シナモンパンクが退院しました!!! Cinnamon Is Back From The Animal Hospital!!!

シナモンパンクが退院しました!!! Cinnamon Is Back From The Animal Hospital!!!

Hey, kids it’s me PDRsan Cinnamon is back from the animal hospital!!! If you follow me on twitter, you probably know what this is about Here’s what this is about for those of you that don’t know On Saturday I woke up to find vomit everywhere and no Cinnamon I find Cinnamon cowering under Mimei’s desk and he starts vomiting the moment he comes out and as he has nothing left in his stomach, he’s vomiting bile and foam(?) Also Cinnamon has NEVER pooped outside of his litter box but he couldn’t control himself (or was delirious) and pooped in one of his sleeping spots We got really worried and took him the vet At the vet they took x-rays, blood tests (to send off)and injected him with mdeicine The vet said he probably has acute gastroenteritis To be 100% sure we had to wait for the results of the tests so we got some medicine and took Cinnamon home but He puked up bile almost every hour he kept drooling and foaming at the mouth he wouldn’t eat food or drink water and we had trouble getting him to swallow the medicine (he kept puking it up) so we had him hospitalized and the vet fees were pretty expensive we decided to ask for donations and make special Cinnamon merch to raise the funds I asked for some designers who could help out on twitter I got so many designs and emails from people offering to help We couldn’t use all of the designs but thank you so so much to everyone who offered to help and sent in designs and to everyone who bought the merch, donated or sent positive tweets/emails our way I thank you from the bottom of my heart I feel so grateful to have such caring, loving, amazing viewers and now it’s time for awwwww Cinnamon It’s Princess Leia Mouse Princess Leia! Get her Cinnamon? Cinnamon aren’t you going to Cinnamon? Don’t ignore me!!! Demon cat #2♪ Ahh Demon Cat #1 Hey PDR hahahahahahaha Ahhh Demon Zoella Rip Off Candle!!! I forgot to say that Cinnamon did have Acute Gastroenteritis the vet also says he could of had an allergic reaction to something He said he couldn’t be 100% sure apparently when cats have Acute Gastroenteritis, they don’t drool and foam at the mouth to the extent Cinnamon was so that might be because of an allergic reaction we got to take him home and we still have to give him meds but at the moment he’s happily sleeping in his Christmas bed he also bit me pretty hard this morning so I think he’s pretty much back to his old self Now that he’s back and well I’m gonna start posting videos again sorry for not posting for a week I’ve never really had a pet well I consider Cinnamon more family than a pet Anyway the only pet I’ve really had is a pet goldfish called Thomas (named after the tank engine) that I had when I was 2 or 3 so Latte and Cinnamon are the much my first pets I really don’t like calling the pets…they’re family anyway it’s the first time one of them got really ill I just didn’t I don’t know how to explain I was really upset I don’t know how to explain this properly… I was so worried and didn’t really feel like making videos but he’s back and I’ll post tomorrow too You guys are probably used to the massive ups and downs that is my posting schedule by now I’ll started posting more regularly from tomorrow so I hope you stick around Please give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video (^o^)b I posted it a week ago check out my last video if you haven’t and don’t forget to Oh, yeah I forgot I’m trying to get to a million subs by the end of the year so please subscribe and spread the word! See you tomorrow!!!(^-^)

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  1. シナモン良かったね!

  2. ちゃおちゅうる

  3. 募金は違うだろ

  4. 私も犬が心臓の病気が発覚したときは本当に辛かったので気持ちよくわかります

  5. おめでとう😃🐱

  6. 遊ぶで無視されてるシーンで笑ったあと可愛い

  7. 大事に至らなくてよかった!

  8. シナモン退院できてよかったねヽ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

  9. 良かったなー❤

  10. pdrさんは大好きだし、シナモンのことはすごく心配なのだけど、シナモンやラテがこうして病気になって、大金が必要になる可能性を考えずに新しい猫を飼ってしまったのはどうなんだろう、それで自分たちが払えるならいいけど、ファンの気持ちを使わないとお金が払えないなら、かわいい!で猫を飼う前に良く考えるべきだと思います。4人目はシナモンみたいに衝動買いしないといいな。

  11. シナモンが良くなった事についてはホッとしたんだけど、今回の件はちょっとなぁ。 「病気になった!→視聴者にチャリティ」どこからそんな考え湧いて来るんだろ…?

  12. おめでとうございます


  14. 他人にお金をもらうまえに、ペット保険にはちゃんと入っておきましょう。

  15. 洒落にならんときにはちゃんと誠意見せるpさん

  16. よくわからないって言われたなら他の病院で診察受けるのもお勧めします。


  17. よかったですね!😊

  18. シナモン、本当に良かった!PDRさんの優しさが伝わって来ました。

  19. PDRさんの猫愛は本物だなあ、好きです

  20. 猫ゲロって最初はビビりますよね

  21. When I was in high school, my mom's dog Chewbacca got sick similarly to what you're describing for Cinnamon, and also had to be hospitalized. We found out he had an infection in his heart, and we honestly had no idea if he would make it overnight. He did, and lived to a REALLY old age. But it was so terrifying as it was happening. You guys must have been so worried about Cinnamon, and I'm so glad the community was able to pull together and help you guys out. When your pet is sick, you shouldn't have to worry about vet bills on top of being afraid for the life of your pet. I'm really happy to hear that Cinnamon is doing better!!

  22. シナモンおめでとう✨✨

  23. しなもんちゃんおめでとう☺️☺️

  24. I'm just really happy he's ok again.

  25. シナモンなおったの!!良かったっすね~!!

  26. よかったね!退院おめでとうございます!

  27. This brought back my faith on humanity. Okaeri, Cinnamon!

  28. awww cinnamon looks so cute i'm so happy he's better <3 <3 <3

  29. ・治療費くらい自分で払え

  30. I love you😍💕

  31. 3:13 <3 <3 <3 aaaaw <3

  32. 退院おめでとうございます。

  33. おめでとう!!

  34. 私の子は、おやつに一緒に入っているエージレスを食べて嘔吐と泡を吹きました

  35. この人は他の人の猫が寄付募集してたら、寄付するのかいな

  36. これからも頑張ってください❗

  37. 動物愛護団体ならわかりますが、

  38. おめでとう!

  39. PDRさんちょっとだけ英語忘れた?

  40. I lost my childhood cat to cancer half a year ago and I totally understand what you were saying about pets being more family than pets–it still really hurts. Luckily we got a year more with him than the vet expected, but he was still sick most of the time so I know how awful it is to have an ill cat. Take all the time you need to get back on schedule! I'm so so glad that Cinnamon is doing better, still sending lots of love and prayers your way <3

  41. This is the purest video on this channel I’m crying I’m so glad cinnamon is better

  42. シナモンパンクちゃんホンマに可愛いですなぁ//////

  43. 垂れ耳がたまらぬ

  44. ナデナデしたいわ

  45. 今回の件はちょっと。。

  46. I'm so happy, that Cinnamon is okay again. <3

  47. このコメント欄に

  48. し!!知らなかった!!!でもなおってよかった!!

  49. No cry plse 🙁 cinnamon punk’s better now. Just be careful not to leave stray, potentially harmful stuff around. Yknow how curious cats are..

  50. 猫を飼っている1人として考え直してほしい。

  51. シナモンかわいいなぁ

  52. なんか涙出てきた(;_;)♡感動

  53. シナモン!!!💗

  54. PDRさんって、英語話す時声低くなるの好き!

  55. シナモンかわいい

  56. ほんとによかったです!!!!!

  57. 字幕で励ましのメールや追悼ってなんだよ

  58. Yay ^ ^ Poor little Cinnamon. Glad he's doing better.

  59. ちゅーるだっけ?あれってすごくしょっぱい?らしく、猫には毒なのかな?まぁ、まぁ、詳しくは分からないんですけど、猫を飼ってるいとこが言ってました。
    長文失礼しましたm(_ _)m

  60. 大丈夫か? シナモン!? ♡♡

  61. PDRさんもがんばれー!

  62. これは本当によかったよ〜




  63. 猫をダシにして視聴者からお金を取る行為がとても許せない

  64. You have enough money to buy all the junk behind you but don’t want to pay for your precious family’s hospitalization?

  65. 何もしてないのに批判だけしてる人の意見なんて気にしないでください

    買いたい人が買って 助けたい人が募金しただけ(´・ω・`)

  66. ごめんなさい。見たのが今日でした。本来なら募金もしたかったです。家族が病気になるとふあんですよね。

  67. 愛は風あーいい子で

  68. PDRさん実はすげぇいい人やな

  69. トロールフェイスみたいな笑いかた

  70. えアメリカアクセントじゃないんだ

  71. 募金について首をかしげる人がいるけどネットで活動してる人ならではの1つの選択肢だと思う外国っぽいなとも思った 自分が困ってたら人に助けてもらおうと声をかける そして余裕のある人が助ける これが当たり前のことになればいいね

  72. 心霊現象rcセdcwrfでTV亜gwqrfy📺xrッfcデ出てきたけど

  73. シナモン良かったわ

  74. PDRさんは本当に生き物を大切にする、自分としては尊敬すべき人です。

  75. かぞくのためにがんばってえらいです(≧∇≦)あといんたいしてよかったですね(≧∇≦)これからもがんばってどうがしてください

  76. 自分より人気も金も権力もある人がグッズを売ることがそんなに悔しいですか 老害さんたち

  77. 今回のはPMS派

  78. ミカイルに猫飼うなよって言われてますよ、PDRさん、RPDさん

  79. 「シナモンでできる5つの事」に、「シナモンが病気になった時に自分で何とかする」は入ってないんですね。

  80. 可愛いすぎる

  81. wow ppl are getting really intense about pet insurance and donations in these comments. I'm very glad cinnamon is okay now!!! that must have been so scary for all of you

  82. かわいい!!

  83. 0:00こっからもう嬉しさが爆発しとるやんw

  84. pdrさん面白いです

  85. あのさぁ?ひとつ良い?


  86. よかったね(v^-゚)

  87. シナモンいつ見ても可愛い

  88. PDRさんほんとにいい人。

  89. 動物病院の治療費舐めんな

  90. お前の 信者が 優しくて 良かったね

    ちゃんと 感謝しろよ 乞食

  91. mimeiちゃんと猫ちゃんたちのことになったら優しくなるPDRさん大好き

  92. PDRさん売上の半分募金してるんだって?自分の事にもお金を使わないからこんな結果になるんだなーって思った。

  93. pdrさん は、とてもいい心してるじゃん。

  94. シナモンは大丈夫なんですか?シナモン入院頑張ってー

  95. え、入院終わった?

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