2015-2017 F150 T-REX Torch Series Lower Bumper Grille Insert 2.7L, 3.5L EcoBoost Review & Install

2015-2017 F150 T-REX Torch Series Lower Bumper Grille Insert 2.7L, 3.5L EcoBoost Review & Install

The T-Rex Torch Series bumper grille in black
with the dual three-inch square LED lights will be available for any ’15 or newer EcoBoost
owner looking to pick up not only something that gives you a lot of added style and aggression
to the front end of your F-150, but something that also includes some functionality, which
most bumper grilles do not. Now, what I mean by that is, not only will
it give you that aggressive look, you get the diamond wire mesh in black, surrounded
by steel plating and rivets along the sides, but you’re also getting two three-inch dual
LED lights – or spotlights I should say to be more specific – already included in the
kit. Now, not only does it have the pre-cut slots
but these are already installed into the slot, so it’s a one out of three wrenches on our
difficulty meter, and we’ll talk about that a little bit later on. The first thing I want to touch on right off
the bat is the functionality aspect of this grille. Since not many options on the site will offer
you that functionality, you know, some might offer you the cut-outs but very little will
actually offer the spotlights included. Now, if you’re a guy out there hitting the
trails a lot and you just want a little bit of added lighting to help you along your way,
this is a great, great aspect for that. Now, if you’re also the guy out there just
wanting a daily drive or you’re looking for some added visibility at night, this is a
great way to do so. Or if you’re running a work truck for a daily
basis or a nightly basis, this is definitely gonna add some safety to that aspect as well. Now, what I do want to point out here is that
this is great for people who do not want to get some big “In your face” LED light strip
or light bar, and for somebody who doesn’t want to mount it up, say, on the roof and
do some drilling, or right under the hood, somebody who wants this to be more subtle
and added to the lower front end. This is gonna offer a dual three-inch square
LED lighting with actually four LEDs encased in each. Now, the housing itself is waterproof. Great for guys out there doing some off-roading. On top of that, they have 1,600 lumens a piece,
as well as up to 50,000 hours worth of life. This aggressive grille is gonna be made, head-to-toe,
out of 304 stainless steel, the highest quality stainless on the market for these aftermarket
parts, and dead center is a fine-woven 12-gauge diamond wire mesh that actually gives it a
little bit more airflow going into the lower grille. Around the border you will see the rivets
that are in a stainless steel polished material. Now, those, I want to point out, are not fake. Unlike some of the other options out there
that will give you some fake rivets adhered onto the surface, these are actually going
straight through to the back here. So that adds another aspect of authenticity
to it. Altogether, you can expect extremely high-quality
materials which will factor into the price tag since this is on the more premium side
of the spectrum. Speaking of that price tag, expect a $350
mark for this particular option. Again, toward the higher end of the spectrum
for a couple of different reasons. You want to take into consideration you’re
getting two additional lighting sources already included in the kit and already installed
in the kit. In addition to that, you’re getting the highest
quality material, something that is durable and will take a beating, especially for off-roading. And lastly, you are getting a complete bumper
grille replacement, not an overlay. A lot of options out there will just be an
overlay you’ll bolt to the front of your grille, making just a slight change. But this completely revamps the style and
gets you something new. Shifting over to the install portion of the
video, like I said in the very beginning, this is gonna be a very straightforward job
for you to take care of, one out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. However, there are two different ways you
can do it. For one, if you just pick up what you see
here, you will have to do a slightly custom wiring job to get this thing installed. Nothing too over the top, nothing too crazy. It definitely should not be a make it or break
it. Still a one out of three, just maybe an hour
or two on the install. However, if you want to skip over the wiring
and the custom wiring, you can get a straightforward wiring harness sold separately by T-Rex. Basically, what that will do is knock off
like an hour’s worth of time on the install, making it a little bit more straightforward. Brackets are included in the kit to help you
get this done. And actually, they’re welded on, so it’s a
very straightforward process. Bolt that down and then get to town on the
wiring. Whether or not you pick up the harness, one
out of three wrenches, about an hour or two on the install. If you’re the owner of a 2015 or new EcoBoost
F-150, whether it’s a 2.7 or a 3.5, you should probably check out the T-Rex Torch Series
bumper grille, with additional three-inch square LED lights on each side, which can
be found right here at

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