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see you at the end hi everybody thank you very much watching our premiere
today we’ve done an ear wax compilation video a few of you asked could we do an
hour-long episode with lots of ear wax removals in so as a thank you for
getting to the 100,000 subscriber mark we thought we put one
together for you so I think there are 11 patients all together in here so go grab
yourself a cup of tea cup of coffee have sit down watch what’s going on so this
first patient was quite this is probably the one of the toughest patients however
I’ve ever had to clear this gentleman came through he’s had ear wax problems
for a number of years but just been self treating with olive oil and some
softening drops which means that it does tend to help you to hear better for a
short period but then it starts to build up so what we have is literally years
worth of ear wax to come out this was by far one of the hardest ear wax removals I’ve
done in my career so lots and lots of ear wax really deep really impacted you’ll
have to stick with this one guy so just using the standard size zoellner tube
first of all just to clear away some of the looser debris from the outer part of
the ear you can see we’re just pulling pulling this away getting rid of some of
this old slightly looser ear wax here before we hit the the solid block that’s in a
bit later on now the gent did have ear wax in both ears so you are going to see
both ear extractions on this video because you see some of the loose if
it’s just breaking away here so we’re gonna use the the Jobson horn oh just to
see if we can get a little bit of purchase on this ear wax see if we can get
behind it bring some of this forwards break some of it down there you are you can see
you’ve got a good chunk of it away then but when we look in there’s more in
there so just gonna work our way along the ear canal wall again I think all
together the gent was sat in the chair for about 40 minutes I think
when we edited this down I think it comes to about 20 some odd minutes for
this extraction so you can see it’s just starting to work its way out you can see the much deeper section of
ear wax in there very very black very oxidized very hardened up so that’s
gonna be a kind of very difficult one to remove because it’s very deep in the
ear canal perfectly formed to the shape of the ear ear canal from years of prodding
with cotton buds and softening and then softening this ear wax so basically we’ve
havent got a great deal of room to maneuver this out so it is just in the case of
very slowly trying to work this down getting grips on it and bring it
forwards the patient did really well sitting through this I mean they you
know thats a lot of time to sit there with your head nice and still but we
constantly ask you are you okay feeling all right and they would they did really
well so absolute trouper just try to clear bring this ear wax forward first of
all now we’re coming to the little bit of hardened up ear wax on the outer part of
the ear ear canal so want to get rid of this before we bring that deeper section down
the ear canal because it’ll just keep getting stuck on there otherwise there we are got a nice flap of flap of dry
skin there and hardened up ear wax just trying to get behind this to bring it
out there we are you can see just how firmly attached that isn’t this as a bit of dry skin gone as
well there now we can get a better look at this much deeper plug of ear Wax
you can see there’s no gap around it so it’s just gonna be a case of trying to
maneuver this out as best we can so you can see there is a little bit of
movement to this ear wax not a tremendous amount but just enough to get it
wiggling back and forth just trying to unstick you can see it’s actually
rather than bringing the ear wax forward at times it just breaks chunks off like you
just saw there and this dry skin is just lifting up as well so just complicating
things a lot of things all going on at the same time in this ear ear canal see we’ve had a really solid piece of
ear wax now where the softened drops been going in obviously the only soften what they
come into contact with so this much harder deeper section it’s not gonna
have softened that up at all you can see really pulling on some of this top
section of ear wax now to try and roll it forward slightly create a gap and just
get a little bit of traction to it now I just brought in another piece away just
trying to make this smaller allow a little bit more gap either side so it
allows us to get movement to the ear wax more than anything else so if we can
take chunks away on either side what means we can then wiggle this ear wax back
and forth but slowly work it down the ear canal see we’re creating a gap there to the
right side you do dread seeing this deep hardened up ear wax like this
especially when it’s perfect if it’s gap if it’s got gaps around it it’s not so
bad but when it’s perfectly formed with the ear canal it’s it’s always a bit of a
monster to remove slowly working oh you can just see getting a little bit of
more movement you can see where that ear wax has been rubbing against the ear canal wall
there as well so causing a bit of discomfort I mean this patient really
hasn’t be able to hear very well for a very very long time I know what you see
that’s just getting a little bit more of a wiggle to the ear wax it’s starting to come
down there you go he’s starting to get a bit closer to the camera so we’re
starting to work it down the ear canal can I hit it hit a bit of a bump in the road
there it’s just stopped a little bit so now we’re gonna see if we can roll it
break it a little bit more off now we’ve got a bit more room you know just a little bit of olive oil
gone in now I’m using olive oil for two reasons I want to try and see if we can
get a better grip on this ear wax is the first reason and the second is the oil
will help to lubricate the ear canal walls and so what you find then sometimes you
get a grip on these harder piercings here it’s just covering the camera there
as you get a grip on the harder pieces as you pull then it meets less
resistance from the ear canal walls so it just means it will slide a little bit
better across the ear canal the only downside of using olive oil especially when
you’ve got hairs that are quite long in the outer section of the ear ear canal is
that it does cause this problem where you get a lot of oil coating those hairs
so as you put the camera in it tends to coat the camera lens as you going in so there we are we’ve got some movement
it’s on its way can see we’ve worked on this here now for about ten minutes so
we go out to the outer section of the ear ear canal so we’re just using the jobson
horn now to try and break this down and get it out the last section of ear canal
see very kind of fine hairs on the older section the ear ear canal but there we go quite deep old plug and there’s the
eardrum so you can see the redness there around the ear canal wall but obviously been
working on this ear ear canal for a little while and that’s been rubbing in there
but the eardrum itself looks good unfortunately the gent also had exactly
the same problem in the other ear so we’re gonna use the standard size zoellner
tube as we did with the other side to try and break this but there’s just no
there’s no gap and this ear wax is so hardened up that I can barely get the
Jobson horn into it so you can see why this was this was one of the most
difficult ones we’ve done just really toughened up old solid ear wax I don’t
think I’ve ever come across ear wax that was quite this this hardened up it was it
was almost like pushing that jobson horn into a into a piece of wood it was
so tough there’s no point in putting any olive
oil in there at the moment because this ear wax is on the outer part of the ear
ear canal what I’m trying to do is trying to get the jobson horn into the ear wax I’m
hoping that by by pushing it in they can get a good enough bit of leverage on
that ear wax it’ll come out in one solid piece but it’s just so tough because
it’s just breaking away crumbling away not really coming out in any consistent
pieces and thats all were doing is just denting it at the one where we’re not really
getting into it at all now we’re just getting behind a section of ear wax there trying to find an end we can’t go in too
deep we’ve got no idea how deep this ear wax goes so we’re just trying to get over
the piece that’s in front of us at the moment to get to the next section take
that away and just slowly for want of a better word chip away at this ear wax just
constantly having to use the Jobson horn at the moment just because we can’t the
ear wax is so tough suction is just going to keep pulling away from this it’s not
going to pull anything out digging till we’ve got a little bit of a grip on some
of that ear wax so we’ll just bring some force see how much pressure you have to
put on the actual ear wax blockage itself the gentleman when it’s doing this I’m
constantly checking in with him are you feeling okay there was everything all
right you got any discomfort what he was mention he could feel was a slight
pinching sensation when we start pulling along the ear canal but then he started to
feel a pulling sensation when we started to get a little bit of grip to it it’s
starting to move you can see how this is what just actually stretched out of the
ear ear canal can you see there we’ve broken that section away but as
you can see there’s just more ear wax in there again so I mean I think I think
this ear wax went pretty much the full length of the ear canal so working down the
side of the ear wax there just trying to get behind it but as with the other ear it’s
so perfectly formed to the ear canal walls that it’s very very difficult to even
get the jobson horn down the side of this ear wax
now this gents been using olive oil on this ear wax for a number of months
altogether but to no avail when you can see why now that olive oil would only have come into contact with the outer section of ear wax
not this big plug underneath it really trying to get get any kind of grip we
can see theres still quite a huge section lot to the left and to the right that’s
all the jobson has done is take away the center section so it’s form
this little Valley in the middle of this hard plug of ear wax so we need to try and
collapse the sides you know if we can you know I just start to see it with a
little bit of movement there see other jobson and I was just flicking off the top
of it because it’s that tough put a piece on the end of the endoscope there it’s it is quite soul destroying when you
look inside and you just think I’ve made not even bit of dent in this so far but
I promisedyou we are getting somewhere it is coming out the patient was so relieved we do get
all this out of the patient it was so relieved when it did come out just
because he lived with this for a number of years so when it did come out
that this patient’s hearing was he couldn’t get over the difference in
sound he could hear so much more once this was
come out and he’d got so acclimatized to hearing that way with this in his ear
that he could just was very aware of even small sounds around you it was
really lovely to watch when we got us out and just the relief on the patient’s
face when all this had come away I was just incredible makes the job worthwhile
so we’re still working on this if I go quiet for a little while guys it’s cuz
I’ve got an hour of talking to do and nobody really wants to listen to me for
an hour so we’re just almost coming we’re almost got out we’re starting to
move in now so we’ve got this tougher piece we’re going to use the crocodile
forceps now just to try and move some of this out as you can see with this type
of ear wax when you get a grip up hit with soms like the crocodile forceps it it
doesn’t hold it hold onto it well but the ear wax itself is not hard enough to
hold together to take it out in big chunks still trying to work down the side of
this ear wax bring it out work down the side again you can see where it’s getting a
little bit more movement to it now so it’s not quite as tough at this point
we’re starting to get a little bit of Bend in the ear wax so it’s it’s a bit more
pliable that’s the word I’m looking for us a little bit more pliable so we’re
using the crocodile forceps and the Jobson horn intermittent alternately
sorry at the moment to try and clear as much as we can you can see we’re getting
that getting somewhere now we start and see the ear canal wall which we couldn’t see
before but that crocodile for so as you can see
is just clamping onto a little bit of the ear wax but just breaking small sections
away so we’re not really getting any benefit from using the forceps at the
moment we are just bending the ear wax down again
trying to get behind it we don’t see a much deeper darker section now I think
we’re getting we can just start to see a little bit of light at the end of the
tunnel now guys just moving moving this forwards as we did with the other ear
we’ve put a little bit of olive oil in now just to try and lubricate the ear canal
I haven’t done up until this point because the hairs on the other part that
you ear canal do tend to obscure the view a little bit because the oil coats it but
also because as we’re going in with the ear wax was still quite prominent to the
outer part of the ear ear canal so we just would have hit a wall of olive oil and
ear wax as we were looking in there so we just slowly you can see it now we’ve got
the suction tube on it we can start to wiggle some of this ear wax move it off the
ear canal walls work that olive oil down the side of it so just trying to it you can
see we’ve got a grip on a bit of dead skin and ear wax there so that’s that that’s
the old dead skin come away from the side of the ear canal walls you can see
we’ve got that piece there’s close to the outer section the ear ear canal we’re
getting a lot more movement to it it’s moving a lot more freely so I think
we’ve managed to unstick some of this now which was a massive relief so now
we’re actually finally getting there it’s using the crocodile forceps just to
get a grip I’m showing bring this ear wax forwards okay so we’re at the outer part
the ear ear canal we’ve brought this deeper section of ear wax down you can see it’s a
solid block so we’re trying to get the jobs in the horn into this or trying to
get behind it now they know we’re starting to get behind this block always
fell off it just just clipped off the side we’re almost just as frustrating to
watch I sat through this I’ve seen this once already so and there you go there’s
the eardrum so we’re nice and clear you can see a lot of redness in there from or so you
had to work on that ear canal a lot and that ear wax has been sat in there for some time
okay so this is what we removed all the tools that we use this you can see how
big these blockages were some dry skin in the middle more kind of crumbly flaky
ear wax so 13 centimeters five and a quarter inches thereabouts so a second
patient for the compilation today’s you can see them much softer ear wax in this
one a little bit easier than the last patient to remove so quite soft so we
should be able to get a good grip on this with the suction tube it’s
just clearing the entrance there we are I’m just getting a grip on this larger
piece of ear wax now just wiggling up and down to loosen it from the ear canal walls you can just start to see it a little
bit more movement now is it’s freeing up from the from the ear canal wall around it going to hold the suction tube on there
to try and gain as much grip using the suction as we can so working its way out
there we go you can see it just broke a little bit off so we’re just going to
remove the remainder just got to make this a little bit smaller you can see
there’s no gap around it so if we try and wiggle this up and down at the
moment it’s it’s probably not going to shift too much so there’s gonna be a
case of just breaking a little bits off around the outside edge sometimes we can
roll it so it brings it down the ear canal a bit more easily but just taking the way
piece by piece at the moment a bit of dry skin there you can see flicking up
into the end of the suction tube see the section is a little bit softer not quite
as hard as the the outer section it’s not quite as dried out just trying to find a good secure grip
with the standard size zoellner tube here just bending the outer edge
unsticking there we are just starting to see it unsticking from the one ear canal
wall which means that it’s gonna start moving a little bit more freely in a
second there start see it moving down the ear canal there you go rolling it sometimes
as you roll it down from the top it can stick again then at the base so we’re
just going to free it up a little bit what’s happening at the moment is as the
little pieces are getting sucked into the machine
it’s just blocking the end of the suction for us there so we can’t quite
get a good enough grip on it so they would go just lifting the area we just
unstuck see a little bit more movement now and there it comes here we go and
there’s the eardrum itself all looking nice and healthy so this is what we
removed from our second patient a little centimeter sized pieces there and that’s
the same ear wax but measured in inches okay so it’s our third patient at the
compilation looks a little bit drier this ear wax so we just need to just do a
little bit of testing when I first used the standard size zoellner tube you can
see just going across the front end of how dry this is coming away
more flakes whereas the other side you saw much softer ear wax getting sucked at
the end of the the tube you can see this one
much drier more solid ear wax if you do get a little bit fed up my
voice guys you can always hit mute I get it’s difficult to find lots of
things to talk about when you do an hour long one and so you can see that we’re
just getting the much softer edge of this ear wax coming away so a little bit of
dry skin around there just blocked the end of the suction tube there it’s nice to
bring it out from deeper in the ear canal so now you can see there’s that piece of
skin that’s been sitting underneath this ear wax to start to stretch out there and
the piece of skin there we go start working its way out and this is actually
starting to unravel so we’ve got a long strip of skin see how long that is it’s
coming away from the person’s ear ear canal there seems just so long that is so
we’re unraveling this ribbon of skin gonna keep trying to move this out and
there we are just see we’re just gonna grip I was trying to work at the back
end they were trying to bring this forwards trying to keep it in one piece
if we can so we don’t shear it off now we’ve got a good bit of traction to it
imagine this probably a ball of ear wax attached to the end of this there you go just almost
out of the ear canal almost there right just getting a grip on this thing you can see
its been held in there by this last little bit of skin there that was just holding
it in place and there we go okay so just taking a look at this ear drum looks
nice and healthy you can see just how long that ribbon of skin was so there’s
two long ribbons of skin with ear wax attached to the end so quite a big one
that one okay so this is our third patient in the compilation now this is a big
piece of dry skin a whole flap of dry skin you can see it there pointed out
with the arrows that skin the base then is ear wax so we’re just going to remove
that first of all all so we’re gonna use the micro suction
just to get a grip on the ear wax first or at the base which you’ll see getting
sucked into the machine there now that has brought this layer of skin forwards
there you go so that’s come away this is basically
a layer of dry skin that’s collapsed from the roof of the ear ear canal wall down into
the ear canal itself so just going to take those pieces away now there we go and
there’s the ear drum looking nice and healthy so this is the same patient now
but the other ear you can see a much drier elongated piece of ear wax here so
just gonna use the standard size zoellner tube again just getting a grip there we are first thing we’re gonna do is peel this away from the
ear canal walls there we are that gets rid of that flap of dry skin that was attached
to the ear canal wall so it’s gonna make this next section the ear wax come out a
little bit more easily so it’s just working our way out now just maneuvering
this deeper piece of ear wax around so we can get it out of the ear canal there we go
if you do hears and voices in the background we’re in clinic today so
there’s people popping in and out there we are just grabbing that last piece of
ear wax there you go now let’s take a look at that big old lovely shiny ear drum
there as well absolutely perfect so this is what we removed this is from the
second ear so the first ear are sucked into the machine a second
side in centimeters and inches so this is our fifth extraction now for
this compilation so you can see much wetter ear wax for this patient
so not the dry crumbly bits we’ve been seeing earlier excuse me
so quite quite kind of mushy ear wax really so sometimes this can be a
little bit more difficult to remove just because it’s stuck more closely to the
ear canal walls you’re working a lot closer to the ear canal walls but as you can see a
lot of this at the moment is getting sucked inside the suction unit so ends
up in the tank at the front and just clearing around the edges looks like
there’s a little bit more of a solid section in the middle so we’ve got a
grip on there so working this out of the ear canal just got a little bit stuck it’s a
bit too big to fit out the the ear ear canal there so we have to break it down here
it comes you can see as we’re getting a grip on it the softer pieces then get
sucked into the machine and we just need to break a little bit off around the
edges just to make this small enough to get out of the ear ear canal there we are just wiggling it back and
forth because he just doesn’t want to come out
it’s almost there but it just it’s just jammed in there some people have a quite
pronounced bend in the outer part of the ear ear canal and that’s what’s happened
doing see sort of drawing out of the ear ear canal there if it’s quite a long piece you
have to work it around the bend so it’s almost working like around an “s” bend if
you like you have to come round one Bend then Bend back on itself to get out of
the ear canal so sometimes if the the piece of ear wax is that a little bit more solid
and quite long it can be difficult to work it round those two bends even we’re
working on the back and forth as we are here so we’re going to use the Jobson
horn just see if we can get behind this piece now to bring it out starting to
see a gap at the top of the ear wax now so we can start to see the eardrums through
the gap so we’re coming towards the end of this this piece of ear Wax
I hope youre enjoying the premiere so far guys we are just coming out to about
halfway through I hope you’re not too fed up with listening to me talk but just coming to the end of it getting
behind it with the Jobson horn there we go you can see it’s really start to
break down now so as we’ve made this ear wax smaller it’s gonna be a lot easier to
take out there we are its coming away in pieces or looking through the gap it doesn’t
there’s a little bit of deeper ear wax in there maybe I don’t see much deeper ear wax
closer to the eardrum a little bit more gentle here just very slowly just
staying away from the ear wax a little bit just bringing it towards the suction you
and not putting too much pressure on it here we are well almost got it out to the ear canal
broke away just as we go out to the entrance the same problem again this ear
ear wax is a little bit too wide to fit out to the entrance to the ear ear canal back to
the old trusty Jobson horn to get out here we go I’ll take a good look in
there now just tidy up around the outside edge there see just a little bit more there on the
ear canal wall it’s come away nicely okay and there’s the eardrum there so the little
bit on the dull so it’s a little bit blue so this is what we removed in
centimeters and inches so this is our sixth patient now in the compilation so
soft quite squishy ear wax in this one as well much lighter in color though so not
quite as old as the ear wax we just saw in the previous previous patient because
you lots of little Cilla on the outer part of the year they’re very fine
here’s they look huge on here but they’re actually very very fine little
tiny downy hairs yeah I’ve got a good grip on a piece of dry skin there so we just
rolled a lot of the ear wax down the ear canal to the outer part of the ear ear canal there
there you go and see it’s actually drawing the ear wax from deeper in the ear canal
as well every so often we have to take the
suction tube out and just flush the suction with water up through it just to clear
clear the actual tube itself it’s long but they came away that which helps to
maintain the suction so sometimes if you see me hovering on the outer part of the
ear ear canal but not actually moving the suction tube away it’s because there’s a
little bit that got blocked in the end to reduce the suction I’m just waiting
for that to clear to see if I have to swill it through oh yeah right
and this patient these hairs were I couldn’t get these out we really
struggle to get these out you’ll see as we suction them it’s just not really
gonna grip and it’s very deep so I don’t really want to go in there with
crocodile forceps now we’ve taken that ear wax away those
little hairs will get washed away I know it drives the devil into people when we
leave hairs behind in there but sometimes it can be really uncomfortable
for the patient for us to take those away and if it’s not gonna give any
benefit to the patient as far as hearing wise or if the patient was in a lot of
discomfort with having them in there which is more unusual but if that was
the case then we’d certainly try but by removing them or trying to remove them a
lot of the time you’re gonna cause more issues more discomfort to the patient
and just by leaving them come out naturally with baths and showers so you
imagine they’ve been plugged behind all that ear wax so they haven’t be able to get
up until now but now we’ve taken another way they should swill out with with
washes and baths and showers see see just how hairythat plug is it’s
absolutely matted full of hair really bound all that ear wax together just
clearing some of the ear wax off the hairs on the outer part the you can see how dense
some of those hairs are I’ll just get in the last piece of ear wax out because you
have to pull it through the hair to get it get it out it’s actually sticking on
some of the ears on the other part of the ear ear canal doesn’t wanna come out so
we’re just gonna now we can see the back edge of it we’ll just get behind it with
the Jobson horn and just flick that out there we go you can see the same thing
on this side this chance obviously been trimming his hairs in his ears which is
why that ear wax got so matted with it quite large chunks there okay so next patient you can see much
drier ear wax on this patient this patients actually got he’s one of our he’s been
coming back and forth to us for a little while he’s got very very narrow ear
ear canal so very difficult to work in he’s got a combination of a few things going
on at the same time so he’s got very narrow ear canals are very small ear
canals very dry ear canals so we’ve got very dry hardened ear wax in a very small
space so what we’re doing here first of all is using the suction tube just to
try and clear the entrance to the ear canal you can see there’s very very little
room to move in here so this is actually a really difficult extraction to do this
gentleman has been getting his ears micro suction by his locally ENT Department for a little while and decided to come back to us because he
kept having his appointments cancelled so you pop back in just for a clear-out
with us instead he has either come through quite regularly so he has been
coming through usually about every roughly about every kind of 12 weeks
thereabouts just due to the size of the ear ear canal and the amount of space that’s
in there in this very dry accumulation of ear wax and dry skin
so imagine skin is produced a lot quicker than ear wax is so it’s really
gonna cause this year to block up a lot faster than something you just saw the
standard ear wax issue you can see we’re only just only just able to get the
standard size zoellner tube in here it’s very dry and crumbly bits of ear wax in
there because you’re having to really work
that up and down to if you imagine it’s got a lot of bit of dry skin in there
which are still attached to the ear canal wall as you can see that white section
as we lift it up they’ve so what’s happening is that these hardened up
pieces of ear wax are forming around the dry skin and it’s not allowing it to
come over to the ear canal very well so it really takes a lot of work to get this
out we’ve got the crocodile forceps now just to not so much take this out but
maybe just to I’m trying to break this down a little bit more loosening this
ear wax good at the moment it’s one solid lump that doesn’t give us a tremendous
amount of room to maneuver in here so I’m just trying to sort of use the
forceps to break this apart make it into smaller pieces so we’ve got a better
chance of getting this out I know it’s not going to come out in one piece with
the crocodile forceps just because it’s gonna crumble like it is now so you’re
just breaking little bits away if it was a really hardened up section that wasn’t
full of all these little tiny bits of skin then we may stand a good chance of
getting that out in one piece you can see it’s just a case of lifting lifting
this up just to try and break this away from this dry skin that’s on the ear canal
wall I mean this gent is a seasoned receiver of micro suction so he’s he’s
really good you know normally we really try and avoid working on the ear canal walls
because it’d be quite uncomfortable for the patient but just because this here
can either so narrow this gent is is quite used to it and he’s happy for us
to just to work this out and get it out for him even if you have to work closer
to the ear canal walls so lots of pinching sensations in here
because they see he can I was actually quite itchy he says he quite enjoyed it
it’s because he gets that scratching sensation in there which you can’t get
to normally so it is actually actually phrase it quite quite a nice experience
having his ears microsuctioned because you can hear a lot better afterwards
soon see we’ve got quite a large piece there now I’m gonna see if we can get a grip on it
with the crocodile forceps there we are a little bit more to come away you can
see the dry skin though starting to peel away now were just starting to see a gap now
because you just don’t narrow this ear canal is oh yeah it’s time to work another
deeper peace out – forgot to get the Jobson horn in here it’s only just wide
enough to accommodate the end of the Jobson horn oops just clipped on the
front of the camera there there we are so we can start to see the
eardrum now much to our patients relief because they can hear a lot better the
reason I didn’t switch to a fine end to suction this patient is because of this
dry skin material it’s so tough to try and get through that with a fine end it
just wouldn’t give us the grip that we needed so this is the other es we can
see a little bit of a gap in this but patient has asked us if we can clear it as
well at the same time just because he knows it will get blocked up again in
there in a month or so otherwise just trying to get behind this now bring
it forwards with the Jobson horn you can see that we’re actually able to go into
the ear ear canal with the Jobson on sideways so we can get it into the ear canal
and then turn once we’re inside so see you just to go through that gap we have
to go sideways there we are just working this down the ear canal very slowly yeah case now we’ve got the fine end we’ve
broken most of this up so we’re using the fine end though just to peel some of
this dry skin away just loosen it in the ear canal you can see where I mean about not
getting such a good grip as you sort of tried to get a grip on it is such a
small aperture on the end of the fine end that you can’t really bring it out
as effectively as you’d like so all the time you’re more rolling it down the
ear canal here we are getting a grip on the next section see it’s just not quite getting the grip
we need so we’re gonna use the Jobson horn no to go over the top of that now
we go to the outer part of the you can add a little bit more easy to get to so
there we are okay so you’ve got one more piece left in that that’s quite deep so
I’m just gonna grab that now here we go just work it very slowly down the ear canal
here we go and one last sort of dry little bit in there now peel that off
the ear canal here we go so this is what we removed so you can see it looks quite un
impressive on there but it’s in relation to the size of the ear ear canal that was
quite a lot so this is our next patient so you can see you’ve got some quite
deep lodged in your earcwax there so we’re just gonna use the standard size or
two just to get a grip and break some of this away it’s quite dry it’s quite
crumbly this ear wax just trying to run over it up and down just to train loosen
it basically from the ear canal wall so I’m wedge it from this little gap that said
you can see the ear ear canal start to narrow a little bit at this point so
it’s just trying to break some of this away so that we can get this out quite
firmly wedged in there not really wanting to budge too much just slowly
working along the surface of the ear wax just breaking a little bits crumbling of
the way it’s just done with a little bit of dry
skin they’re just blocking the view really here in there with it just get
rid of that bit of dry skin that keeps getting in the way so really just
trained to unwedge it from this narrow section it’s starting to break it down a
little bit there’s a bit of a gap just above the top there so we just feel that
slowly work this so if we can take some of the center section make it a bit
smaller then we may be able to just work this out and I’ll just unsticking it
from the ear canal walls taking away some of the loose a bits of debris now on the
outer part of the ear ear canal difficulty reducing the jobson horn sometimes
is as you bring it out it’ll take the center section away but leave the outer
section still attached so it can be a little bit more problematic to remove
some of the some of the older pieces you can see all just starting to crumble
away now coming away bit more nicely can see just how deep this ear wax went actually
it looked didn’t look that deep from from the first view it looked like he
was a short piece of ear wax but you can see it actually goes in quite away just using the suction now just to try
and get to this last bit because we’re much much deeper in the ear canal now you’re
working a little bit more closely to the eardrum I prefer to switch to the
suction now which is gonna draw the ear wax from this deep position in the in the
ear canal itself there it is it’s got stuck so we’re just holding
that the suction on to this piece of ear wax just trying to get a good suction grip
on it before we went over this out the last section and see it’s at the
entrance to the ear canal now so just turning it around trying to get a better
angle to get it out and doesnt want to come out you’ll get a
switch back to the Jobson horn no just get at this last piece there you go
out it comes and they were that is the eardrum so this is what we removed from
the patient you can see there’s some quite dry and crumbly bits of ear wax
that’s it they’re in inches as well so we’re coming to the last couple of
patients now so very wet looking ear wax on the other part of the ear ear canal here perfect for the zoellner tube you can see
it’s all getting sucked into the Machine quite easily little bit of skin there
just underneath to or remove that there we go nice long plug of ear wax and skin just got a little bit more skin and ear wax
debris to remove because there’s a little flap of skin at
the base of the ear canal they’re difficult to get to the ear wax behind but as we start
peeling it you can see it’s actually peeling along the ear canal and see where
it’s formed this little pocket which has trapped the the softer ear wax behind it yeah it’s especially get over the top of
that pocket of skin now just slowly bringing this out there we
go just gonna Hoover up this last bit they
realize the skin gone it’s a little bit of a lift left there
which is really hard to say I’m just gonna smooth that don’t take a little
bit of this ear wax off the top the reason I’m not going to pull that skin any
further there is we’re right on the ridge there where the ear ear canal really
narrows the next step past that there is going to be down towards the eardrum
it’s more likely to separate away from the skin at of the rest of the ear canal at
that point so if we just if we leave it there then the skin will start to
migrate down the ear canal a lot more easily this is the same patient that with the
other ear so you can see much much more softer stickier ear wax on this side just
even to get a grip on this now bring this out maybe I can just see it
starting to move back and forth he is working it up and down see this is also quite wedged when it’s
quite sticky like this sometimes as you maneuver it back and forth it starts to
stick to the opposing ear canal wall a little bit of skin which is just by
ending everything holding it in there so if we can we don’t try and work that bit
of skin out first because that’s going to help the rest of it to maneuver out
goes that skin coming away allows just to get a grip on the ear wax behind it now here we are try to position the end of
this ear wax so we can get it around this bed because what you can see there is
right on the cusp of a bend now start the stretch you can see pulling because
it’s quite sticky this type of ear wax its not the easiest to
remove just because when it’s this is sticky it can really block the end of the
suction it means you’re taking the suction tube in and out quite a bit but
also if you start using jobson horne on this it’s just gonna pull straight to
the middle of it it’s just gonna cause a mess and everything’s gonna be more
stuck to the ear canal wall so much more difficult to remove so yeah there we go
I’ll show you looking your drum so this is what we removed from this patient in
centimeters and inches again okay so nice quick one this one this is my
favorite type of ear wax removal to do it just standard size zoellner tube here
getting a grip and then it all comes out in one piece literally seconds great oh
yeah lovely shiny ear drum and this is the
plug that accumulated so a cm and a half long so quite a long little plug I think
it should pop up in inches as well there you go just over half an inch long okay
everyone so I think we’re down to our last patient in this compilation you can
see that we’ve got classic q-tip use a dent in the center of the ear wax outer
section much further forward in the ear ear canal so we need to just basically
unpeel this ear wax from the ear ear canal walls first of all very slowly and gently peeling this away
from all around the outside edges there we go just getting grip on the left side
now to pull that in there we go so now we’ve unstuck it from the outside edge
we’ve got a better chance of there you go you note a larger piece the same
process again just very slowly working on the edges of this wax the reason we
I’m going to straight into the center of the ear wax to pull this out is because all
of this is stuck around the outside edge so if you try and pull on that Center
that outside edge is gonna hold it fast it’s not gonna wear it’s not gonna
budge which is where we’re gonna unpeel it all here it’s just starting to come
away now just rolling it very slowly forwards I see we’ve got a leading edge
on this ear wax it’s the wrong it’s not the ideal shape to catch hold off with the
suction so just trying to get the best grip we can there we are
no it’s starting to now we’re starting to move out so we can get to the
smoother side of this ear wax allow us to get a slightly better suction grip you can see where it’s hardened up a
little bit at the rear end there so in other jobson horn now yeah we got
didn’t quite managed to get behind it so we’ve pulled the center section away
there it comes you can see where it’s been attached to some dry hardened up
ear wax at the rear there as well I’ll pick this up with a suction it’s the first
piece second okay so we’ve got one last piece in here here we go here we are
lovely shiny eardrum okay so this is the other side you can see very dry ear wax on
this side as well you can see almost like a couple of old cotton wool fibers
in there as well which is another indication of q-tip use same procedure
as the last ear so we’re just going to very gently maneuver this around while
you just watching this but guys just want to say a massive thank you for all your
support for the channel over the last 18 months we’ve been doing the channel
you’ve really helped the channel grow from strength to strength that’s
constantly evolved with your suggestions and everything else so thank
you so much for that both myself and Leah and all the team here audiology
associates really appreciate all your hard work and sharing liking commenting
we’ve got such a great little subscriber family and we love making the videos as
much as you guys love watching them so just want to say it’s a big thank you
for you guys from from everyone here so using the crocodile forceps know just to
get I’m trying to get a grip on this what I can see is a section of cotton
wool fibers it’s difficult to get a grip on it because the fibers don’t actually
run all the way through the ear wax unfortunately
so as I’m getting a grip it’s only taking smaller pieces away maybe I’m starting to shift a bigger
piece now I start to get a little bit of traction to this back in the crocodile
for so you can see those fibres they’re just working on those I said yes
breaking this down a little bit taking some of the looser stuff off the surface
basically because that the suction can’t get a good grip is those fibres are
sitting on top of the surface so if we can take some of those away it’s going
to help us to get a better suction grip here in a second so you can see
it’s pulling there the deeper sections of ear wax forward as well may be are
starting to break it down a little bit now can see how firmly wedge there is a
really dried into the shape of the ear ear canal back to the crocodile forceps we’re almost at the end now you can see
something shiny and red in there which I’ll point out to you in a second it’s
actually a little tiny piece of a sequin or glitter you’ll see just catching you in
Glinting in the light there it is so a little bit embedded in there I did wonder what that was when I first saw it but when we took it out we could see was a
little piece of a little piece of almost like a little tiny bit of sequin there
you go just coming to the end doing a bit of tidying up now bit of spring
cleaning so you’ve got some quite deep dry pieces of ear wax just coming to the end
well I hope you guys have enjoyed the premiere today as much as we’ve enjoyed
voicing it over and and I’ll still be online I think we’ve got about half an
hour after this video finishes to do a bit more chatting so I’ll be online for
that as well but as always guys it’s been lovely to have engaged you guys
again it’s been fantastic one last little sneaky bit of ear wax left in this
will get rid of that now with a fine end there it is that’s the last one I hope
you’ve enjoyed the hour-long special today guys this is what we removed from
the ear and stick around I’ll be chatting to you for about half an hour
after the after video ends take care everybody very much more now video today if you
did enjoy the video then please like if you not subscribe to idea you’d like to
do so you can click the subscribe button here if you’d like to check out some
more videos there also update now if you want to follow us you can do on Facebook
Twitter Instagram and also check our website if you want to know a little bit
more about us as always guys until the next time take care

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