3 Homemade Pop-Tarts: Strawberry, Brown Sugar Cinnamon & Chocolate Fudge – Bigger Bolder Baking 75

3 Homemade Pop-Tarts: Strawberry, Brown Sugar Cinnamon & Chocolate Fudge – Bigger Bolder Baking 75

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Homemade Pop-Tarts Hi Bold Bakers! This week I want to show you
a homemade version of a very popular breakfast treat. And that is Pop-Tarts! Now that summer
is here, a lot of people have more free time so what better thing to do then get into the
kitchen and practice your hobbies. So let’s get baking! So we’re going to start out by making our
pastry. I’m going to make a shortcrust pastry, which is the same pastry I use for all of
my pie making. It’s really versatile and it’s a great recipe. In a large bowl, I’m going to add in my flour,
sugar, and salt and mix them all together. So to this we’re going to add our cold cubed
butter. I have some lovely Irish butter that I’m going to use today. This next stage
is an important part of pastry making and it’s rubbing in the butter. You can use a
hand kneader and it’s not as messy. Or you can do what I like to do which is get stuck in and rub it in
with your fingertips. Now all you want to do is rub it in until
you get lovely fine breadcrumbs. And it is important for your butter to be cold because
it yields you a lovely flaky pastry. Now this is the texture we want. Some big lumps of
butter. Some small lumps. I love this pastry because you can whip it
up really fast without needing a machine and it also freezes really well too. Next whisk together some egg yolks and cold
water and add that into your pastry. Now we’re going to get our hands dirty again
to bring all of this dough together. So with a nice open hand, just go around the bowl
and mix in that egg. Now the reason I add in egg into the dough is because it makes
it much richer and also I don’t like to add much water because when water heats up it
evaporates and it is actually going to shrink your pastry. So I like to add as little water
as possible. Start to bring all of that dough together
into a ball. And then that’s it! A sign of a good pastry or dough is that you have a
lovely clean bowl at the end. Turn your dough out onto the table and form
it into a nice smooth ball. Make it nice and flat because this will make it chill faster.
Wrap it cling film then we’re going to pop it in the fridge for around 30 minutes, let
it relax and it will be much easier to roll. It’s been half an hour and my pastry is lovely
and chilled so it’s time to roll it out. Generously flour your surface. And roll out
your pastry to around a 1/4 inch thick. I like to roll my dough kind of thick because
I like to add lots of filling. Once you have your pastry rolled out to your desired thickness,
we’re now going to cut our pastry for our Pop Tarts. You want to cut them out 3 inch
x 4 inch and remember you’re going to need two for each Pop Tart. When cutting out exact sizes, I like to use
a pizza cutter. So when I was young and my mum was making a pie, she would always give
us the leftover pastry and she would give us some jam and we would make these little
jammy parcels with the leftover pastry. And now that I think about it, it sounds very
similar to a Pop Tart so maybe my mammy invented Pop Tarts? Now that we have all of our pastry cut, we’re
going to start to fill our Pop-Tarts. We’re going to start out with our first flavor,
which is my favorite, Strawberry. First, egg wash all of your pastry rectangles.
This will give a lovely golden brown finish to your Pop Tarts and it will also help the
two sides stick together. Our Strawberry filling is very simple. It
is good quality strawberry jam. If you don’t like Strawberry jam, you can use raspberry,
blueberry, whatever you like. When filling your Pop- Tarts, less is usually
more so they don’t burst but I can’t help but always overfill them because I want to
get as much filling as possible. For the top of your PopTart, you want to prick
it with a fork to release the steam when it bakes so it doesn’t explode. Then simply lay
the top on the bottom. Take your fork and pierce around the edges. Our next Pop Tart is a really warm and comforting
flavor and that’s Brown Sugar Cinnamon. To make the Brown Sugar Cinnamon filling, you’re
going to need some brown sugar, flour and some cinnamon. If you don’t have any brown sugar, you can
always use white. Then just mix them together. Go ahead and
egg wash your pastry again. Right in the middle of your pastry, we’re going to do a generous
heap of your cinnamon sugar. Just like before, use a fork to poke some
holes in the other piece of pastry. And then gently lay it on the Pop Tart. For our next flavor, I’m going to show you
how to make a chocolate shortcrust pastry so we can make a BIG & BOLD Chocolate Fudge
Pop Tart. To make a chocolate pastry, it’s really easy.
We’re going to make the same recipe as before but just add in some cocoa powder. This is
such a beautiful pastry to work with and I can smell the cocoa powder coming out of it. Just like before, wrap it in cling film and
chill it for 30 minutes. Once chilled, roll out your pastry to the
same thickness as before. And cut to the same dimensions. That’s how easy it is. So what are we going to fill our chocolate
Pop Tart with? A beautiful chocolate fudge filling. In a heavy bottom sauce pan, add
in milk, sugar, cocoa powder and salt and bring all of these ingredients to a simmer.
Simmer for around 2 minutes until they get nice and thick. Then turn off the heat and
add in vanilla extract, butter and chocolate and mix them all together until smooth. This
is what it should look like. When your fudge filling has cooled, we’re
going to egg wash our pastry again and then put a big dollop in the middle. Spread out
the filling of your Pop Tart. Just like before, prick some holes in the top of your pastry.
And then gently lay it on top and seal the edges together. Our Pop Tarts are looking great and they are
ready for the oven. So here’s a little tip, you can actually put them in the freezer at
this stage on a tray and let them freeze flat. And whenever you want freshly baked Pop-Tarts,
pop them in the oven from frozen and they will come out beautifully. While the Pop Tarts are baking, I’m going
to make a frosting to go on top of each one. For the Strawberry Pop-Tart, I’m going to make
a simple vanilla frosting. In a bowl, add in confectioner’s sugar, vanilla extract and
some water. And mix together until you get a thick consistency. You want your frosting
nice and thick so it stays on top of your Pop Tart. To complement the flavors in the Brown Sugar
Cinnamon Pop Tart, we’re going to make a Maple Frosting. Add maple syrup to icing sugar and
then mix it well together until you get a nice thick consistency. For the Chocolate Fudge Pop Tart, it seems
only right that we put a chocolate frosting on top. In a bowl add in your icing sugar,
cocoa powder, salt, milk, vanilla extract and melted butter. Then mix them all well
together. Once we put this frosting on our Pop Tart, it’s going to be like a triple chocolate
whammy! Our Pop Tarts are done and they’re beautiful
golden brown. And I’m happy to see that there’s no strawberry jam pouring out of any of mine.
And look at all the fudge in the chocolate one. I’m excited to try this. Once your Pop Tarts have cooled, you can start
to frost them which means you are one step closer to eating them. I’m starting with the Strawberry. Spread your
thick frosting all over the top. And then of course, just like the original we’re going
to top it off with sprinkles. I’m going to cut this Pop Tart open to see what it looks
like. Look at that. Lots of lovely jam in the middle. Nice thick layers of pastry, which
I’m a big fan of. So I have to admit this is not the worst part of my job. Mmm mmm mmm. And then for your Brown Sugar Cinnamon, just
like before spread on your thick frosting. I’m definitely the kind of gal that likes
a lot of frosting on my desserts. You can see the Cinnamon Sugar almost forms kind of a like
a paste between the flaky pastry. And for the Chocolate Fudge Pop-Tart, do the
same thing just spread on your frosting. This looks way better than a store bought Pop Tart.
This Pop Tart looks and smells absolutely amazing. Look at all the fudge in that Pop
Tart. No matter which Pop Tart you end up making
they all look delicious. I really hope you enjoy my version of Homemade Pop Tarts. Thank
you for subscribing to my channel and I’ll see you back here again next Thursday for
more Bigger Bolder Baking.

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