リサイクル工作!【油ろうそくの作り方】 How to Make an Oil Candle

リサイクル工作!【油ろうそくの作り方】 How to Make an Oil Candle

Hey, guys!
I am JJ. This time I will make a colorful candle. The material that becomes this material is edible oil. This is a chemical that hardens oil. It will be put into hot oil to harden the oil. Please be careful of hot oil. I will show you how to make it. material
Cooking oil
Oil treatment agent
paper cup
Thick yarn
Disposable chopsticks Cut the crayons into small pieces and put them in a paper cup. Cut the thread to a length of 100 mm. Fix yarn with disposable chopsticks. Heat the edible oil. When the oil gets hot, put chemicals and stir. Put the oil in a paper cup. Set the thread on the paper cup. Wait for a while until the oil cools down. Cut the extra part of the paper cup after the oil cools down. This completes the candle. Thank you for watching! Please subscribe to my channel.

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  1. 色をつけるときに絵具だと分離してたぶん出来ませんよね

  2. Qual é o produto químico adicionado ao óleo?

  3. むずかしそうだけど、やってみたい❣

  4. すごい簡単ですね作り方凄く簡単やってみようかな!

  5. やってみたね

  6. 色によって燃える速度って異なるんですか?

  7. これは紙コップから取り出して使うことは出来ませんか?

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  9. 材料…?????

  10. 危ないねーーーーーーー

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  12. 初コメ!これって揚げ物をした後でも使えるから真似してみます、

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