100 People do the Cinnamon Challenge | Keep it 100 | Cut

100 People do the Cinnamon Challenge | Keep it 100 | Cut

What’s the cinnamon challenge? So I’m just trying to swallow all of this? There’s no way it’s gonna be fucking spicy I get a three at Thai places. Ground cinnamon s*&^ I’ll sniff that. sI was just reading about the health benefits of cinnamon the other day that’s a serendipity in a way excuse it cinnamon a spoon here we go I’ve never done this before I’m so nervous I want you to clean Wow Sophie got interesting you like sawdust no bribe determined to do this Wow we have been sent you want powder coming out you got it that was I know Oh is it my puke bucket thank you so much thank you but thank you you’re so sweet water oh yeah what the fuck oh is it taste I like cinnamon roll this might be a bit much yeah mm-hmm I’m got I think I just did it yeah Wow that is so much worse than I thought it would be whoo that was not that bad oh my god Oh

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  1. “That’s interesting” “want sum powder coming out?” “ puke bucket. Lmao

  2. 2:19 when I'm drinking water and my crush asks me out on a date

  3. 2:25 I WHEEZED😂😂😂

  4. It's not healthy 🤧

  5. These people don't realize how dumb they are for even attempting this

  6. What's the purpose of these stupid challenge?

  7. 0:56 me when someone says they dont like me

  8. 2:02
    Did this dude just quack

  9. 1:41 i cannot stop laughing lmao😂😂💀

  10. Doctors have left the chat
    Choking has entered the chat

  11. Most of the girls finished it

  12. 2:18 got me crying 😂

  13. 1:41 killed me😂😂

  14. Is this my puke bucket…. Thank you so much
    Am dead! 😂😂

  15. Probably there all just threw up by now ','

  16. i love this editor so much 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. 2:25 is he bob ross' brother

  18. There is a mini verion of gigi and crystal in this vid

  19. 1:41 when you try to smoke for the 1st time

  20. I would love to work at cut

  21. 1:41 Dramatic coughers 😂

  22. 2:03 I just love this person knows it’s going to be horrible but rolls with it

  23. In other words pneumonia on a spoon

  24. I did that with my brother. our goal was to keep it as long as possible in the mouth, who spits it first, has lost. After a minute he hit me on the back, I swallowed the cinnamon, coughed it out and puked it on the floor. He won :/

  25. This generation with their dumb challenges. How about the graduate form high school challenge or the don't get pregnant at 16 challenge

  26. 1:32 this guy's reaction was funny af

  27. “I like cinnamon rolls, but this might be a little much”

    Thanks you sir.

  28. 0:19 they monch the bad stoof for gewd reasons

  29. 1:23 me when i try To do my makeup

  30. These people need to react to Glozell’s cinnamon challenge she literally took a ladle full of cinnamon 😂

  31. Cut really out here trying to kill people

  32. 2:26 he’s wholesome

  33. The sound of my grandparents laughing: 1:41

  34. Does it not hurt them to throw up?

  35. I can feel this video

  36. I’m did it yesterday but I spit all of it out successfully, God is so good to me 🙂

  37. Best Parts:
    Like If You Agree.

  38. Am i the only one satisfied by the cinnamon clouds that come out of their mouths

  39. 2:08 spitting/vomiting/emetophobia (fear of vomiting) warning
    1 like equals 1 prayer for me and other emetophobia sufferers
    I am not lying to get likes
    I am truly afraid of vomiting and was almost sick watching this part

  40. The trans is grossing me out

  41. 1:36 pew pew pew orgasm

  42. 0:58 i think it got cinnamon on its lips

  43. Did u see that poor dude who turned red while coughing

  44. okay. This is hella dangerous

  45. “100 people attempt suicide”

  46. Where is the credits for the people that did this challenge?

  47. I'm assuming this is before they realized that this is really bad for you… 😬😂

  48. 0:02 my guy acting like he don't know what he's filming a video for

  49. This video should be called 100 people choking and almost dying because of the cinnamon challenge

  50. Did you know cinnamon is just bark from an evergreen tree

  51. I did it. Swallowed the whole spoonful like a champ and asked for more. The girl who gave it to me looked stunned. I LOVE CINNAMON!!!

  52. Best part is comments calling the dude a woman.

  53. And that's why your not supposed to ingest no more than a pinch of Cinnamon muthafuckas!!

  54. 1:41 what people sound like after the smoke for the first time.

  55. 1:06 got me laugh so hard she is crying inside

  56. Aaahhhh they reversed it wtf!

  57. 2:00 when I tryed weed first time

  58. I love the girl at 0:48 she was confident as hell and then started choking

  59. If someone gets a collapsed lung or pneumonia then they can sew y'all

  60. 1:47 she inhaled that shit back in.

  61. Are you guys having fun yet watching these people eating cinnamon
    I sure am

  62. I almost suffocated i did too much it mixed up with existing saliva and coverd glands which restricted saliva production I couldn't breath then i started panicking somehow took big breath and that was even bigger mistake it got stuck down my throat. I can say that i somehow survived it was awful after that everything burned everything was ichy and i stood over sink for at least 30 minutes trying to get it out it was in my nose and throat

  63. When I was little I use to eat cinnamon by spoonfuls and was fine now it's a challenge

  64. "I like cinnamon rolls but this might be a bit much."

  65. 0:50

    Look! I'm fi-
    oh wait wtf

  66. The guy talking about health benefits is misinformed. LARGE AMOUNTS OF CINNAMON ARE TOXIC TO YOUR LIVER AND WILL CAUSE DAMAGE. The liver is kinda an important organ.

  67. How much does a spoonful of cinnamon weigh? If more than 5mg, I'm pretty sure Duranged was the only one with enough body mass to not have their maximum daily amount exceeded.

  68. Am I the only one concerned and surprised they did this video? Can’t the cinnamon challenge kill you?

  69. 0:57 that person is interesting too.

  70. And the drag queen says, "That's interesting"

  71. 1:05 me when my teachers says “ok let’s go to the back!” (Expecialy if it math lol)

  72. Incredible idiots and irresponsible producers…a winning combination!

  73. These people sound like me laughing

  74. 2:28 this woman is such a trooper!

  75. 1:06 Aww, she Is so adorable. She seemed like she was crying though -3-

  76. You wanna send these people to an early grave 🤨

  77. I did do the cinnamon challenge taste good and bad

  78. I did this once
    Biggest mistake of my life

  79. You know how old people laugh and it slowly transitions into a cough…?

    Yeah…. 😂

  80. 0:42

    The sound your engine makes when it struggles to turn on during a brisk day

  81. 2:03 it sounds like a duck😂

  82. 0:56 WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!

  83. 1:47
    She just did a vaping trick bruh.. WTF?!

  84. 1:56 How it feels to chew 5 gum

  85. You americans are so stupid…

  86. how the 6 graders look trying to vape

  87. The editing is perfection.

  88. homie blew cinnamon out his nose

  89. Why is this Soo satisfying who else relates

  90. 0:13 😭😭😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

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