Arab-Israeli Journalist Lucy Aharish Lighting Torch at Independence Day Ceremony

Arab-Israeli Journalist Lucy Aharish Lighting Torch at Independence Day Ceremony

I am Lucy Aharish Daughter of Salwa and Maaruf Sister of Saida and Suzanne I am honored to light from this torch of the 67th Independence Day of the State of Israel For all human beings wherever they may be who have not lost hope for peace and for the children, full of innocence, who live on this Earth. for whom we have continually promised a better future For those who are no longer with us and who fell victim to baseless hatred at the hands of those who forgot that we are all born in the image of one god. For the Mizrahim and the Ashkenazim the religious and the secular The Arabs and the Jews For the people of this land who remind us that we don’t have another country For us, the Israelis and all human beings and for the glory of the State of Israel

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  1. The only Pluralist and Democratic country in the middle east..

  2. wow I am proud of my country I am a religious leftist and want to see more Israeli Arabs to get involved in our great country and that all the citizens of our great country should learn to live in peace and harmony with each other.

  3. Nice words and yet she might be among the exceptions that confirm the rule that says that the majority of the Arabs cannot accept the existence of the Jewish State.
    A brave young woman she is!

  4. W/ a name like Lucy, is she Christian?

  5. I love her. She is wonderful on I24 and beyond. I am so glad she was given the honour

  6. Another reason to support this magnificent country!

  7. And then some numbnuts call Israel "apartheid state"? Pfft…give me a break!

  8. Noice and she looks moved by it all.

  9. She is such an emotional person.
    Indian here who loves Israel.. thanks for making such a great secular state where everybody is equal 🙂

  10. No problem sister ur heartily support pelastin never mind . U r live in israel. Allah bless u

  11. So moving. That is the Israel I love. Thank you Lucy, just for being who you are.

  12. ISIS will take care of you soon . dont travel outside Israel you will regret it you traitor.

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