Hello, everybody today we are at Epcot and
today we are….seeing the lights around the world, what? Holidays around the world. Look at this they have holidays around the
world passports. That is cool. So we can go around to different streets and
entertainment and get stamps. Look at that just like Epcot Food and Wine
Festival. Look at Stitch. Stitch is getting in trouble. Natural Chocolate Delights, ..Kelly found
that Holidays Around the World has little sweet treats now. Holiday themed too. This is kinda fun. Are you putting all the stickers on? Seasonal Southern Delight. Oo that one sounds good. at showcase plaza which has ….and corn bread
crumbles. We came to do the candle light processional
but we’ve never done the candle light processional dining package. So we are going to try it tonight. We are going to do Garden Grill for dinner. And do the actual package with a reserved
seat for the candle light processional. I thought that would be kinda fun and the
kids like the characters, right? Mickey Mouse, That’s the fun part. The cool thing about this restaurant besides
the characters, Mickey’s right there, the floor actually moves. Guys you can see the floor is slowly moving. It’s a special life mom..This life isn’t. it’s going the circle of life. There you go the Circle of Life. We’re following Chip or Dale, one of them. Op Dale. Hi Pluto!! See Pluto’s here, we have both chipmunks,
Chip and Dale and Mickey is coming over to see you. as well. Thank you. Stronger, oh my goodness. Dale also has a red nose, Chip has the black
nose. Easy talking to you, all be together. I’ll be right back with drinks and appetizers. Thank you so much. You guys get up and hug chip, sorry Dale. Hey Chip, Do you want to get a selfie with
him? He wants to see ya Hunter. Did you get your good side there Chip? Oh ya, good picture!! ha ha ha. Are you taking pictures of your shoes? You guys are crazy. Oh a super close picture, I love it. ha ha ha ha ha . Fa la la la la. All right let me see it. You got a good shot huh? Look whose behind ya. Hey Mickey. Get a picture. On your nose. ha ha ha ha. Can you twitch your nose like him? I don’t think I can do that. This is an all you can eat family style, which
means kids and adults eat on the same menu. They brought a salad with several items from
the land downstairs. Then we got fresh bread and did you say honey
butter? Honey Butter. Honey blossom butter. That’s gonna be awesome. I love that they bring your drinks in mason
jars. Kinda adds to the whole farmer feast right? Here is our skillet with mashed potatoes,
green beans, sausage and meat and stuffing and turkey. That looks amazing. And then they have macaroni and cheese and
sweet potato fries. See those gold fish in the mac and cheese? Yes, I see one of them. It looks so good. Someone spilled something and Mickey’s guarding
it. Op here comes a boat coming through. And that is the land going through. I’m full that was like a four course dinner. Did you like it? Yes, was it a good dinner? yes. Like Thanksgiving all over again huh. Pretty much now I don’t have to go through
the American Table Because you are so stuffed. I don’t have to go through the American Table,
cause I just ate what was on there. Oh cause they had a Thanksgiving feast. Hunter’s really have fun on the ….Mom, See
the chicken, there’s the rooster. I love Garden Grill so much that I have the
hiccups right now cause I ate too much. What they have pretty much was like a Thanksgiving
Feast. It was sooo good. And the best part about it is the moving platform
which you eat on. That’s really cool. This was Caribbean before and now it’s changed
to the Feast of the Three Kings and they have shredded beef, roasted pork and three kings
bread. Ohhh wow, that looks awesome. Look at the pretty poinsettia trees. So pretty. So pretty. Hear Ye, Hear Ye. Gather round, Gather round. Here we come a wasaling among the leaves so
green. Here we come a wandering so sad to be seen,
love and joy come to you and to you your wasel too and God bless you and send you a Happy
New Year and God Send you a Happy New Year. Ho ho ho ho. To all those gathered on the streets of this
village, greetings. I am Father Christmas and I welcome you to
the United Kingdom. We gather today to toll the Devil’s knell,
one stroke of the bell for every year since the birth of Christ. Oh where was I? 62, 63, 64, excuse me does anyone know what
year this is? Anyone? 2016, 2016 thank you very much. 65, 66, 2016? 2016 minus 67 carried the one that leaves
9 carry the one again and that leaves 4. oh dear. Here is the tree at the entrance. You’ll like it don’t worry. Hunter doesn’t remember it even though she
has seen it several times. A bunch of MIckey Hats. Can you tell we’re in Norway? Elsa’s been here. You guys will probably laugh at this but the
Florida Fresh has a Palm Tree with lights and no kidding, that’s what we do here in
Florida. Oh yes, seasonal southern. We actually decorate our Palm Trees with lights
and yes we do throw Flamingos in our yards with lights too. Ooo blackened catfish, I bet that is good. Grits, Here is a tree at the entrance into
Future World. Another one of those humongous trees. This one is fun though they have little phrases
from around the world all the different worlds. Bye guys, keep on dreaming, love you all.

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  3. How old is Hunter and Kelly Im 11

  4. Some day, when the twins decide to eat real food, I want to eat at Garden Grill. Always have loved the Candlelight Processional, got to see Haley Joel Osment one time, very cool!

  5. I would've gone to the Candlelight Processional last night, but Whoopi Goldberg was doing it. Why would I want to hear the story of Jesus' birth from an atheist?

  6. What a fun dining experience! I love the drinks in the mason jars too!

  7. what a lovely video X UK

  8. So Cool! Time Lapse, Amazing!

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  13. Haven't been to Disney at the Holidays and now more than ever I want to!

  14. makes me miss the 4 years I've performed in the candlelight processional. all 4 years of high school.

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