Artist Doesn’t Allow Paralysis To Keep Her From Painting [INSIGHTS]

Artist Doesn’t Allow Paralysis To Keep Her From Painting [INSIGHTS]

-When I was younger I always carried a sketchbook
with me I liked capturing things from
everyday life It was a social thing for me to
be sketching You’re kind of like excited and
passionate about everything. I was very self-indulgent and I
think I am even still like that
with my art, I like to challenge myself all
the time and I get bored
quickly, so I’m always doing the next
thing that excites me. When I was 20 years old, I went
to go visit a friend who lived
in Virginia. And while I was there, I ended
up getting injured. I was shot in the back by an
unknown assailant who was never
caught or identified. I sustained a spinal cord injury
and I became paralyzed. I don’t know if people really
understand what a life-changing
event it is. The one thing I had going for me
was being this talented, young
artist, and then I couldn’t use my
hands. I didn’t even know if I was
going to paint again. I literally thought my life was
over. I thought I was never going to
have any friends. I was going to go live in a
nursing home. So I spent the first year
basically completely depressed and in the dark where I didn’t
want to get out of bed. Now remember, painting is always
ugly before it’s pretty, because…you’v got to find the
pretty in it. You know, you have to sign your
name. If you’re an adult you
have to learn how to sign your name. You
go back to fundamentals With my left hand, I could use
my arm a little bit, so they
would strap these pencils to my arm and I just couldn’t do
it. And then one day the
occupational therapist said, “Try putting the pen in your
mouth”. And i’m like, oh, that’s weird,
I don’t want to do that. But i did that, and the moment I
did that my name, my signature was almost
the same and I was writing
things my mouth. And so noticed how much control
I had I was like oh, I could probably
draw this way, I could probably paint this way. And I did, but like I said, I
was really bad at first so it was so discouraging, it
was humbling, because I knew how
to paint. I started realizing that I could
still do this one thing from my
former life that was so important to me And then I found a new purpose,
i think,at that point, that I
could do this thing. And I’m going to do this thing
really well and I can do it in
this new and unique way. We need some music. I actually don’t put the brush
in my teeth I just I tuck it into my cheek, in my
lips It’s a very soft grap, so I’m
not clamping down on anything, You know, the paralyzed body is
heavy, and that was the notion I started with. The weight of
gravity you’re paralyzed. And it brought these images in
mind, but i think people
related, like they, people have other heavy part of
theirs lives, that can be
universal. It’s one thing to create a
beautiful painting, but to be
able to make art that can share an experience You ask me what paintings I
think that I would be most proud
of. I think..that it would be work
that I’m going to be making. Because at some point you have
to stop looking back what you had, and start saying,
oh, what I have now is probably

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  1. this is beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The paintings are so beautiful

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  13. Love her work and story. As an artist with narrow angle glaucoma I can somewhat relate to the fear of losing my art. I mean how can I paint blind!? Much love to all.

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  19. God… stuff like this just shows you that there is no reason to not pursue something. You wanna do it, just do it. Find a way! I had a lung and 4 ribs removed about 5 years ago and I was a pro mma fighter but now I teach firearms safety and self defense.. but only after years of laying around feeling bad lol but still, people like her are my heroes!

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