All Natural 12-Hour Deodorant Paste

All Natural 12-Hour Deodorant Paste

Hi it’s Jaime from Guildbrook Farm. Let’s make some deodorant. So I don’t know about you guys but I don’t like a lot of the ingredients that are in commercial deoderants. Aluminimum is probably the biggest one but there are also a lot of chemicals too. Now I’ve tried some of the all-natural commercial deodorant such as crystal stick and tom’s of Maine and even just plain old baking soda and none of that stuff worked, so what I ended up doing was going back to commercial deodorants and I really just didn’t like that option. Over the past couple years there have been a lot of do-it-yourself deodorant recipes out there and I tried quite a few of them and they sort of kind of worked, but what I ended up doing was tweaking those recipes and coming up with my own version that I think works fantastically. As a matter of fact this works so well that i would say this is a good 12-hour deodorant for somebody that needs a 12-hour deodorant. So let’s get started. I’m going to show you exactly what i do to make this and I’m going to tell you a little bit of the pros and cons to it. So in order to make this do-it-yourself deodorant you’re going to need bees wax, raw shea butter, baking soda, coconut oil, now originally i used arrowroot or cornstarch. I don’t like cornstarch because of the GMOs. Arrowroot I’m out of, so this time I’m going to try tapioca. I have not tried it yet, so this is my first time trying tapioca.. and then you’re going to need some essential oils and I use a combination of tea tree oil and lavender. Okay so let’s get started. What I have right here on the stove is a makeshift double boiler and I know this is pretty rough but this is what i have. So to this we’re going to add 6 tablespoons of coconut oil, 3 tablespoons of beeswax, and a quarter cup of shea butter. And now we’re just gonna stir this gently until it melts. Ok now we’re going to add 10 tablespoons of baking soda, add in 2 tablespoons of your arrowroot / corn starch / tapioca. And two of this. We’re just going to stir this until it’s incorporated. Ok once this is fully blended we’re going to remove it from the heat and we’re going to add 10 drops of tea tree oil and forty drops of lavender. Yes I said 40 drops of lavender. You can try using another scents if you don’t like lavender. I haven’t tried any other scents but i would probably stay away from any of the menthols because it would probably burn. So 10 drops of tea tree oil. We’re going to just guesstimate here because i don’t have a dropper. And forty drops of lavender. And we’re going to stir that. Now we’re just gonna let this cool for just a few minutes so we can pour it into our glass jar. Ok now we’re going to pour into our glass jar. You can see it’s already starting to thicken, and you want to make sure you pour it before it gets too thick. We’re gonna let that cool before we put the lid on. Ok so our deodorant has cooled down and it’s ready to use. Now let’s talk about some of the pros and cons tothis deodorant. So as far as pro’s… well the biggest one is that it’s all-natural, so you don’t have to worry about alumiinum or chemicals being in the deodorant. And the second biggest one is this actually does work for 12 hours. As someone that has formerly used men’s deodorant and had to put it on several times a day i can tell you that i only have to use this twice a day and sometimes only once a day. This is a really really good deodorant that actually works. The other benefit to this is it’s a paste so unlike say using baking soda on your armpits or whatever, it doesn’t flake off. This will actually stick and then when it goes on… I don’t know if you can see this but it goes on clear so if you’re wearing a tank top or short sleeves you don’t have to worry about leaving any stains or white marks or anything like that. Ss far as the disadvantages, first of all this is not an antiperspirant, it is a deodorant. So in the summertime you’re going to sweat. Now a lot of people don’t have an issue with that because they know its natural and helps relieve the body of toxins, but other people might have an issue with that of you don’t actually like to sweat. It is not an antiperspirant. Aluminum is the antiperspirant in commercial deodorants and because there’s no aluminum in this, your gonna sweat. The other probably biggest disadvantage is this costs twelve dollars to make. How do I know this? Because i took all the ingredients that I used and broke it down into basic units and i calculated how much i use to make this particular recipe. The biggest cost is in the essential oils. More than fifty percent probably closer to seventy percent of the cost is because of the essential oils. So there you have it guys. That is how I make my do-it-yourself 12-hour deodorant. I absolutely love this stuff. There won’t be any other deodorant that i use except for this. If you guys make your own deodorant and you have any tips or tricks, leave those below, and if you have any questions or comments leave those below as well. I love to hear from you guys. If you guys like this kind of stuff, “like”, subscribe, and see you next time. Thanks for watching. ….was tweaking those deodorant.. tweaking that recipe to suit me and my… stink levels. How do i say that? Tweak it to my… Tweak it… just tweak it. To your needs. To my stinky needs.

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  1. used powder instead of soda!! poo! Is it a waste?

  2. just came over, prepper potpourri sent me over. subbed. really liked this video and will make every attempt to keep up with your new posts.

  3. I made this…and it works! Yay, finally something natural that is effective. So pleased, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  4. I know there is a product called "fragrance oil", which is much cheaper. Don't know if it is recommended for use on the body or what is in it. Do you know?

  5. I just found your channel today and I am really enjoying your videos and am a new subscriber!! I make a similar deodorant that is a solid it is baking soda, corn starch, beeswax, and coconut oil, and tea tree oil, and any other I'm in the mood for. I think that the key is the tea tree oil– That is what really makes it work. I love using tea tree, patchouli, and lemongrass it smells great!

  6. we are making a simplified version of this. ours is just coconut oil, baking soda, cornstarch (organic and gmo free) and teetree oil. we are soo happy with it! in winter when the coconut oil is too hard, we let it sit on the radiator for a few minutes and it is soft.

  7. Love stuff like this. Had to stop using commercial deodorants about 15 years ago. I'm allergic to life and everything in it. Have been researching alternatives to every day products. I plan on trying this. It looks better than other recipes I've seen. God bless You Tube. Such a wealth of information. And thank you for sharing….( =

  8. Sweating is the body's way of cooling itself. As for deodorant, I've started making my own, and have no issues with smelling after a hard work out, so it's all good.

  9. Great recipe!Β  I make DIY deo, too and love it!

  10. I know "results may vary", but for that amount you made in the video, how long would you estimate it would be before you needed more? Do you make another version for your husband, or does he smell like lavender as well? πŸ˜€ I like you videos. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Have you considered Butterfly Express Essential Oils?Β  they are much more affordable!

  12. Should this be stored in the fridge and how long would this jar typically last?

  13. Does the oils in the deoderant stain your clothes?

  14. Awesome! I'm a soaper so I have all of those ingredients here already πŸ™‚

  15. I made this deodorant last week and it is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing, as I've been looking for a good natural deodorant for a long time. I make all of my own bar soap, lotions, make-up remover, etc. This rounds out my recipe binder! I'd love to send you some of my bar soap made from organic coconut and olive oil as a thank you for your great tips and videos.

  16. That is awesome!
    I really want to try this.

  17. Love your channel, full of great info, thanks for sharing.

  18. How long does that jar last though, it looks like a lot of product? Even though it's costly to make, if you break it down to 'cents per day' it may not be so frightening? Could you also reduce the cost by cutting back on the amount of drops of oil? Thank You

  19. Thanks for posting! I was just wondering how long the jar lasts? I realize everyone is different but I was just trying to get an idea. I have no problem spending $12 on deodorant if it lasts a few months. Also does yours get hard like a stick of deodorant or is it more liquidy?

  20. I love this deodorant πŸ˜€ I've tried a variety of different recipes but by far this is the best…thanks for sharing πŸ‘

  21. How long does a jar last you?

  22. it's all so important to distinguish between deodorant and antiperspirant. the commercial products are both deodorant and antiperspirant, which is a double whammy because not perspiring it VERY unhealthy for so many reasons. add the chemical cocktail and aluminum and there you have the FDA approved killer that we all should never use.
    then you have the straight deodorant products, like Tom's of Maine, that wave the safe and healthy flag because they are aluminum free and let you sweat. while these are safer in comparison to antiperspirants like Right Guard, they still contain a hazardous chemical cocktail interspersed with "natural" ingredients (we know that the word is meaningless when it comes to food and safety, arsenic and feces are natural) and more familiar, real ingredients that lend the products a false air of wholesomeness.
    making your own deodorant and using it only when necessary (to prevent killing the balance of good bacteria that naturally prevent overgrowth of the bad bacteria that cause odor), is the only safe and healthy way to go, unless you can go without.

  23. and i buy Bob's Red Mill cornstarch, as well as their arrowroot, tapioca starch, dry milk, and buttermilk powder, cheap through Amazon from Bob' Red Mill. Amazon will often have discounts and coupons available, so i always check before any purchase. there are third party sellers selling these products that i don't know or trust so i make sure that the seller is Bob's Red Mill so i know there are no GMOs, no additives, no chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

  24. amazingly what works for me is just coconut butter or oil. i just use it everywhere under my arms as I would any body cream and it works great. discovered this by accident when one day a "healthy and non toxic" deodorant irritated my skin. i use the oil to heal my skin and I notice that i did not need the use any deodorant πŸ™‚

  25. Wouldn't it liquefy when your body got hot? How does it not oil stain clothing?

  26. Do I have to put beeswax? Can I make this without it?

  27. I basically use the same ingredients without the essential oils or shea butter I prefer the smell of coconuts so it works well for me

  28. Not sure if asked already, but is the essential oil added just because you like the smell, or is it needed for it to 'deodorize'?

  29. wow whats a good substitute for Shae butter. I'm allergic

  30. made this deodorant 2 weeks ago and it is amazing. I did not use any essential oils. I have been using another recipe for 3 years but it stained some of my tee shirts and did not work as well as your recipe. Thank you for sharing.

  31. Your videos are so useful thank you so much! Because of you I'm more confident I can learn to cut my own hair, make deodorant, etc.

  32. Stink level, so cute 😊
    I started with mommypotamus man stink deodorant recipe, years ago, tweaked it slightly and oh wonder it works fantastic for the hubby, I just need to remind him that more is not better and he needs to stop glob bing it on 😊 no more chemical junk, also no more pit stains!

  33. Ok! Finally! I made your deodorant! When I saw this video months ago I wanted to make it, but then I found something with comparable ingredients. So I bought that instead. It was ok. Then I ran out…and thought OK! Now I have a container to put it in! I substituted the coconut oil with olive oil and the arrowroot with cornstarch, because that's what I had on hand. I also added another tablespoon of beeswax so that it would set up a little more solid. AMAZING! I LOVE it…. It preformed remarkably well and I even took a walk with my sweater on in the 90 degree heat to test it. lol I was a tiny bit concerned that the oil would stain my shirt, but it didn't. I honestly love it! Thanks for the recipe! I won't buy deodorant ever again!

  34. Baking soda leaves my skin itchy and after a few days raw. The things that work amazing for me are actually very easy -pure milk of magnesia, or zinc oxide powder mixed with some oil, or a teaspoon of activated charcoal taken internally, or bentonite clay mask on underarms. Zinc oxide is sticky and needs to be applied just once in a few days. People also say, that bentonite mask eventually needs to be used just once a week or so (after using it for a few weeks daily, then every second day, and so on.) I tried bentonite clay and there was absolutely no bad smell even after 24 hours with heavy heat and moving around all day. But I lost my patience applying it after a week or so, LOL. Zinc oxide is my most common one I use. I use the same for sunscreen (just make it a bit less thick.) And it would work as diaper lotion.

  35. How did I miss this? lol Thanks! I am going to try it out πŸ™‚

  36. I am wondering how long one batch of this last you. Looks like a lot. Like it could last 3-6 months. Tks

  37. "A good 12 hour deodorant for someone that needs a 12 hour deodorant."

    That's me! πŸ˜…

    I wear a smock all day at work. It's hot. I sweat. 😨

  38. When you buy deodorant from the store all Natural is more than 5$. So 12$ is nothing compared to the qty.

  39. Hi – Do you make your own shampoo, conditioner and face wash?

  40. I am a new subscriber and can't get enough! I am on a marathon to watch and learn about canning and your cost effective solutions.
    My question is, where do you buy your Lavender? I have been shopping around for best price and quality but have not found yet.
    Thanking you and your husband for educating a beginner homesteader. You Rock!

  41. I made this recipe exactly as you did, except I used cornstarch and orange and tea tree oils. It worked better than any deodorant I have tried and I love love love it! My only problem is today, after using it for two days, I woke up this morning and my armpits are red and burning. I don't usually have sensitive skin, so I'm feeling frustrated that my new favorite deodorant that actually works, is now setting my armpits on fire. I'm wondering if anybody has any idea which ingredient I could be sensitive to? Or if maybe I should try using it every other day? I really want to find a way to use this deodorant because it works so well. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Guildbrook Farm for all that you do! Love your videos!

  42. Honestly I couldn't find anything that I liked for me so I decided to stop wearing any deodorant what so ever. I know to some people that might sound just gross but if you are not sweating it wouldn't matter if you wore any. In the summer I wash my underarms once or twice a day if I am out in public. It has been just shy of 2 years not wearing any and I must admit It is nice not having to worry about that πŸ™‚

  43. Could it be made without the essential oils?Β  I always buy natural deodorant (Tom's of Maine) in the unscented variety.Β  Just wondering if the essential oils have a deodorizing function.Β  Leaving that out would certainly bring down the price πŸ™‚

  44. I can't wait to try this. Thanks so much!

  45. Jamie what is the rough estimate of time usage? 1 month-2 months?Β Also how is the shelf life?

  46. Is there any way to modify this recipe to make it 'harder' (not pasty) so it can be used straight out of a deodorant 'stick'? Thanks!

  47. Great video. I will have to try this, but search for something rather than lavender.

  48. Thank you for sharing!

  49. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this recipe. I suffered for 13 yrs with fununcle, carbuncles, and cysts, due to the chemicals in antiperspirants. I currently use an alumn stone, but i like this recipe and will try it soon

  50. I'm going to try this…I have stinky pits for in use this $14 mens deodorant it does for for 24hrs..but it scares me because it actually comes with directions like a prescription that can't be healthy

  51. Do u make a men's deodorant ?

  52. Thanks!! love your channel. Cant wait to see what u do with the new property! !!

  53. Do you need to add lavender or any scented oils?

  54. When you broke down the cost it would have been nice to see the price per 100 g. Your batch looks much larger than a regular deodorant stick so you probably aren't paying anywhere close per 100 g to the store bought. But seeing $11 per batch makes it look hella expensive. Anyway, thank you for the video! The product looks great and I will try it asap.

  55. PLEASE BEWARE!!!! Baking soda has burned me! Some people have tough skin! We all do not! My armpits are now discolored and look bruised. DON'T do this unless you are absolutely sure!!!

  56. Is your arrowroot/cornstarch/tapioca starch a mixture of the 3 or do I pick one from the three? Also you mentioned GMO’s in cornstarch?? I didn’t know there were GMO’s in cornstarch!!

  57. I'm new here but enjoy your vids keep up the good work .

  58. Can't wait to try this!Β  I have all the ingredients all ready!

  59. I’m definitely going to try your recipe except I’m going to sent it with peach instead of lavender. I have looked at many recipes and none have appealed to me but yours I think I will like. I’m love the outdoors and live in the south so I need a deodorant that will work

  60. Many people are sensitive to the baking soda in deodorant, there are recipes on you tube with alternatives. I found this out the hard way. Then I started watch alternative recipes and found it’s quite common to be sensitive to bs in a deodorant

  61. Hahahahaha!!! Your stink level!!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Anyway I notice there is a link beside each ingredient. Is there one link I can go to to purchase everything and y’all still get credit? Idk how this works #feelingblonde

  62. Great recipe for me and my boyfriend, no stink at all and lovely texture! I tweaked it slightly by adding 2 tbsp of beeswax and slightly more arrowroot. I also switched from lavender to frankincense cause it's more masculine which I like. We enjoy your videos greatly. Thanks for sharing! <3


  64. I love the cost breakdowns you do! Curious, though, as to how long your $12 deodorant lasts?

  65. I understand that this is an older video that you may be tired of answering questions on it. I’m a new subscriber. LOVE your channel.
    In your other herbal deodorant, which I made for the first time last night πŸ™‚ you used sage for the antiperspirant. Would that be an ok deal to put in this??

  66. Thank you! I too have been struggling to find a good natural deodorant for myself. I'll be gathering the ingredients soon and can't wait to give it a try.

  67. Approx how long does one jar last as in applications

  68. This is the best deodorant recipe I've tried. On my second batch now. I substituted potato starch and it worked perfect!

  69. I know this is an older video but wanted to let you know how well this worked for me. I have been using it a little over a week. I was actually shocked at how well it works. Best I have found. I made it with arrowroot. I was expecting to perspire a lot like I usually do when I use natural deodorants but, I have not. Thank you for this recipe.

  70. I know people who wear home made or organic deoderant… i hate to say it but they stink! I hope your friends are honest with you! πŸ˜‚

  71. Hey! Not sure if you mentioned this somewhere, but I was curious as to how long this one batch usually lasts you?

  72. Where do you get your supplies? And is there any specific brand that you like to use? Thank you. Your videos are great and very helpful

  73. Another great ingredient is Magnesium Hydroxide

  74. A quarter cup of food-grade aloe vera gel and 2 tsp. baking soda. Shake and store on counter…24 hour deodorant. Works awesome in this Arizona heat. You don't need to refrigerate.


  76. Hello. Does it work for wetness? Thank you. Can't wait to try it.

  77. 40 drops ? Damn 🀭

  78. Great share, I'd love to make this.

  79. Is your fire hydrant painted to match your kitchen lol.. your so amazing,I love your channel.. you are what I strive to be as a mother, wife, house wife, cook, homesteaders etc… love you guys

  80. years ago I heard on public radio about using milk of magnesia for young girls. just pour it in a bowl and let it evaporate to cream consistency. I love it and it works well for odor on me. it washes out of clothes if you get it on them

  81. This might be TMI!!! I am getting ready to make my second batch. It is truly amazing. I wanted to let you know I used this under breasts and on a raw tummy fold on a patient ( with family permission)that stays moist and red and raw….and it worked wonders. Clear up the raw area quickly like 3 days and helped with the under breast sweat. Sorry if TMI.

  82. Jamie is this thick enough for me to pour into my stick deodorant container and use it that way? I already use a lot of lavender for sleep. Love the outtakes.

  83. how do u apply.With fingers?

  84. I may have to try this for my man! He has such senstive skin and is actually allergic to antiperspirants!

  85. Hi. Could I use soy wax instead of beeswax as I'm vegan?

  86. Uh, uh, uh, uh I love your videos!πŸ˜‚

  87. 12.00 is not alot of money when you see how much you made. That easily looks like 6 or more sticks of store bought ,& at 3-4 dollars each your easily spending more in the store for junk!!

  88. I think your math is a bit off… that NOW Essential Oil costs about $18.49 for the 4oz bottle… 4 ounces contain about 1824 drops.. so, if you divide $18.49 into 1824 = 0.010 per drop.
    so, 40 drops = approx .40 cents…not $7.20. – – for the Lavender EO to cost $7.20 for 40 drops, you would have had to pay $328 for that bottle lol

  89. How long does the stick last? How many people are using?

  90. Somebody probably already said this, but both of those disadvantages are not really disadvantages, so your deo is even better than you claimed. As u said, people need to sweat. And economically speaking, that jar is equivalent to lots of deo sticks, plus u dont lose any at the end of the stick. So way cheaper than chemical deos and waaaaay cheaper than natural deos.

  91. What if you dont really want a scented deodorant, will leaving out the essential oils change how it works?

  92. You should get into teaching how to make essential oils. Down in Texas, a lot of people make their own… I'd love to see a fun video from you on essential oils. GREAT VIDEO BTW!

  93. Is the shae butter unrefined?

  94. I have been making my own deodorant about 4 years now, almost same ingredients minus the essential oils and I don’t cook mine. I put it into an empty deodorant container. It makes it a little easier to put on. I do store mine in the refrigerator cause it will melt at about 74 degrees or higher. Thanks for the wonderful video.

  95. Can i use that plastic container for deo stick.? I dont know what consistency is when it's harden. Thank you.

  96. Loved this video thanks alot

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