A CRITICAL TIME FOR AMERICA: RCD passes the torch of freedom to a new generation

A CRITICAL TIME FOR AMERICA: RCD passes the torch of freedom to a new generation

Campos-Duffy: All of you here
today have a patriotic responsibility to speak truth to power in the classroom, on social media, that’s very important, and during Thanksgiving dinner. If your parents are
dyed-in-the-wool liberals, and you can’t change them,
then you work on your siblings, you work on your
nephews and your nieces. President Reagan
was 100 percent right when he warned us that
freedom is not passed along in the bloodstream. It must be taught and passed on to the next generation, who will then fight for it themselves. This is like World War II or the Cold War during Reagan’s time. This is a critical juncture
in American history. This is a critical time, and the difference couldn’t be more stark. Bernie Sanders cheers the
Venezuelan revolution. We cheer the American Revolution. [Audience cheers and applause] Campos-Duffy: They want
to eliminate cows. We want to milk them and eat them. [Audience cheers and applause] Campos-Duffy: They told
us the new normal is no economic recovery. Conservatives just delivered
a blue collar recovery. [Audience cheers] Campos-Duffy: Liberals
hamstrung our military. We’re rebuilding our military. They ignored ISIS.
We’re destroying ISIS. [Audience cheers and applause] Campos-Duffy: They support open borders. We want secure borders.
They believe in free college, free healthcare, free
food, and free housing. We believe in free speech,
free enterprise, and freedom. [Audience cheers and applause] Campos-Duffy: This is the
challenge of your generation. We must engage in this
battle for our country and make sure that we educate you and that you become the next generation of freedom-loving, happy warriors to take the place of
aging Gen Xers like me and my husband when we are gone. I am here to tell you that
nothing less than the future of this beautiful, blessed
country is at stake, and our country depends on you.

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  1. WOW!
    Well said.
    Shalom from Canada

  2. Love this lady! In fact, ya gotta love the whole Duffy family! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. Hell ya. Trump 2020


  5. Curse be upon allah's devil pig name all eternity in Hell! Biblical correctness over political correctness every time.

  6. Freedom means more guns , Cows ????    Freedom means keeping your local police under control and accountable , Military ?????   Freedom means maintaining a small military of about 50,000 in total like it was before WW2 , not the military we have now that suck 1000 billion a year

  7. So bigoted. Does she not know that the white house is full of sexists!?

  8. If we're going to stop this madness, this insanity, from the left wing socialists, We The People had better do it now!

    She is correct. This moment in American history, the 2020 election, WILL determine whether our Republic America lives or dies.

    If the Socialists, collectivists, communists, marxists, fascists, dictatorial totalitarianist win in 2020, America is done, finished and obsolete.

    America is the only stronghold left; stopping the 2030 and 2045 globalist agendas. The elitest reprobate want and stand for depopulation. They've said it with their own mouths. There's no denying it any longer. The Georgia guidstones, that they commissioned, proclaim it. It's NOT a conspiracy theory.

    We The People need to plant our feet firmly, straighten our legs, tighten our gut, square our shoulders, face front with a strong chin and put these reprobate out of places of authority! Our forefathers created this Republic for us; freedom for ALL peoples. Will we let reprobate run roughshod over their graves? NO!

    It is of the utmost importance, in this 2020 election, to vote Democrats OUT of office. It truly is do or die America. I pray, with earnest, that America The Beautiful, our great Republic, lives! Our God given rights, along with our Republic Constitution, must remain intact for the next generations to be free!

    Much love to all American patriots and their families ❤!

  9. 🇨🇦 Propaganda, Hitler also yelled his speeches to. America Make Trump A One Term President! 🇨🇦 🤣 @ 🇺🇸

  10. Dump omar and put her it

  11. FREEDOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!

  12. ANOTHER "speech" with absofuckinglutely zero data to back up any claims.

  13. Yeah social media the source of empowering the lgbt agenda. This next generation is going to cause some serious issues in the world just watch. They will normalise transvestite movement and normalise gay adoption.Yeah and by the way miss flag waver paranoid pig Isis or taliban is not destroyed and it's not your country you stole it.

  14. Ok I'm on board and all but I'm frankly sick of people comparing everything to WWII that isn't.

  15. Free dumb? Dumb comes at a high price and a lifetime of misery.

  16. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life🙏. Love YHWH God, and support the USA…Trump2020󾓦😸󾓦

  17. My freedom is not a torch passed on to a next gen. I fight for my freedom till I am dead.

  18. Speak truth to power. Freedom is not free.

  19. Bravo!! Thank you for inspiring our younger generations!! You are a breath of fresh air and every thing you said us true!

  20. Yea and everything you do in the home is destroyed in the schools! The only way to control that is to take you kids out of public school and either home school them or find a private school that shares your values.

  21. Is her baby going to normal?! Feminism told women lies that they could be career women and have babies in their 40’s… facts show after 35 it becomes dicey and every year thereafter only more-so

  22. As a self-hating Millennial, I will admit that Millennials are a terrible generation. The Boomers were a lot better than us, as were Generation X and the upcoming Generation Z. If the generation who won World War II are The Greatest Generation, then the Millennials are The Worst Generation

  23. MISS Campos-Duffy, you need to be in office. I always love hearing and seeing you, 32 kids, wow, 🤣 Bless your whole family. Soon to be number 9 think. Gotta round it up after this one. Odd things are for libtards. Thank you.

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