6 Amazing Ways to Re-use Candle Jars!

6 Amazing Ways to Re-use Candle Jars!

Hi. Every now and
then I go to the candle store. I splurge on a bunch of yummy smelling
candles that I felt a connection with and then I set them on fire. As you burn it, the wax turns
into vapors and the candle dies. This is my candle graveyard right here. But before you think about throwing away
your candle jars, think about all the. Awesome things that you
can make with them. And that is what I’m showing
you guys in today’s video. How to reuse your empty candle
jars to make awesome things. And it’s awesome. First project. This decoration is actually my favorite. It’s the cutest nightlight ever,
you’re gonna love it. All you need is a large candle jar and
some wire string lights. The best lights ever if you
like lights in your room. Okay it’s bendable. They’re thin. It’s like $12 online. All you wanna do is take the string light
and just kind of circle it into the jar. Kind of pressing it down. Circling some more and pressing it down. And you might think this
is too much string. It’s not. It’s never enough. Put it all in there. Now, once you’re done put your lid on it. And, this is how it looks in the daytime
but trust it is cute in the night. It’s like this little star
galaxy on your nightstand. Just lay down, have a little magazine or
you can just stare at it. That’s what I like to do. Just kidding. I don’t, well actually sometimes
I do stare at it cuz it’s cool. [LAUGH] Okay, next one. This is another you know,
maybe like for your nightstand or a desk or something where you
want to look cute and feminine. This is your project. I’m using glitter because
I like shiny things. So I chose turquoise glitter cuz I really
like the color, it is really pretty. I took some Craft glue and
I just poured that in there. Now just go ahead and
stir it all around evenly, make sure there’s no clumps
of glitter anywhere. I recommend using a craft glue
that has a built-in sealer. This way like, water doesn’t destroy it or
any other elements. Then afterwards, evenly distribute the
glitter glue from the bottom to the top. Make sure it’s completely covered,
but make sure there isn’t too much of it cuz it’ll take forever
to dry if you put too much glue. Just trust me. I’ve been there. You don’t wanna be where I’ve been. All right, put her down. Let her dry. This process may take a while. Possibly even overnight, but when it
does dry, it dries clear and gorgeous. Fabulous. Another idea, you can just spray paint it. I went ahead and I put some tape
around the jar on this one, and then I just spray painted it gold. And it came out super cute. Another option for you. Okay. The next one is for the bathroom. Don’t neglect your bathroom. My bathroom usually looks
like the cotton balls and the Q-tips went to war and
both of them lost. This next project is my savior,
because it just makes life so much easier. All you need is a tumbler jar. Just a regular, you know,
candle with a lid on it and some labels. These are little sticky
labels that I got online. I just took a marker, and I was like,
kind of playing around with words. I was like, do I wanna say Q-tips,
or do I wanna say cotton balls? But cotton balls look better on the label
to me, so I chose cotton balls. True Hollywood story. All right, stick it on evenly,
then go into the cotton ball war zone. Bathroom transport her into the bathroom. Take a hand full of cotton balls and
maybe like a handful of Q-tips and just place them right
next to the cotton balls. Put the lid back on it, boom,
it’s cute, it’s convenient. I love these,
I always see them in bathrooms and I don’t know why I don’t have one. Well now I do and
you can too, that rhymed. This next one I actually made for
myself for when I go camping. I’m going camping next month, and I
really wanted like my own little lantern. So I decided to take my old necklaces and
just kind of steal the chains off of them to make my own
little, like, hanging chain lanterns. So what I did is I took this necklace
because I love it, but I never wear it. And I basically just kind of wrapped
it around the lid of the jar and then cut the excess chain
with these wire cutters. Then afterwards I just secured the chain
together with this big link and on this necklace it’s
kind of like a double. Chained necklace, so I did the exact
same thing to the chain underneath. Now, we need a handle, so
it can hang and dangle. Make sure it’s long enough and then just attach it from right to left
with your little links and your pliers. Okay, since this lantern might be hanging,
even though it’s a really light candle jar,
I don’t really trust it with one chain. I think I need two chains. So, I’m gonna go ahead and
add a second one just to be safe. Okay, so now all of the chains
are all tightly secured and linked up. The last thing I wanna do is I
just wanna hot glue the chain down to the jar to make sure
it does not come up. And make sure you put enough,
cuz if you don’t put enough. It will not work. It will just, you know,
eventually peel off when it’s hanging. I’ve tried and I’ve tested it. And bam.
It’s all done. Isn’t that cute? I love that.
It’s like a little girly lantern. You can bring it camping. You can just leave it in your house for
decor. Whatever you want. But just a warning, I recommend using only
a little tealight because a tall candle will get way too close to the hot glue and
you don’t want it melting off. So here’s the finished candle. Here’s the [INAUDIBLE]. How cute for camping. So excited for camping. All right. The last thing I’m gonna
show you is super simple. It’s for the kitchen. Actually, it’s for my dog. So he loves treats. All dogs like,
my dog loves treats way too much. So to keep his treats fresh,
I’m just gonna go ahead and store them in this jar candle
because the lid like suctions. Shut and you know, dog treats. They can get stale too. Just like our food. And I spoil my dog way too much. So I made him this cute little treat jar. I love it. It’s cute. Doggy’s happy. Treats are fresh. And it looks better than
that ugly box it came in. Also sugar. They come in ugly bags. You can put those in the exact same jar. Do the exact same steps. Boom. Now wait. Before you leave, my friend Nabela did
an amazing part two version of this video showing you her own ideas and
also how to actually empty out the candle. So click the link down below
in my description box. And go say hi. So that is it for my video you guys. I hope that you guys like it. Let me know down below in the comments or
let me know which one was your favorite. Or if you have your own ideas for
what you can do with empty candle jars, let me know down below as well,
and I’ll see you guys soon. I love you.
Bye. [MUSIC]

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