360 Lumen Keychain Flashlight – Nitecore TIP

360 Lumen Keychain Flashlight – Nitecore TIP

welcome to adventure support today’s episode the Nitecore tip rechargeable key chain flashlight untinning we get the key light charger two key rings and the warranty card the light body feels pretty sturdy it looks like it’s probably stamped from aluminum sheet metal down the barrel we have an orange peel reflector a cree xpg2 LED rather than the plastic five-millimeter bulb you seen a lot of key light a two button switch system the lower one is the on/off and the upper one switches modes we get a low medium and high for the regular modes the press of the mode switch will access turbot the light will memorize the last moding use but a press of the switch from off will take you too low i tested the turbo mode of the light and it does give you a 30 second burst of the factory rating 360 lumens the switches themselves are nice too they’re good and snappy and they’re also raised high enough above the light body to make them an easy click you can lock them out just hold both switches until the light blinks you can unlock it the same way there’s also a battery power indicator you can access this by a short press to the mode switch if you hold it too long you’ll end up in turbo it’s a tad larger than some of my other keychain lights but it actually weighs about 2 grams less than my lumen top triple a tool with the battery in it being rechargeable is a nice feature to if i’m not mistaken this is a micro USB charging port I don’t care much for the way it sticks out i’m a bit too rambunctious for something like that but it is an advantage as far as being compact and portable the beam quality is everything you would expect from nightcore soft and smooth with only a few rings the color of the light is good my case to mostly white is just a touch of blue pink it also has a 74 meter being distance retail price on the night cork it is 2995 i’ll put a link in the description for purchase along with a coupon code if you have a nightcore tip please let us know what you think about it if you enjoyed this video please be sure to like share and subscribe thanks for watching

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  1. The link for purchase in the description is for the light only and not the Christmas tin version I have.

  2. I'm looking for flashlights with nice flood and smooth even lighting for close to mid-range work around the house, front yard, etc.

    What models do you recommend in the 18650 platform and 26650 platform? Thanks.

  3. I personally want one of those

  4. Got mine today the 2017 version with the clip

  5. I have the gray version. I love the way the gray aluminum wears and the beam is very adequate. The 360 lm lights up a pretty big area. Only thing I don't like is the charging port doesn't have a cover. I recently purchased a MacArmy SGN5 for my wife, mainly because of the emergency feature. But after checking it out at night I liked it so much I ordered the aluminum one for myself.

  6. I have a few Tip's and…it's a little beast and the battery lasts very long for it's little size and the ui is very simple and well thought…love my little light,i'm very happy with it;..,awesome.

  7. regale uno porfaπŸ˜€

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