🔦 Обзор EDC фонарика Klarus E1

🔦 Обзор EDC фонарика Klarus E1

Hi, friends. one more new flashlight from Klarus This time it is compact 18650 powered EDC with choice of usual and tactical UI There is link to stores where you can buy this flashlight under video and lets start with examples of performance and my overall thou and then there will be detailed review appearance and so one 2 lumens arent impressive outdoow, but there will be photo from attic in the end of review. This mode looks definetely way better indoor you can see things around and dont get blinded or blind someone 100 lumens – nice mode for long look-around needs, like simpe eveninig walking around and so on not really bright, but you definetely will see path ahead and around in like 5-7m radius 400lumens high is way brigher mode, that will last for like 3 hours. and in most of case there will be no need to go to turbo mode from it what is good – this mode is completely stabilized. and it will suit you in MOST of everyday needs in rare cases when you want to see further, you can choose turbo. Here it is not impressive , according to modern standarts. But, overall, 1000 lumens in such compact size is really good. especially as it lasts for like minute and little bit more that`s all i can say. Klarus E1 is no perfect EDC flashlight, klarus have to fire some persons and hire someone instead. but, overall, it is decent and reliable thing that you can use for most of simple needs and easily switch to tactical modes in case you need instant access to turbostrobe. usually this mixture of EDCtactical is something intermediate, not one, neither another. but not in this case, when you have basically EDC flashlight, but with opportunity to quickly make tactical flashlight from it Klarus UI is really cool in this case so, E1 has nice light distribution, comfortable grip and convinient light with stabilization which is way better comparing to what you may expect from Klarus. E1 again has this zigzag of thermal stabilization but this time it is not as terrible as in most of other Klarus products so you may dont care about it. CONs are: one more typical Klarus fail, huge gap between modes, this time 2-100lumens. and that E1 can use only REALLY specific sort of battery and 2600 capacity of included one is really low…that is gready from Klarus If you have any similar Olight battery – you`re lucky. but the rest is good. Appearance looks good, Klarus use this red-white color scheme in modern non tactical products so , as i gift, that`s ok you get E1, battery, charge cable, o-ring, manual and nice small bag so, package is good. Flashlight body is really compact, with combination of tail button and saddle button, typical to tactical lights. it looks really impressive. Klarus made their UI almost perfect so they use this switchable UI in every flashlight they can and, well, that`s is comfortable. But this time, it also results in that you can use only RARE sort of battery see, there is usual spring at tailcap, but ususual contact plate at head part. and, that is for this mentioned battery. with “-” at the same side as “+” Like in Olight. but you can use any regular battery in Olight, just dont have built in charge feature in this case. And here you CANNOT use any battery , only this rare and expensive sort. And, moreover, 2600 mah is not that much, according to modern standarts. But, to be frank, for simple needs, it`ll be enough Grip is good, 105mm body will fit in your hand even without knurling because clip adds a lot of grip here. And, this clip is placed really high, so you can hide E1 REALLY deep i pocket. I find it good-looking and convenient. you will not hit E1 and people will not see it as well There is no head as a part of body, the last is entire soled cylinder 23mm diameter. And, of course, no cooling ribs, which would be more decorative in this case simple scratches around body. TIR optic is AWESOME, i`ve seen similar one at Fenix E18R and E16 and it both beautiful and useful in light distribution UI is typical to klarus, you get everyday mode and n tactical mode with simple switching beetween them I have a lot of bad words toward Klarus product: terrible thermal regulation and useless gap between modes in EACH flashlight they make, but UI, UI is great. what about light – nice light distribution with both bright sidelight and hotspos. Perfect for EDC needs and i only complain about 6500k, 5000 would be way better. and charge amperage might be way better then 0.7A At least you can charge this battery in regular charger. there might be more modes, 2-100 gap is senseless something like 2-50-150 woud be way more practical As i said, one more typical Klarus failure is terrific zigzag of thermal regulation, but this time it is like 10% high and you can mostly dont care about it. It is funny that they decided not to fix it, but made separate promo pics, which says it is not failure, but advantage aha, good idea ) But, overall, runtime and stabilization are good, even taking into account quite low capacity of battery you have 1 of turbo – great, more than enough to look around and the rest of modes are also good both in runtime and stabilization so for evening walk, it`ll be enough what about light, you saw this in the beginning of review. here are these 2 lumens indoor, see that is looks way better than outdoor and what about rest, well there is no surprinsing brightness or throw and you cannot expect it from flashlight this size (it will be close to photo-blitz in other case) but for EDC needs – you really get you will be enogh for both brightness and throw. hope video gave you idea what Klarus E1 is capable of pls like and subscribe, there will be lots of reviews in future. Bye!

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  1. Распределение света понравилось, размер фонаря, клипса, в остальном он проигрывает конкурентам. Тот же Феникс E30R лучше по всем показателям. ИХМО Но каждый фонарь индивидуален, и если подарить нетребовательному пользователю то ему вполне хватит и комплектного аккума и заложенных режимов.

  2. вопрос к подписчикам. у всех громкость этого ролика нормальная? у меня на двух смартах, компе и телеке более чем

    а то тут один мудак в грубой форме жаловался что ему тихо.

  3. нормально все со звуком. Хорошо что минусы отмечаете и говорите о них.

  4. Проходной фонарь, не впечатлил. Но пользовать можно без напряга. Дырка в режимах удручает, если бы не она фонарь можно было бы рассматривать для пользования в ЕДС. И 6500К…. Такое…

  5. Что у тебя на запястье (5:20)?

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