ASMR // kisses //Mouth Sounds // socks // silliness // crackling candle // cherrycrushasmr

ASMR // kisses //Mouth Sounds // socks // silliness // crackling candle //  cherrycrushasmr

so today I’m going to be doing a video for you I’m going to be tapping in your ears and using a buzzer and I’m going to be playing with tissue paper and ya ya lets start with my wood craft crackling candle I got it from the dollar store I got a red one I got a purple one all different colors it makes cool sounds even in the plastic areas so I hope you like the video I’ve been sick like i told you but im finally getting over it I’ve been feeling alot better I’m still a little bit tiny bit sick but not very much anymore I havent made an asmr since ive been sick so everything has kinda been new again when I started making the video and setting up one of my best friends is coming to visit me from canada and were going to hang out and it’s going to be so much fun im so excited tapping tapping kiss kissing smells so good crackling it kinda sounds like a fireplace blows lights candle crinkles tissue paper crackles plays with socks they’re not dirty i promise they’re clean there just old blowing puts sock on its giving me rug burn I have tape stuck to me my voice just got all raspy from my cough plays with makeup brush breathes into mic ear eating mouth sounds I changed my settings for the mic it was on flat so maybe you can tell me what you like more mouth sounds eating sounds playing with 3dio ears kisses kissing blowing ok guys well I hope you enjoyed this silly video I love you guys and be sure to subscribe to my channel and click the playlist after this for the outro thingy ok bye guys love you

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  1. Teamo😘😘😘😘

  2. 12:09 I died! It was an unexpected surprise, loved it.

  3. "Today I'm going to do a video for you guys…*

    Well, GOOD TO KNOW

  4. 10:36 I have those socks rn

  5. gözlerde sıkıntı var ablacım

  6. Wonderful! I myself like to wear knee-high socks(I am a man) and for me it's the best.

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