4 Mesmerizing Dessert Recipes By Alix • Tasty

4 Mesmerizing Dessert Recipes By Alix • Tasty

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  1. I call the banabread on a stick, Banana Fingers

  2. Man I love Alix ❤️❤️

  3. Guys what is a corndog, what does it taste like?😂🤯

  4. The cinnamon roll apple pie is a awesome idea! That takes the classic apple pie to a whole new level! Great idea Alix 🍎

  5. I Just Love Alix she so sweet and bubbly💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  6. Alix: Even Rie like it aka "dessert snob" LOL

  7. This bitches voice gonna make me shoot up a school

  8. I really like Alix, but please move her closer to the microphone, so the poor girl doesn't have to scream everything!

  9. The 660 dis likes are from yummy

  10. Re: Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie, be sure to look up this recipe at their website. There are more details and lots of helpful tips that this video doesn't show. For example, use a non-stick spray on your pie plate before starting. Pre-bake your bottom crust for at least 5 minutes (using pie weights is also helpful). Pre-cooking your apple filling for at least 5 minutes is also recommended. Drawing the serrated knife towards you as you slice the rolls seems to work for me, don't use sawing motions. Also be aware that Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon Rolls Come in flaky and regular. I saw that I accidentally bought one of each. Not really a big deal. I used regular as the bottom crust and flaky as the top.

  11. corn dog but instead of the dog bone its a banana

  12. Love how Alix cracks herself up 😂😂😂

  13. I want to know what Alix smoked when she came up with the Banana dog thing…coz that sounds delicious

  14. 2:40 I used to host a school Radio Show and we used to say snack crackle pop, keep it crispy Georgian Bay. I do not know where it came from but I found this funny

  15. I absolutely love how she just cracks herself up all the time!🤣

  16. When you don't live in America so you don't have cinnamon rolls

  17. She’s so full of joy!

  18. No banana bread ?

  19. No bake cheesecake is better don’t at me

  20. I love alix ❤️❤️❤️

  21. I wish I could have the apple pie one but I'm allergic to cinnamon

  22. Frying bananas doesn’t sound weird, my mom makes fried bananas they r called plantains

  23. Shes pretty❤️😍

  24. Alix is so entertaining i can watch her and just keep on watching her…kinda can't explain.

  25. She is such a happy go lucky and sweet girl- I love watching.
    But- why does she yell??

  26. In the UK a fridge cheesecake is the normal one 😂

  27. Just search kerala see keralians fry banana..

  28. she's hot…… beautiful radiant smile……..

  29. I literally love Alix and I hope she never leaves! She’s always in a happy mood and brightens up my day when I see she’s in a video!

  30. Alix is so cute she's like the grown-up Charlie Brown's younger sister Sally💓

  31. What is sinamon rols?

  32. Where I live no-bake cheesecakes are normal :/

  33. Don't say that we can dip it in ketchup, Emily will take you up on the offer

  34. I love Alix! Makes me feel like we are bffs

  35. 5:24 I need to be purified

  36. Her puns were very CHEESEcakeY and I was very APPLED (appalled) by her pie. Her banana bread made me a GLUTEN (glutton). And her cake roll must be BERRY delicious. Ok sorry I’ll go now

  37. I would love to dip the banana in bignet batter and make banana bread donut sticks ✨

  38. If Iskra Lawrence and Daenerys had a baby, it'd look like this girl

  39. Hast du zugenommen? Du siehst fett aus

  40. Alix is so fun. I love her personality

  41. hits blunt Alix : you know what’ll be good? A giant little Debbie shortcake , but like with real strawberries 🍓. chuckles 😂

  42. bro.. i wanna marry her

  43. She's super cute and fun, but I feel like she's always yelling. LOL

  44. 9:14 – 9:16 was my favorite what was your favorite

  45. Banana bread corn dog but instead of the corn bone its a banana

  46. Her personality is sweeter than her desserts ❤️😂

  47. Her personality is sweeter than her desserts ❤️😂

  48. I miss her😢🔥❤️💕. The strawberry 🍓😍😘💋💞💖💗cheesecake roll is my fav

  49. What’s a corn dog?

  50. I might be being stupid but I didn't think chocolate was vegan as I thought they added milk or milk fat when making it…

  51. Shes so cringe lmfao A LITTLE CORNY

  52. I think she’s permanently manic. So energetic and happy. I’m jealous.

  53. what is that voice inflection

  54. If u guys didn't know, bananas are actually fried as well, the filipinos do, they call it "Banana-que" it's like a banana, and a barbeque because they put three fried bananas on a stick. They first cut bananas into halves, then fry them, if they have like "brown-ish" side, they put "kalamay," a sweet sugar like material made from coconut milk, glutinous rice and brown sugar. Then, they just fry it all up until the "kalamay" are strong enough to stick to the bananas. They also sometimes add powdered sugar just to give more flavor to the fried bananas.

  55. She is such a ray of sunshine

  56. Alix’s voice makes me think of Astrid from HTTYD….

    Maybe it’s just me

  57. One dominant trait that Alix have: Her sweet tooth

  58. No one is talking about 11:58? Top left of the dessert there is a strawberry with stem and leafs and all so r.i.p whoever eats that.

  59. 12:35 We can buy that Strawberry Roll in Germany from the Store

  60. Yes i thought you were going to use red apples but you used green thank god cause i prefer green

  61. That Spanish came out of nowhere 😂😂👏🏽👏🏽

  62. 6:16 Pie? I like pie

  63. Alix I made the roll cake for my best friend’s birthday like two years ago and she absolutely loved it. Thank you!!

  64. 6:21 14 year olds 😏☺️😁😆🤣

  65. synonym apple pie synonym apple pie alright

  66. She's such a cutey pie… hehe. get it?….. PIE. LOL. Okay. I really do have a life.

  67. Whoa that cinnamon roll apple pie is bomb super easy peasy. Look at the mystery of yt recommending me things thats super useful, i just went apply picking lol

  68. Bitch that was chocolate mousse

  69. she’s the type of person who’s hella annoying but hella funny and the person to cheer you up instantly. that’s something you really need in a friend nowadays 🙁

  70. Are we just gonna ignore the fact that shes litteraly dieing at Evert word dhr sais

  71. Alix and her weird puns

  72. is it just me? she's so lovely but i just hate the way she laugh hahaha but it's cute😜

  73. 5:31 it looks like uncooked potatoes tbh

  74. She said cum as they drizzled on the CUUUUUUM.

  75. 3rd treat should be called fried bbc

  76. I never baked a Cheesecake
    I only use the fridge

  77. Alix is the most charming entity I've seen in Buzzfeed. Period.

  78. Why does when the butter melt it looks like a heart????

  79. Where are all the Britts watching screaming that cheesecake is supposed to be kept in the fridge (refrigerator)? I’m here!

  80. You must be TASTY AND NASTY!!!!!!

  81. What does this prove? Women aren’t funny

  82. Can't you solve the burning problem for the cheesecake with a water-bath?

  83. Is it just me or when she said don't skip it an ad came on and I didn't skip it ?

  84. I like Banana Dog better.

  85. My favorite producers:

    .1 alix
    .2 Alvin
    .3 ria
    .4 Alexa
    .5 matt

  86. she reminds me of emilia clark so much!!

  87. this chick is definitely high as heck

  88. Wow I was thinking banana dog for the third one.

  89. nobody:
    no one:

    Alix : 👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉

  90. 2:40 that was the most white thing I ever heard

  91. When it was the cinnamon roll one, I thought

    ”Gee, all of them are cannibals”

  92. Alix is the best tasty producer, the funniest and more motivating 😂💥

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