Astrolux MF01S 15000 Lumens – High CRI Super Bright Searching Flashlight

Astrolux MF01S 15000 Lumens – High CRI Super Bright Searching Flashlight

Hello my friends. Nice to meet you again Today I share with you a little about the flashlight. Astrolux MF01S This is version: Color temperature – warm white: 4000k Body color: Blue Now I will open the box for you to see User manuals Astrolux MF01S 1 x Lanyard 2 x Spare Waterproof O-rings 1 x Tripod Mount Screw We’ll see inside this flashlight Very beautiful color Very beautiful plating Flashlight is quite heavy. Weight: Approximately 498g without cells 18 led sst20 is very beautiful and led aux Move to your right hand. Fear of long time will fatigue my hands The heat exits are quite deep Now open inside Astrolux MF01A flashlight Type III hard-coat anodizing The threaded pipes is made very beautiful To the tail section The small copper bar helps us position when attaching the flashlight tail Astrolux MF01S uses 2s2p battery Remove the flashlight head Small grooves to insert batteries The body of the flashlight is quite thick The head part of the MF01S Short-cut wire. Help reduce resistance The flashlight head is quite heavy Lens: Glass with anti-reflective coating We consider the tail button of MF01S a bit more closely The inner part of the tail button can be rotated The battery polarity is denoted Now we install the battery to try The spring will be the negative pole of the battery MF01S has anti-battery reverse protection. You will not worry about flashlight damage This is the AUX led Very beautiful, isn’t it? Hold to increase brightness Very bright 1 click to turn off Very beautiful beam Double click to enter turbo mode Now try the led mode aux Click 7 times So beautiful Click 7 times to toggle the led modes aux Low High Blinking So beautiful I compare quickly with a few other flashlights Astrolux MF01S is quite big Astrolux MF01S vs Lumintop Gtmini MF01S is a bit shorter than Gtmini But MF01S is much bigger than Gtmini vs Fitorch MR20 Size MF01S is quite similar to Astrolux FT03 The flashlight head of Astrolux MF01S is as big as Astrolux FT03 2 flashlight use common silicone diffuser Astrolux MF01S is much shorter than Astrolux FT03 Now I will talk about Astrolux MF01S user manual A lot of information in the user manual Introduction Perhaps the user guide we will meet on another occasion. The muggle mode hopes that there will be no errors like on Emisar D4V2 Some parameters of flashlight The lamp of his thermal color 4000k so the brightness will not reach 15000 lumens The manual is very long. I will speak in another clip I send you Astrolux MF01S test at the end of the clip Thank you for watching the clip Wish you find a flashlight that suits your needs Please click subscribe to support me Good bye. See you at the next clip

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  1. Excellent review and thank you for the subtitles!

  2. Great review !! i just ordered mine, amazing light for the price just like the previous MF01

  3. head from mf01s fits mf01?

  4. Cho m xin địa chỉ shop của m với bạn ơi

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