hi everybody my name is Rhys Baber I’m
the audiologist here at audiology associates thank you very much watching
our video today if you’ve never come across one of our videos before or if
you haven’t looked at the channel before what we do here is post ear wax removal
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end of the week so enjoy the video and I shall see you at the end hi everybody
this is Rhys Barber from audiology associates thank you very much for
watching our ear wax removal video today this is not a compilation
this is just one patient in today so it was quite a longer removal so you can
see quite a large lump of ear wax here it’s been softened a little bit with
some olive oil so we’re just using the standard sized Zollner tube to clear
this out so it’s getting a grip on the first piece of ear wax there so you can see
that is quite soft it’s just starting to get sucked inside the machine if you’re
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that we’re getting a grip on this ear wax now so it’s starting to move now we have
to maneuver this around two bends in the ear canal so we’re just wiggling the ear wax
up and down so it helps to move it out of the ear canal a little bit more easily a
little bits broken off this we’re just going to clear the suction tube and get
another grip on this ear wax there you go so a nice large chunk of ear wax come
away you can see there’s a little bit more deeper in the ear canal just clearing
the ear canal wall there a little bit before we look for a nice grip on this deeper
section of ear wax you can see this is a little bit harder
and it’s got a slight angle to it which always makes it a little bit more
difficult to get a grip on with the micro suction but managed to manoeuvre it
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we put on just struggling to get this so it’s quite large this piece of ear wax and
it doesn’t want to come out of the ear canal very well there we are out it comes
see it’s much dark much very dark in color sorry so it is quite old the ear
drum looks nice and healthy so this is the same patient now with the second
ear so you can see this ear wax also looks quite wet so I think there’s been a bit
of olive oil used or certainly some form of ear wax softener so still sticking with
the standard size zoellner tube here and as before just getting a little bit of a
grip looking for any looser pieces of ear wax so we can take those away first of
all before we work on the much harder central chunk of ear wax there just attempting to guide this out of the
ear canal you can see a few hairs embedded in this ear wax as well which is
going to make it bind together a little bit more so sometimes a little bit more
difficult to remove just taking some of the looser debris away before we
work on the side piece here just pulling that into the center of the ear canal what
that does it unsticks the ear wax from the ear canal wall and that can help us
sometimes to maneuver this out a little bit more easily or to keep it in larger
pieces you can see it’s really not wanting to budge very well here at the
moment I’m just getting a grip from looking for
any looser sections of ear wax which will give us a bit of a a purchase on it to
it to allow us to get it out there we are just got a piece that’s
starting to break away there if you imagine the ear wax can sometimes
be perfectly formed to the ear canal walls so that if we can break the little
pieces away it just allows this your ear wax to move a little bit more in the
ear canal which can then allow us to maneuver it out a lot more effectively
so just very gently breaking edges off you know whilst trying to roll the ear wax
as we are here so trying to get a grip on the top of the ear wax and roll it
forwards and that’s just broken a chunk away now it actually looks like it’s brought
some of the ear wax to the outer part of the ear canal here we go it’s another
section it’s always nice when you get the ear wax from behind getting brought
forward with a piece you’ve just taken away because it means you’re gonna keep
going in and over the year too much this has got quite a chunky chunky piece of
ear wax either doesn’t want to fit out of the ear canal very well so just trying
to wiggle it up and down trying to get some maneuverability to be able to get
it out I’m starting to move a little bit more now there we go go around the
corner here we go see all the hairs embedded in that a little tiny bit left in there on the
ear canal walls so we’re just gonna do a little bit of tidying up in here the
amount the amount of the eardrum we can see there wouldn’t cause any problems as
far as hearings concerned so it’s just a case of tidying just some of these
looser bits of ear wax away now it’s very gently staying above the ear canal wall
so that we don’t touch it or cause any discomfort for the patient and then just
gently working our way along here we go and that’s welcome away so there’s the
eardrum looks nice and healthy so this is what we remove guys you can see is a
fair amount this what five just over five centimeters worth of ear wax between
both ears works out roughly about two inches there abouts you very much
fortunate video today if you did enjoy the video then please like if you’d not
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next time take care

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