hi everybody my name is Rhys Barber I’m the audiologist here at audiology associates our Christmas gift to you this year is the 12 days of ear wax mess you’re gonna be getting a new video from us every day now up until Christmas day so I really hope you enjoy the videos and as always guys take a hi everybody this is Rhys barber from audiology associates thank you for watching at you actually move on video today this is day 11 of the 12 days of ear wax most whether you want more day to go tomorrow so you can see this patient has just some irritating ear wax it’s not really blocking the ear canal completely so the sound can still get through but the patient has noticed that when they get up in the morning they’re not hearing as well as they normally would and that’s because this piece of ear wax here is blocking the ear canal so it’s quite quite a big piece sitting just at the base of the ear canal we’ve actually lift it from the ear canal wall using the standard size on the tube but what you can see here is that it’s a little bit wider than the ear canal entrance so I’m struggling to get this through the gap I’m trying to bend it across there to train just manoeuvre it around to the left-hand side but because it’s at the entrance now we’re gonna use the jobs in horn there is a little gap here so we’re just going to go in and pull this down and forwards and you’ll see this sliding out of the ear canal here we are there we go so you can see the size of that piece and light was struggling a little bit to get out of that though you can L so we just lift this up so you can take a good look there we go we take a look now behind that you can see we can see the eardrum now there’s a little bit of sticky ear wax here at the top of the ear canal wall so we’ll just clear that away with the standard size on the tube again slowly pull in those bits down there we go that’s disappeared into the suction machine and we can get a good look at the eardrum they’re looking nice and healthy this is what we removed to conceive a centimetre long block of ear wax and just under half an inch there so we’re gonna move on to our second patient now this patients actually had box problems for a little while trade about 12 months ago to get the ear clean but finally a little bit too uncomfortable had it’s a really bad experience so it hasn’t been to another practitioner since then so the common lots of coats they to see if we can we can remove this for them so you can see were very very dark ear wax patient has been using a little bit of olive oil in here to soften the edges of this ear wax which is going to make our lives just a little bit easier so you can see as soon as we go in we’ve got a grip on this large chunk of ear wax here it’s a bit too big to fit out the ear canal so we’re going to do a lot of wiggling to try and get this out of the ear canal yeah I as an aside I hope everyone’s had a great Christmas Eve it’s actually my birthday today so I’m having a really good time at home with my family but I hope you all have a really good evening and a good Christmas day tomorrow don’t forget to tune in tomorrow it’s a really really good video to watch it’s short but it’s good so make sure you tune in tomorrow to watch that one you can see we’re having a little bit of difficulty getting this out of the ear so really working the edge of this ear wax it’s very hard in the centre but really soft on the outside edges so it’s that that’s blocking it and stopping from coming into a train to bear move it I haven’t opted to go in with the jobs in Holland just yet because obviously this patient hasn’t had the best experiences with another practitioner in the past so if they’re quite comfortable with the tool you’re in at the moment we always try and stick with that tool if we can but as you can see it’s really wedged there and you get in this really dark thick dry crumbly ear wax so I’ve explained we’re gonna use the Jobson horn that we’re only just going inside the ear canal and it’s going to help us to get this out really quickly so patient happy for me to switch tools now so we’re just getting above the ear wax and you can see within seconds out it pops there’s that blockage of ear wax there just lifts it up so you can see there you go so you can see how dark and thick that ear wax was when we take that away you can see the eardrum behind you can see the top of the you’d remove the skins a bit pulled in at the bottom the light reflex is a bit diffused which means that this eardrum is a bit retracted patient has a cold at the moment which is what’s caused this retraction to the you eardrum so you can see the block of ear wax we pulled out there just over a centimetre half an inch there and I shall see you tomorrow for Christmas day have a good one thank you very much for watching our video today if you did enjoy the video then please like if you’re not subscribed already you’d like to do so you can click the subscribe button here if you’d like to check out some more our videos there also up there now if you want to follow us you can do on Facebook Twitter Instagram and also check our website if you want to know a little bit more about us as always guys until the next time take care

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