🍦ICE CREAM That Looks Like Fried Chicken 🍗Not Fried Chicken Ice Cream Bars Recipe Test

🍦ICE CREAM That Looks Like Fried Chicken 🍗Not Fried Chicken Ice Cream Bars Recipe Test

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  1. This was quite a process, but very cool when done!! I certainly can see how regular ice cream 🍨 would be the way to go. GREAT JOB!!!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  2. With Dr. suess’ birthday being next week can you try and make green eggs and ham?

  3. you totally should have deep fried them!!

  4. I would use crushed Capt'n Crunch for the "breading" I don't like corn flakes.

  5. Sounds like using the store-bought ice cream made it a LOT easier. Relatively speaking. I love how much Emmy enjoyed this!

  6. I was like I wanna do this….but I’m too lazy.

  7. I'm a little late to watching this but I'm still excited to see it!

  8. ✍ℐ𝓂 𝒾𝓃 𝓁ℴ𝓋ℯ💖 𝓌𝒾𝓉𝒽 𝓎ℴ𝓊

  9. The fact that it crunched like real fried chicken!! 😍😍😂😂😂

  10. Maybe the stretchy ice cream base is supposed to be closer to meat? I must say I don't think I'd enjoy meat textured ice cream though.

  11. I love how shes like talking to me so im all happy inside just watching a lady deep fry ice cream

  12. no salmonella here!!!!

  13. I saw the thumbnail and clicked soooo fast lolll😂😯

  14. The term is tasty fake

  15. I wish I didn't hate her lol

  16. I have always wanted some boneless ice cream

  17. I love your enthusiasm Emmy!!!

  18. everybody gangsta till Emmy is one of those people that just fuckin' bites and chews ice cream

  19. reminds me of good old aunt sandy's baked potato!

  20. …thick as "theives"……lol

  21. Oh wow! I want to make meatloaf and mashed potatoes that look like cake and ice cream then serve this as desert! 😸

  22. Can you imagine springing that on some kido's at a birthday party… server it along side a slice of cake.. LOL

  23. My taste buds will be hella confused

  24. Please try sliced mayo!!

  25. The real one is actually better, but the ice cream lover in me thinks you’re an ice cream cone-ius👩🏻‍🍳🍦

  26. She’s always finding unique recipes, I’m sure she has her own! I’d love an Emmy cookbook!

  27. made an account for the sole purpose of subscribing lmao

  28. I’m vegetarian so I wouldn’t even dare touch it if someone even tried to prank me because I would think it’s real chicken but it’s not I would try it because it looks good and I think it would be fun to make and serve.

  29. i wonder if the AUS Cadbury Caramilk (Australian not Canadian) taste the same with your caramelized white chocolate…

  30. As soon as she said “thickened” I knew it was about to go down😂😂😂

  31. Emmy you are delightful and playful. you bring joy to everything you do.

  32. okay i’m not an expert so if this is a dumb question sorryyyy
    but could you replace the milk almond milk?

  33. this is making me creative, i would also have a little bowl with chocolate syrup, to be the sauce

  34. Hand-drawn chicken ice cream bucket stole the show.

  35. You're voice is SO SOOTHING.

  36. You get so tickled, you make me laugh. 🥰🥰😂🤣👍🏻

  37. Emmy is such a pure and loveable soul

  38. Love this idea, looks like you're eating frozen boxed fried chicken

  39. Those are sooooooooooooooo cool looking! You're sooooooooooooooo excited too! LOL! You are adorable. I wondered if you ever woke your husband up being excited and screaming in the kitchen?

  40. How has no one said you look like Velma in this-

  41. When you posted this on Instagram I thought it was the actual ice cream drumstick (waffle cone chocolate dipped peanut topped) and you've made it look like an actual fried chicken! This is surprising lol

  42. Next time, try Cupcake Jemma's caramelized chocolate recipe. It is done in the microwave.

  43. At my 10th? Birthday party, my mom got us these ice cream hotdogs with short cake buns and we topped it with raspberry sauce, chocolate syrup, sprinkles and whipped cream. They sold it at Tops (local grocery store) at the time but not can only be bought online as far as I know, everyone loved it. It's called " Cool Dog ice cream" if you google it you'll see it

  44. I hope yall put on dentures after taking a bite with that chicken….

  45. looks like it was the large amount of sugar in in the ice cream mix could have contributed to it not setting properly

  46. Thought this was velma from scooby doo

  47. All I'm thinking is "don't bite too close to the bone"…and then I realized it wouldn't break her teeth lol. 
    Gosh, such a mind game this one!

  48. Completely beyond cute. Emmy, you're a Gem!!

  49. itadakimasu…..aren’t you basically thanking yourself?

  50. did your teeth hurt when you bit into it?

  51. Not a doppelgänger it’s a catfish

  52. WAIT WAIT WAIT. I'm from Charleston, SC. Lived here my whole life. I ain't NEVER heard of this. WHAT.

  53. your excitement in this is absolutely adorable

  54. This is the first time I've listened to the audio of one of your videos. However, whenever the visual is GREAT(& the visual of this video is GREAT)I'm willing to listen to the audio too. The audio is Great(& the visual is VERY GREAT). Great.

  55. the bucket really pulls it together

  56. WELP! I know what I'm gonna prank my nieces and nephew with now! XD

  57. With ice cream fries and red velvet as chocolate

  58. Emmy you are so beautiful 😍

  59. The bites sounds like fried chicken.

  60. These are so fun looking, and sound delicious! My kids would LOVE them. You always chose such interesting stuff— high quality content as always!!!

  61. Need molds in different shapes

  62. Straight through the bone! Holy H-E double hockey sticks

  63. I was somehow hoping this was going to taste like fried ice cream.

  64. Now I want fried chicken

  65. Sugar keeps ice cream from freezing hard. The recipe seems to have too much sugar in it. Maybe use 1 cup of sugar for those who want to try it with the original recipe.

  66. man, you would be in the mood for some chicken and then end up getting mouth full of icecream lol

  67. She looks like the nerdy chick from scooby doo

  68. Sounds like chicken too lol

  69. This channel so calming

  70. Emmy's kid:Mom, can we make chicken for dinner?
    Emmy:Sure, sweetheart.
    Chicken for dinner:

  71. Emmy: greetings my beautiful lovelies

    Me sitting on the toilet: aw thank u

  72. I’m definitely gonna try it verry cool kids will love it !. Only thing I really wished she’d show what inside looked like after she bit it was curious to see if cookie looked like chicken 🍗 🦴 bone lol overall good video and tips

  73. Nobody:
    Auto translate: playful music

  74. Ok, I can't be the only one who caught Emmy's enthusiasm at watching her make this treat! What I love about this channel is how uniquely it is simply Emmy. Every dish she tackles w/a side of info is so fascinating! I don't think I laughed and smiled so much during one of her videos…and yes, I cheered too when she was able to get her round two chicken done 🙂

  75. Did you hear that… She thinks im beautiful… And lovely

  76. How is that ice cream

  77. oohhh that crunch 😆😆👍🏼

  78. Look Good but she talk to much

  79. Omg Emmy, if and whenever you make this again. Do yourself a favor and buy already caramelized white chocolate. Valrhona Dulcey (the best) or Caramelia

  80. Great video! Did you make your own bucket? Please tell us how you did it, pretty please

  81. Super cute!! Ice cream base gets mixed with cream before you churn it, you don't use it on it's own. They led you astray with that recipe. ❤❤❤

  82. how good is the caramelized white chocolate? i have it at work (i'm a pastry chef) and we're always snacking it 😛

  83. Should of put some strawberry drizzle for a ketchup look lol looks good tho

  84. she talks too much

  85. Emmy- my class watches your videos every week and we have tried some of your recipes and even did the Chic-fil-a vs Popeye's spicy chicken sandwich challenge. We would love to see what you think of the new KFC donut chicken sandwich!!

  86. Laughing so hard at the Google results and the WHAT and NO sounds effects 😂❤️

  87. Please make some wing, breast and thigh parts. With cookie bones as well.

  88. You totally thinking outside the box now 🤪🤪🤪

  89. That white chocolate looks to die for right now.

  90. You should serve them in waffle cones made of chicken

  91. In the Uk its called a biscuit not cookie

  92. Looks like churches chicken 🍗🍽😂

  93. I love that you got the white chocolate from Utah. 😂

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