1 Hour Gluten Free Bread Recipe

1 Hour Gluten Free Bread Recipe

Hi guys it’s Jaime from Guildbrook Farm and
today I’m going to take you along as I make my gluten free bread. I’ve been gluten free for 13 years now and
over the course of 13 years, ah gluten free bread has come a very long way. Back when I was first gluten free some of
the different brands that I used to buy off the shelves tasted like cardboard. Absolutely terrible. And it’s improved quite a bit but also the
price has gone significantly up. It just seems like there’s a market for it
and definitely people are taking advantage of individuals like myself who have to have
a gluten free diet. So my quest has been to create my own gluten
free flour, my own gluten free bread that I can make here at home and do relatively
cheaply. Because the gluten free breads that I was
buying recently were anywhere between $5 and $6 dollars a loaf. And even if you were to buy the gluten free
bread mixes they’re somewhere up there around $8 for a box to buy just one premixed powder
to add and make your own flour. Or if you were to buy the bread mixes then
can run upwards of $12 for a 4 lb bag of flour. The bread that I make is under $1.50 a loaf
probably closer to $1 just because I buy everything in bulk and I make everything myself. So let me show you how I make that. This is a very rough recipe. If you are looking for one of those recipes
where you’re weighing out each individual ingredient, this isn’t that. My whole method of cooking, my whole way of
cooking is not pretty. It’s functional and it comes out tasting good. So if you are looking for something you are
going to put in a bakery window, this isn’t that. This is something you can whip up in under
2 hours and have a really good loaf of bread. Ok so what do you need? Well to get started you need some gluten free
flour. Now I make my own gluten free flour blend,
I’m gonna link that up above if you guys are interested in that. The only thing that’s in that is rice, tapioca
starch, and oatmeal. In the original recipe I also add xanthan
gum. Since then I only add the xanthan gum when
I actually make the recipe. I don’t actually put it in the flour mix. But that’s, as always, optional. Um, you’re gonna need about a cup and three
quarters of oatmeal, and I use gluten free oatmeal for that. You’re going to need some dry active yeast. Quick note on this, first of all don’t get
the instant yeast. You need the dry active yeast. This was a 1lb bag that I purchased for $4.70
from Azure. Now if you were to go to Walmart or any of
the other big box stores, grocery stores, they sell the little Fleischmanns jars for
$4.70 for 4 ounces. If you guys are going to get into bread making,
you’re gonna want to buy your yeast in bulk. It’s so much cheaper. You’re going to need some baking powder, a
little bit of sugar or honey for feeding your yeast. You’re going to need an egg. You’re going to need some butter and if you
want, this is optional, you can add some lard. This is lard that I saved from my drippings. This adds a little bit of extra flavor if
you like it. My kids do not like this. Ah, Iove it I think it adds a little bit of
extra flavor to the bread. You’re going to need some salt. Again the xanthan gum is optional. You’ll need some olive oil and a little splash
of apple cider vinegar. Ok so let’s get started. The first thing your gonna want to do is you’re
gonna want to make your yeast. And I use about a tablespoon and a half of
again active dry yeast, not instant yeast. Not really measuring here. Now we need to feed the yeast. And so I use a little bit of sugar. Um, you can use honey if you like. And now we need to put some warm water in
there. Um, I use my finger usually to just figure
out how much or what temperature the water is warm enough at, but until you guys are
used to that, use a thermometer. It needs to be around 110 degrees. If you get it too hot you’re going to kill
your yeast. So let’s take it over here and we’re gonna
fill this bowl up about three quarters of the way with some warm water. Alright so it’s at about 110 degrees. I’ll measure this out for you guys, I don’t
normally do that. It’s about a cup and a quarter. Ok so now we’re just going to stir this a
little bit. And we’re just going to put this off to the
side and let it rise. So everything we’re going to make here is
going to be done in a food processor. So the first thing you’re going to do is put
your egg in there and we’re going to blend it. Next we’re going to add one and three quarters
cup of gluten free oats. And we’re gonna blend it. Now you’re gonna want
to make sure you scrape down the sides. There you go. Now we’re going to add one and three quarter
cup of your gluten free flour blend. If you want you can add a little bit of xanthan
gum, it does help hold the bread together and give it a little more chewy texture. Completely optional. I just sprinkle a little bit in. It’s probably about a half a teaspoon to a
teaspoon. You’re gonna want to add a good pinch of salt. I probably add about a teaspoon and
a half. You’re gonna want to add about two thirds
of a tablespoon of baking powder, not baking soda, baking powder. Guys if you don’t get this exact, it’s ok. It’s still gonna turn out. Just rough ingredients here. Make it easy on yourself. We’re going to blend it altogether. Again we’re going to scrape down your sides. Now we’re going to add a little splash of
apple cider vinegar. Ah, the apple cider vinegar, the baking powder
and the yeast are all what’s going to ah, give this bread some rise. Just a splash, if you add too much apple cider
vinegar it will kill your yeast. It’s probably about a teaspoon. Now we’re going to add our yeast. You can see that it has risen. So it’s good yeast. Dump the whole thing in. Ok so here’s where you add your fats. Now I add between 4 to 5 tablespoons of fat. You can add that in all butter or you can
substitute one or two tablespoons with lard. Totally up to you depending on what kind of
taste you like. You can even add bacon grease if you have
that. Um, whatever kind of fats you save. Um it just adds a little bit of flavor in,
you know what I mean. Like a little bacon flavored bread. Good stuff. So I’m going to add about three tablespoons
of butter and about one tablespoon of lard. Smells good. And blend. Ok so you want the dough to be about the consistency
of cake batter. This is a little too thick. So we’re going to need to thin it down with
some hot water, hot water. Anything you know about cooking regular wheat
bread, you’re not going to do that for gluten free bread. And that was my biggest mistake when creating
this recipe. In all my discoveries in learning how to cook
gluten free bread. You don’t make it anything like the way you
make regular wheat bread. Gluten free bread requires a very thin consistency,
at least the way I make it it does. And that give it, ah, if you make it too thick
it won’t rise. It becomes a very dense bread. So you want it to have a cake like batter
consistency and then you cook it on a lower temperature than bread, so that it doesn’t
get really rock hard on the outside. And then it only gets one rise. Do you don’t punch it down and let it rise
a second time. You only get one rise out of a gluten free
bread. So for this particular batter, it’s a little
too thick, we’re going to add a little bit of hot, hot water to it. We’re gonna start off with about um two thirds
of a cup of water. And there you go. Ok so now we’re gonna put this into a cast
iron pan. I’ve used other pans, like metal pans before,
I can say that different types of pans will give you different results. I personally like the cast iron pan. It only costs about $12 or $13. I personally think it’s a really good investment. What you’re gonna do with your cast iron is
you’re just going to pour a little splash of olive oil in it, maybe about a teaspoon. And just use your hand to coat the inside. And now we’re just gonna dump this in. My house is a little bit too cold for this
dough to rise. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put
it in the oven and warm up the oven just a little bit to give this time to rise. Ok so I put my oven on the lowest setting,
which is 170 and I just give it a little bit of, I just give it a few minutes to warm up
and then I will turn the oven off. And I’m gonna put this in here. And just give it a minute and then I’m gonna
turn the oven off. And then we’re just gonna turn the oven off
and we’re just gonna let it sit in there for probably about 30 minutes until it starts
to rise. So we’ll see you in about 30 minutes. Ok it’s only been um maybe about 7 or 8 minutes
and you can see the bread has risen to the top of the pan. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna leave
that in there and turn our oven on 350. And as soon as that get’s up to temperature
I’m going to set the timer for 50 minutes. What we want is we want the internal temperature
of our bread to reach about 180 degrees. Ok we’re at 350 and we’re just gonna set our
timer for 50 minutes. Alright guys let’s take it out. So it should be somewhere around 180 degrees. I have this little thermometer here. There we go. Now you want to immediately take it out of
the pan because if you don’t it’s going to get all soggy. And you can see that the inside of our cast
iron is wet, you want to wipe that out so it doesn’t rust. So first we’re gonna flip this over on it’s
side and we’re gonna let it cool. I’m gonna get a napkin and wipe out this cast
iron. Now I don’t wash this guys, I leave this just
as is and I just continue to add the oil whenever I bake the next loaf of bread like you see,
like you see me do earlier. That gets put away as soon as it cools off. Now this is not going to win any pretty awards,
but this loaf of bread took me a little bit more than an hour to make. It was about 50 minutes to bake, about 7 minutes
to rise, and I dunno maybe 5 to 10 minutes to blend it up in the blender. And for something that’s that quick, um compared
to say other recipes where you’re measuring out 20 different ingredients on a scale, or
you’re using expensive blends, to me there’s no comparison. I’m not worried about pretty here, I’m worried
about functionality and this is a really good tasting bread. It’s really soft and once this cools down
I’ll show you how nice it is. Ok so this has been cooling for I dunno maybe
about an hour now and I just flipped it back and forth um like a couple times so that it
didn’t get too soggy on one end. It’s pretty dry. We’ll cut it open. You can see how soft it is. So there you go. And now when I store this I just store this
right on this cutting board and I wrap it in ah this wax cloth. Now I make these. All it is, is you take a piece of cloth, I
think I got this from Walmart, and you cover it in beeswax and I’ll show you how to do
that at the end. But I just take this, put it on here and just
store it like this on my counter top. Alright so let’s talk about stale bread. This is a loaf of bread that is about 6 days
old. You can see it’s starting to get hard. Don’t throw this out. I mean of course you can give it to your chickens
or whatever to eat but I’m going to show you what I use this for. So one thing you can do with this is you can
make it into croutons and put it on your salad. And to do that you just are gonna want to
cut it into cubes, put a little bit of olive oil in a bowl, a little pinch of salt, a little
pepper, and if you want you can add a little bit of garlic powder or garlic salt. And we’re just gonna toss these in here. Spread them out on a tray and we’re gonna
bake these on 400 degrees for just a few minutes until they get nice and toasty. Something else you can do is you can dice
up your stale bread, just like I just showed you, you can spread it on a tray and bake
it on 250 for um, about 30 or 40 minutes until the bread dries out completely and then just
grind it up in a food processor or blender and you got yourself some breadcrumbs. Gluten free bread crumbs. These things I’ve seen in the store for like
$6 or $7 dollar for a plastic container of gluten free breadcrumbs and you guys have
your own and it’s free. So ya go ahead and do that and you can even
add spices to it if you like. I just store these in a mason jar and in my
cupboard. Now I’m going to show you guys a couple other
really cool depression and WWII recipes, breakfast recipes that you can also make with stale
bread. That’s going to come up in another recipe. For the most part, this is it. You got yourself gluten free bread for somewhere
around $1 or $1.50 a loaf of bread. Super cheap. Super easy. Make it in one hour. And ya, it’s good stuff. So I hope you guys try it. If you guys do, leave it below. I want to hear from you guys and if you guys
have your own recipe that you guys want to talk about or tips or tricks leave that below
as well and we’ll see you in the next video. Thanks for watching. Hi guys it’s Jaime from Gill, I was going
to say Gluten free farms. This is kind of a hob cobble, is that how
you say it hob cobble? Cobble hobble? Cobble hobble? Hob nob?Hob nob? How do you say it? Hodge podge? No hob cobble. Cobble?

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