  53. Where are you fom, Great Britian?

  54. The end rods look like penises


  56. Am I the only one that jams out to the background music??

  57. please show the actual build in the thumbnail clickbaiter.

  58. I added Spanish translations for this video 😛

  59. Maybe call it a Wreath?

  60. What's the music at the beginning called ?


  62. I am not being rude but perfect candle is the torch

  63. Magma Musen is a Filipino XD

  64. in german that names "Adventskranz"

  65. You are a good youtouber give him a lot of subs

  66. You up this video in my birthday 😀

  67. ….
    i expected a "realistic" (sort of) looking candle…. it's ok i guess….

  68. Christmas is long time ago,in year 2015

  69. they are known as Advent Wreath

  70. Merry X-mas magma.🎅🎄🎁🍬

    I also can use your idea for Valentine.💙💚💛💜💕

    Thanks a lot for your idea!You are so creative!

  71. Nice vid, I love ur videos, u should make a Hanukkah candle if possible!

  72. Its cool, but what sould I use when I dont have…… Those….. Things you used for the candles?

  73. whats the music title for the christmas vids?

  74. can u make santa's workshop?

  75. hey magma can you show us how to build a market

  76. Um…. its 5 candles ok?!??!? WAKE UP EARTH GRRRRR lel xD

  77. did you get blacouts because Tennessee has big wildfires in Gatlinburg

  78. do how to make wreath

  79. Whats the music name?

  80. I didn't know that you guys have a advent candle 🙂

  81. It's called a advent wreath not a advent candle

  82. Merry Cristmah MagmaMusen in 2016!

  83. On dit pas une bougie de l'avent mais une bougie de Noël



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