5 AM at Freddy’s: The Sequel

5 AM at Freddy’s: The Sequel

well shit. (Springtrap in the distance) Security guard! Where are you?! You ain’t touchin’ my buns…. hun. Oh god dammit. When I’m done with you your face will look like mashed potatoes. Yeah whatever man. (Balloon Boy sound) Okay I’m gonna go find that child, but then I’m gonna kill you! Okay bye! Happy travels! HUGHG Okay let’s see here… NYEAH There was no child in there! Double check. *Balloon Boy Sound* I know you’re messing with me! Where’s that child? WHERE ARE YOU HIDING IT?! DOOOD I don’t know! Just um…. uh…. Freddy’s behind you… Freddy? Hello! 😀 Hello, Freddy… Hi, Freddy! Hi, security guy! Freddy, don’t talk to this guy, he’s an asshole! AHH! PROFANITY! Freddy… He’s hiding a child somewhere and he won’t show me where. Do you know what that means? *da fuq u talkin ’bout* We can’t throw a birthday party, Freddy NO! YES! We need to find him, Freddy! He wants birthday cake! I’ll do my best, Ma’am! Stop reading fanfics! They’re confusing you! I’m starting to think there is no child… You just gotta look harder, man. THAT’S IT FUCKER I’m coming in there! *boops a ballon boy sound* But first, I’m gonna do one final check to make sure that child doesn’t exist *Scoffs like a sassy woman* This job is a total joke. *Yes, the sound is from One Night at Flumpy’s 2* WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!? Hello! 😀 *c’mere bitch* *SCREAMS GIRLISHLY* *screams girlishly but distant now* Oh, this is my chance to catch him by surprise! HAVE AT THEE! *get that shit outta here* AH MY FUCKING KNEES! GET CROWBARRED, BITCH Thanks for the crowbar, Foxy Foxy! WHAT THE FUACK?! I don’t know. I’m bored! Hey Springtrap. WAT Do you hear that? Oh, god fuck yourself. SUBSCRIBE TO THESE PEOPLE OR I WILL CONSUME YOUR SOUL

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  1. How I get out of my chair everyday

  2. Yes we need to find him Freddy

  3. 0:22
    Me when the wifi cuts out!

  4. Me 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. That was*chuckle*amazing

  6. Story with MEH and Springtrap

    Me:be careful with Springtrap Emma
    Hears security Guard Yells
    Me Hides in Vent and Peeks
    Springtrap:OH F###### DE
    Me and Guard:GET CROWBRAR B####
    Guard:Thanks for the Crowbar Foxy
    Springtrap:FOXY WHAT THE F###
    Foxy:Idk I'm bored
    Me:Runs and Unlocks door*
    Takes a Walk with the Good Springtrap
    Springtrap:What you looking At Emma?
    Delilah:She Sees your Twin got Hurt!
    Springtrap:Oh Yeah Guys Lets go Home
    At Home
    Springtrap*Puts Blanket on Emma and Delilah*
    Springtrap:Bye,Sweet Dreams.
    Both:We WIll
    DA END
    By:Emma Cwc And Abc Videos.

  7. my friend*what is this stuff;-;


  8. 2:17 when i have homework (this is what i tell to my teacher) (not literally)

  9. Youtube:recommend this in 2016 nah
    Youtube:recommend this in 2017 nah
    Youtube: recommend this in 2018 nah
    Youtube:recommend this in 201o yeah we should

  10. Springtrap: You know what dat means?
    Freddy: *confused Pikatchu face*

    Who's watching this in 2019?

  11. 1:14 and 1:54 sounds like Mine Turtle

  12. I love the chántenle 😘

  13. Yep still watching this in 2019

  14. 1:53 is what I would say if I had a sub for the day

  15. More…. please more is so obsessive i watch this over and over again

  16. I like how the security guard said oh god dam it 😂

  17. Get Crowbared bitch, foxy what the hell
    Me: 😂😂

  18. Who the fuck are u that part was funny

  19. Freedy is Dihid you

  20. HAHAHA!! you really make me 100% GRAET MAN

  21. Hello I'm from the future and I can say that bonnie wants wifi so the password it "springtrapgotcrowbarredbitch*

  22. have at thee!


  23. 2:03

    Don't mind me, just leaving a timestamp for myself


    double checks anyway

  25. I've been here since this was released

  26. That’s it FUCKER

  27. Thats it fucker I'm coming in there

    But first I'm gonna one final check to see that child exist

    Oh go fuck yourself

  28. Spams audio 20 times

    1. There is a cool down after one
    2.Springtrap tries to come in to get those buns but guard slaps audio and narituo runs to the source of the sound

  29. uhh go fuck yourself lol

  30. I used to be a killer like you, but I got hit with a crowbar in the knee.

  31. Good old times. Still love this game, and this animation!

  32. Guys you hear 9 badwords

  33. When the teacher asks you a question you don't know o:27

  34. 1:51 WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?

  35. "You ain't touching my buns…hun"

    "Your face will look like mashed potatoes"

    "I'll do my best ma'am"

    "Oh this is my chance to catch him by surprise"

    "I don't know I'm bored", I feel the same

  36. You ain't touching my buns…HuN:3:3

    2019 any one ….. I need friends😪

  37. 2:10 hey springtrap? WHAT do you hear that?

  38. You ain't touching these buns ya haters

  39. When some random kid is at your lunch table WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!

  40. I haven’t watched this since I was 7 years old

  41. I luv this how springtrap is just like
    look harder
    get crowbars B**h
    Thx foxy FOXY WUT THE F**K

  42. Ha ha so funny(:!

  43. 2:01 and pause before you click on the time

  44. 2:01 be gone thot

  45. When my friend lock the door and steals all my vbucks in fortnite
    Me: 1:42

  46. P R O F A N I T Y

  47. Who else watched this over and over agian and is watching in 2019 also Freddy is behind you so you have to ask him for some birthday cake

  48. 1:01 when I get jumpscared in fnaf 2 by Witherd foxy

  49. U ar best😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻👻👻👻😏😏😏😏🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😜😜😝😝😝😝

  50. Piemations YEAH
    Edit:it’s on 2:34

  51. Spring trap:Im gonna get him by suprise >:)


    Spring trap:OW FUCKING KNEES!!

    Gaurd:GET CROWBARRED BITCH!, thanks for the crowbar foxy


  52. I come back to this and its still funny. Just wish there was more

  53. 0:06 what music title?

  54. It say fuker and shit

  55. And Freddy is still looking for that child…

  56. 2:03 GET CROWBARED B**

  57. Nightgard is so funny and springtrap is so dumb🦊🐰🐥

  58. Goddamnit when I get through with you your face look like Mashed potatoes whatever dude balloon boy noises that I’m gonna go find a child then I’ll kill you OK bye happy travels OK let’s see here there’s no child in their double checked Balloon boy noises

  59. Springtrap: Freddy, don't talk to this guy, he's an bleep
    Me: What did I ever do to you?!?!

  60. Favorite part,
    Security guard: Get Crowbared B**ch!

  61. Freddie: Ah, profanity!!

  62. Springtrap:”when im done with you,your face would look like mashed POTATO

    me:YoU HaVe mAShed PoTATo giMMe some :>

  63. You ain't touchin my buns ….. Hun😐😐😐

  64. (almost) everyone when nintendo announces Terry for smash bros 1:52


  66. 5:59 at Freddie’s

  67. Shut the f**** and break the window down and kill him

  68. Well ain’t touchin my buns a-hun

  69. Sringtrap : Freddy dont talk this guy he’s a asshole!

  70. 2:03 "GET CROWBARED, BITCH!!"
    Ligit me when I'm at a sleep over and I get caught my my friends in hide and seek ;w;
    I hit them in the knees and don't regret a thing UwU

  71. GET Crowbared B***H

  72. Русские?:D

  73. I wish springtrap in fnaf 3 actually says that 1:18

  74. Spring trap:swears
    Fantom freddy:PROVANITY!!
    I'm so the night guard and freddy irl

  75. I love the ending it’s so funny xD

  76. It’s funny 😂😂😂

  77. To be honest, this is the funniest one in this series

  78. AWWWW MY KNEES get get crowbarred

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