At Home Bikini Waxing | ilikeweylie

At Home Bikini Waxing | ilikeweylie

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  1. Ok, this is a really really stuuuuupid question (i warned u) but will your skin rip when u wax?? Cuz its like soft at the bikini area

  2. Hmmm but when u get in there girl it hurts!!!!! Hahahaha:)

  3. i love you!! does it hurt when u pee? hahaha

  4. Hahaha…you're funny. You should do a stand up comedy!

  5. I actually really like this wax. I decided to get the kit with the wax warmer after using this specific brand of wax. 

  6. she is like a black asian ( no offense i am asian too)
    it's irritating 😀

  7. Lol yh ain't liying waxing hurts like idk What! Buutt its worth it . Totally trying your way!

  8. ur so funny.. hehehe.. i love your personality.. 🙂

  9. i had this wax and i hated it! my personal opinion though. it didn't grab on the hairs very good and it was very messy

  10. Yea girl take! Me want to try waxing but I'm to young

  11. Love you! So helpful

  12. Lol i like u girl , im def gnna suscribe !

  13. You like the raiders I love the raiders!

  14. I have hair all over me and I found out that when you have hairy legs and arms you start to itch

  15. You were wearing falsy eyelashes

  16. love yr video .
    i used to  wax it but it hurt sooo bad and it bleed so i get scared
     now i  shave it , but i think i will go back on waxing 

  17. 4:23 "…less painful…UHUM"  hahaah LOVE THIS MOMENT

  18. ctfu, u r so funny!!! I was so caught up into the video that I caught myself shaking my head yes to all your advise about the hair growth…… yea kind of a moment where I felt kind of eehhhh. yea ur ganna end up making me watch all ur videos.   Soooooo funny!!!! 

  19. She would be the cutest mom

  20. If the hair doesn't completely come off the 1st time, can u apply it the 2nd time on the same place?

  21. can you show us how to apply it and remove it? 

  22. i saw your last video but i wanna know should i shave evrey day in the shower ? and i'm scared to shave down there because i feel it's dangeroeus so HELP

  23. super helpful! thank you 🙂

  24. Oh God you are so funny and crazy and I just love you haha ♥

  25. Does every girls have hair surrounding their pussy?coz I have had sex with a lady who didn't had hairs… All Hairs goes to Asian ladies out there in average I should say….

  26. Ur hilarious and love ur shirt

  27. weylie! how often do you wax?

  28. Can you do an updated shaving/waxing routine? 🙂

  29. I love your hair. Can you make a video about your haircut?

  30. i love this girl so much!!! Youre so funny and helpfull and sweet! Never stop making videos girl 😀

  31. Can you do an updated bikini waxing video? 🙂 If you've used a different product from the one used in this video, maybe a comparison video? Thanks! Love your videos, I have been watching you since you first started! Love you!

  32. im a home sipping on coc than the last video I watched it said the word vagina I spat out my coco and im like what the fuck!?!

  33. coco*
    lol not coc

  34. Your a jlovesmac1 wanna be like just calm yourself down! I was gonna subscribe but not anymore

  35. asians are fine but whites and blacks should shave. their hair is just nasty

  36. 'whacks'.. lol 😂

  37. no, she advertises products for tv, but this is cheaper

  38. you remind me of jarmaine..

  39. Your videos are the best, so funny 🙂

  40. I love how you're so casual about this and don't feel awkward or anything

  41. your video's very helpful but I'm still not brave enough to wax… I usually shave my bikini zone so the hair became very thick and kinda… hard? over the time. 
     my question is: does waxing hurt more when the hair is thicker? 

  42. Omg I need to intro u to my niece yall talk alike. Lol thanks for tips.

  43. Waxing wouldn't work for me because I hate every kind of pain. I cry so easily qwq'

  44. Doesn't people dry the area before wax? I saw them use baby powder.

  45. You talk alottt seres the mute button haha

  46. Dafuq? She bled?

  47. OMG the first two minutes. I love this girl!!!!

  48. Could I use it for my arm pits too?

  49. Lol you're funny lol..

  50. Girl, you need to slow down your speech a little.  Sheesh

  51. LOVED THIS VIDEO!! you are so funny but really good review. thank you!!

  52. I love watching your vids and I'm a guy. They're so funny. >P

  53. She looks like London on sweet life on deck don't you think so too

  54. If we're being real here I feel as though when it comes to having hair or not having hair and whether thats sexy is up to the owner of the body hair. be careful of your words. you don't wanna perpetuate societies stupid views on women with body hair.

  55. She seems overly fake

  56. is it me or does she really remind you of raven in that's so raven , just an Asian for lol?

  57. your so cute 😀 

  58. keeping your hair isn't traditional, that's kind of liberal af.

  59. Thanks so much <3 You are A-mazing.

  60. I love your personality sub and this video was very helpful

  61. I kept thinking.. If I fast forward/keep listening, she'll get less annoying, less screaming fake, but.. No. Damn. Calm tf down girl.

  62. She is so hyper its cute😂😂 she reminds me of thats so revin ALOT

  63. In my own opinion shaving and waxing is way better than having unwanted , unnecessary hair 😘💓

  64. Does the kit only last for one time or can you keep it for many times?

  65. You need to be really careful! Or at least know what you're doing. There was an incident where a woman had to get stitches. (Not purposely trying to scare anyone)

  66. This whole vid was uncomfortable 😨😨😨😨😨😨😷😷😷😷😷😷😨

  67. me too ! i prefer waxing rather than shaving

  68. Hairy is MUCH more sexy and attractive!

  69. why would people watch a video about waxing if they are against it…….

  70. Haha I love when you say to you people who just love to have a bush all power to you haha

  71. you are really pretty

  72. u r talking really fast…

  73. you are gorgeous!! love da Raider shirt!

  74. in my personal experience of waxing down there for about a year, the most sensitive aera for me at least, is at the front in the middle >_> like,ooooh damn it the mother fcker

  75. your sound effects are hilarious hahahahah

  76. Why dont u show n tell the waxing. Explain is nothing. Useless

  77. wanna try it but i am soooo afraid of the pain since i'm so sensitive

  78. i want to get waxed there so bad but i dont know if you have to go with a parent if you are under a certain age… my mom would be pissed and think im doing it for boys, but im not doing this for sexual reasons, its for comfort.

  79. $20 for a kit is a pretty good deal. 2 weeks ago I got a kit for $17. I only waxed my legs so far.

  80. You look so beautiful! I'm distracted by your looks…

  81. you're so funny 😁

  82. I felt like I was talking with you HAHAH xD AMAZING!

  83. lol. i take a couple of shot of vodka before waxing

  84. stuff like that

  85. LOVE your personality! do you boo boo all day! everyone else a hater. Thanks for the personal talk because there are a lot of people who grow up like me who don't have moms in their lives and once you get out of your square lol you just want to know how other girls keep it so fine and fresh haha.

  86. Im scared, im gonna try it right now for the first time

  87. Awwww I miss this Weylie. So much memories

  88. “OW OW”
    “It wasn’t like that.”

  89. do yourself a favor: get a camera coz nothing of the product " you're promoting to" are showing!!!!

  90. Tip: work in small sections. A rule of thumb is that a piece of the strip schould be on hairfree skin (at least the first time)
    Also hold your skin very taught.

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