🐣🐥🐰Easter trick for unique eggs, tutorial HOW TO DIY

🐣🐥🐰Easter trick for unique eggs, tutorial HOW TO DIY

Traditional Easter wax technique in various colors. Wire and metal bowl or a some lid. Regulate the height by bending the wire over a candle Simply … pin stuck in a pencil. … and the old wax pastels for melting Move gently but fast … like strike matches. Wax pastel melts aprox. 2 minutes. Stir occasionally with a pin. Come up with your own motive. Be creative 🙂 Eggs can also be dyed. Hard boiled eggs or use blown out eggs. Traditional Easter wax technique decoration in Spring colors. Try mixing several colors on one egg.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely work.

  2. beautiful decoration, thank you for ideas with pin and pencil….this make very easy use … not like very old "instruments" my granma use in the past time….

  3. What kind of wax are using to melt for decoration?

  4. what was that pin-thing you used to draw on the eggs with? Otherwise I loved the video, it was the best easter-egg design i've seen on youtube!

  5. Very very nice!!!! thank you for sharing!!!

  6. So beautiful!!!! Thank you!!

  7. φανταστικα εξαιρετικα συγχαρητηρια!!1

  8. In our country we have been using this method since 1700 =)))

  9. Bello ma sul bianco non rende.
    nice, but on white it doesn't make

  10. Bellissima idea!!!

  11. που θα βρω αυτο το εργαλειο;;;;

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