Barbour Waxed Cotton Jacket Review: Is It Worth It? Bedale vs Ashby vs Beaufort

Barbour Waxed Cotton Jacket Review: Is It Worth It? Bedale vs Ashby vs Beaufort

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette
in our series is it worth it? In today’s installment, we talk about
Barbour waxed jackets and whether they’re worth $400 or not and if
you decide on them, whether you should go for the Beaufort style to Bedale or
the Ashby jacket. The Barbour waxed jacket is probably one of the most iconic
pieces of men’s outerwear there is. With it’s casual appearance, its waxed
cotton shell that is water resistant, it has become a staple in the
English gentleman’s wardrobe just like a pair of Hunter Wellies rain boots. By
the way, if you want to learn if Hunter Wellies are worth it, please check out
this is it worth it video here. Barbour jackets don’t just represent the British
country look but they are great for any kind of outdoorsman who wants to hunt,
fish, or just not afraid of the elements. Over the years, the brand of Barbour has
become synonymous with waxed cotton jackets that many just call them Barbour
jackets even though Barbour produces a range of
jackets that are not waxed cotton. Because Barbour has such a huge range of outdoor
jackets, we picked the most classic three waxed cotton jackets and compared them to
one another; those are the Barbour Beaufort, the Barbour Bedale, and the
Barbour Ashby. Before we focus on the features, differences, and similarities of
those three jackets, let’s talk a little bit into the history of Barbour. The
company was started in 1894 by a Scotsman, John barber, in South Shields in
England and back then, he was an importer of oil cloth. During World War II, Barbour
produced the waterproof suits for the British submarine service. After the war,
Barbour continued to produce and market its weather proof garments, particularly to
sportsmen. It took until 1974 until his Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh,
gave Barbour the first royal warrant. Basically, the Royal Warrant means that
you can supply your goods to the monarch and his family and to learn more about
it please check out this guide here. The Queen followed with a royal warrant in 1982,
followed by Prince Charles in 1987. In 1993, the Beaufort
model was introduced which is probably the most well known waxed cotton jacket
out of the three we have here. The company Barbour is still owned by the
fifth-generation family of Barbour and interestingly, you cannot buy the jackets
directly from them but just from distributors and stores. They even have a
shop locator on the website and they have a very widespread dealer network so
it’s very easy to find a Barbour jacket no matter where you are in the world. So now
that you know a bit about the history of Barbour, let’s look at the differences and
similarities of the Barbour Beaufort, Bedale and Ashby jackets. First, let me
talk about the things they have in common. They’re all made out of a hundred
percent cotton canvas that’s about six pounds heavy and it’s overall a medium
weight. It is then treated with a silk oil wax that gives us it’s typical
weatherproof characteristics. It also provides this matte satin shiny finish
that a lot of people like. Over the years, it will develop a patina that becomes
very characteristic of the waxed cotton jacket. All three jackets
have the typical washed corduroy collar which gives it a typical country look.
To learn everything you ever wanted to know about corduroy please check out
this video here. All three Barbour jackets feature moleskin lined hand
warmer pockets, they also have raglan sleeves, as well as roomy bellows pockets
the feature snap buttons just like these storm flap which allows you to
keep your collar together when it’s really rainy and the elements are hard
on you. For all three of them, you can buy a snap-on hood for $49 or a zip in liner
for $129. They all feature a nice brass double zipper from YKK that is built to
last. All three jackets are suitable for damp, cooler, and moist climates such as
England or Scotland. If you live in a very cold area, they’re probably best
suited for spring or fall. Now that you know their similarities, let’s talk about
the differences. The Barbour Beaufort retails for $399 versus the Bedale which
is just $379 and the Ashby is again, $399.
The Beaufort and the Bedale feature a full traditional classic cut
that is straight in the hips, it’s very roomy, it allows you to layer something
underneath such as a cardigan, maybe a sweater, or even a tweed jacket. The
function definitely dictates the form so while it may not look very attractive or
modern or fashionable, it is meant to give you a great range of movement when
you hunt or pursue outdoor activities. The Ashby, on the other hand, is a lot trimmer. I’s
basically a modernized style of the Bedale that is just slimmer with a slightly longer sleeve and it’s more targeted
towards young men who will live more of a city life. The Ashby really doesn’t
allow you to have a lot of layers underneath because the sleeves are too
tight and so it’s best one with maybe a shirt or a thin sweater. When you wear
different jackets you can clearly tell that the Ashby has less range of
movement. While both the Beaufort and the Bedale come in 10 or 11 sizes in two
inch increments such as 34 or 36, 42 or 44, the Ashby just comes in six sizes
ranging from small, medium, large, extra large, XXL, and triple XL. The Beaufort
jacket is cut longer and about two and a half inches longer than both the Bedale
or the Ashby. This extra length comes in handy, for example, if you want to wear a
jacket underneath that would otherwise poke out. The Beaufort is the most useful
jacket for hunters because it has a zippered game pocket in the back that’s
quite roomy. Both the Ashby and the Bedale don’t have a pocket like that because they’re
more targeted towards the urban outdoorsmen. While the Beaufort has no
vents in the back and a full Barbour tartan lining, both the Bedale and the
Ashby have a half tartan lining with a polyester dripstrip at the bottom and
side vents that have snap buttons so they give you a little extra room especially
if you have a big bum. The Barbour tartan is obviously a nod to the
founder’s Scottish roots. Now for the Beaufort, that lining is made of a 100%
cotton just like the shell. The Bedale, on the
other hand, has 100% cotton shell but a cotton polyblend out of 78 percent cotton and
to 22% Poly. They have a slightly different feel, the cotton polyblend
maybe a little more hard-wearing but I haven’t worn them out yet so it’s hard to
tell. The Ashby is different yet again in the sense that it has 100% cotton outer
shell and 100% cotton half lining but the sleeves are all lined in polyester
versus the Beaufort and the Bedale; they have the same tartan lining in the
sleeves. The Beaufort jacket has wind guards on your sleeves which come in
quite handy and they have a little velcro adjuster, however, they’re not really soft
and don’t feel too great on your skin but they’ll do the job and keep the wind
out. The Bedale jacket has ripped knitted wind guards which are much more
comfortable and better than the ones on the Beaufort. The Ashby, on the other hand, has
no wind guards and again, it clearly is not made to be super functional, it’s
more about the looks. When it comes to inside pockets, the Bedale has one on the
right, the Ashby has one on the left, and the Beaufort doesn’t have one at all. If
you look at those jackets, they look all very quintessentially British yet when
you look at the made in label, there are some differences. While the Beaufort
and the Bedale are still made in England, the more modern Ashby one is made in
Moldova. I guess the Ashby is not just more modern in terms of the cut but also
in terms of globalisation. They say each Barbour waxed jacket is made of more than
10,000 stitches and obviously, I haven’t checked on that but overall, the
construction of the jackets seems really well and made for durability. So now the
big question, is a Barbour waxed jacket worth it? I think the Beaufort jacket is
very iconic and truly something that you could wear for decades to come. One of
the few downsides is maybe that a lot of other people have this jackets so you’re
hardly unique when you wear it. Another con that I’ve found is that throughout
the sizes, the sleeves are all rather short. Personally, I have rather long arms
so it’s always a challenge because you either have to size up which gives you a
much roomier jacket that probably is too big for you just to get the sleeve
length right. Because the Bedale has these ripped sleeve guards, it probably
adds another one and a half centimeters or about half an inch
in length on your sleeve which is one of the reasons I prefer that one the most
out of the three. If you prefer a slimmer or trimmer look, the Ashby is your only
option and if you want something really
functional for hunters with a game pocket then get the Beaufort. I’m not a
game hunter or shooter and because of that, the Bedale really serves my
purposes best. So whose the Barbour waxed jacket made
for? I’ve seen many men wearing it in an office context and personally, I find
it’s a bit too casual for that and it’s best for outdoors activities maybe
getting the groceries or hanging out with the kids on the weekends. Of course,
you can also wear it for more hardcore outdoor activities that we covered
earlier. If you want a casual companion for your jeans, chinos, corduroys, sweaters, and
cardigans, the Barbour waxed jacket is definitely worth it. Apart from that,
there are also not many other companies to produce a lot of waxed jackets and not
many of them have the same commitment to quality and durability as Barbour has.
Why do I say that? Well, Barbour jackets need quite a bit of
maintenance. Barbour suggests that you have your jacket rewaxed every year. In
my book, that’s a little much. I’ve seen many people who haven’t rewaxed for two
or three years and the jackets are still fine. I guess it all comes down to how
often you wear the jacket. You can either do it yourself or just send it to
Barbour and have them do it. They also offer repair services for zippers and
all kinds of things so they truly have a commitment for durability in their
garments. That being said, the jacket is a little more finicky, you can not just wash it
in a washing machine, you’re also not supposed to use any
detergent or solvents on it because that would damage the surface. If you consider
the jackets cost at $399 or $379, I think it’s totally worth it especially
if you consider the longevity and the cost per wear.
It’s one of those jackets that’s really hard wearing and we unequivocally think
that it’s worth its money. Now with a little bit of luck, you may even find
them on sale. Typically, I’ve seen they’re more on sale from smaller retailers that
don’t carry the entire range of Barbour but maybe just a few jackets and
if the Bedale or the Beaufort is one of them and they just have limited sizes or
maybe they want to discontinue it, you may find it for 150 or 200 dollars. At
that point, it’s a no-brainer and you should definitely go for it. That being
said, because Barbour is so popular, there are also lots of fakes out there so
beware of used Goods on eBay and so forth unless you can truly authenticate
it’s the real deal. In another is it worth it video, we covered the Barracuda
g9 jacket which is in a similar price range it’s quite different the cut is a
lot trimmer at the Barracuda the Barbours are wider and the waxed cotton
jacket is a more country feel versus the Barracuda g9 has to me more of a modern
feel even though it was made and designed in the 30s. In my mind, it’s not
an either/or between the Barracuda or the Barbour waxed jacket but I think they
complement each other very well the Barracuda is a lot slimmer and may be a
bit more dressier versus the Barbour is more hard-wearing
and for outdoorsy activities frankly between the Barracuda g9 and any of the
Barbour waxed jackets I think your casual jacket needs as a classic gentlemen are
pretty well covered. In terms of value and attention to detail
I think the Beaufort and the Bedale are definitely my favorites not only
are they made in England where it’s more expensive to produce than in Moldova but
at the same time they also have the full sleeve lining and the wind guards which
the Ashby doesn’t have at the same time I like the look of the Ashby more simply
because it’s slimmer and trimmer and just a little more contemporary at the
end of the day there is a cotton waxed jacket for most men out there and I hope this
video helps you to find one that you like. if you enjoyed this video please
check out the other videos in our is it worth it series because I’m sure you’ll
find them helpful as well In this video I am wearing a barber Bedale in navy blue a
Beaufort in olive dark green and an Ashby in black I’m combining them with a
pair of really old brown corduroys and Tricker’s English country boots because
that’s just part of that overall country look I then
combined it with a blue cotton shirt and Ascot from Fort Belvedere which you can
find in our shop here as well as either a tweed jacket or a green wool cardigan
likewise British the driving gloves as you can see are all made from Fort Belvedere come in different colors and can be had in our shop here

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  1. I have been interested in having a Barbour jacket for some time.  As I am relatively short (5'6") which jacket do you think would be appropriate for someone of my stature?  Incidentally, I would only like a jacket made in England.  Thank you

  2. I found a 25€ Barbour Border jacket yesterday at the thrift store 🙂

  3. Found an old-school Gamefair. Little longer and heavier. My son’s son will one day inherit this jacket I swear it’s timeless.

  4. Go with the Border or Northumbria as these jackets are longer and therefore more practical waterproof.

  5. I have three.they are awesome

  6. I have the olive Ashby and I love it. I also have the snap-on hood which makes it more versatile. I’ll likely never have to buy a jacket again.

  7. A hand made jacket which take more than 24 hours to produce in England. It will last a lifetime and improve with age. Of course it’s worth it!

  8. One thing about the Bedale is not to get to warm on the inside or the moisture you produce can't get out so you become weet on the inside

  9. Very good review.
    I have a Bedale, Beaufort, Beacon & the Union Jack int. Absolutely love them because they’re practical & stylish. TBH you don’t have to break the bank! If you find a used Barbour in good condition all you have to do is re-wax & it will look like new. I’d be surprised if you found a ripped one because Barbour are very durable jackets.

  10. So the Ashby is the same cost as Beaufort, and more than a Bedale in America?! Whuuuut?! The Ashby is a cheap Eastern European version of the Bedale selling for anything up to £100 (~$150) less than a Beaufort in UK. While both Bedale and Beaufort are expensively made in England, both prestige coats.

  11. Sylkoil is only used on the Classic Barbour's, which bizarrely is a modern concept. Barbour jackets in general do not use Sylkoi but use Wax. The Barbour International is based on the Classic Motorbike range…Steve McQueen wore them. The Bedale's side vents have nothing to do with having a big bum, lol they're there because the jacket was designed to be used on horseback, that's why it has a half nylon inner. If it had a full cotton inner then that would soak up rain water from the saddle if riding on a wet day. Seriously this is all commonly known info, please go do some research on the different jackets. Oh and the Ashbey…….lol its just a Bedale with a more fitted cut, it also doesn't have the nice cuffs the Bedale has……..As so as a guy living in the UK I can tell you that the Bedale is the jacket of choice, unless of you're going hunting and need somewhere to put your dead Pheasants when the Beaufort would be of more use with it's large read zipped through pocket……Rant over. 🙂

  12. Depends on who you ask.If you live near the equator i don't think its worth your money

  13. Barbour made a smart biker jacket not seen it anyway.
    Can any 1 help give a link

  14. I loved the bedale but found it wasnt breathable enough and I'd have to take it off to air it on the tube/train (my inner garments would be damp from my body heat

  15. They’re much cheaper to buy in the here in the uk. Love Barbour, they’re excellent quality. If they break they’ll fix it for you and even send you some material of lines they don’t do anymore if you need to fix them yourself.

  16. I went to the Barber/ Barbour to get a haircut….and I walked out with a Wax Jacket !

  17. Basically a Royal Warrant means that the miserly Royals can get a waxed jacket from Barbour without paying for it .

  18. Very handsome and fine quality jackets ,worth every penny.

  19. Been wearing Barbour since I was 15 I’m now 49 just bought Barbour winter dress tartan shirt & ladies sweater with tartan elbow patches a Barbour hat & Barbour scarf I love Barbour

  20. Everyone should have one. Lasts a lifetime

  21. They also have scrambler bike look jackets. Check out the Duke jacket. The Ashby is fashionable in the UK during the cooler wetter months. Steve Mcqueen wore a biker jacket.

  22. Stick with the the Classic line that's made in England (Bedale, Beaufort, and Border/Northumbria). I found the Bedale to be too billowy at the bottom and felt like a bell shape on me. The Beaufort was perfect and I sized down to get a snugger fit. Ashby is good if you can find them cheap. They're made in Eastern Europe and I gotta say the quality isn't as up to par as the South Shields originals. A lot of companies have copied this style but nothing beats them. Barbour might be dipping into the posh fashion world now but their classic wax jackets are still waterproof, iconic, and very utilitarian.

  23. The jackets do not look good on you, like a potato sack. I think you need to wear a scarf that wraps around your neck and goes over the shoulders. Also, a cap and beard or unshaven look to make you look more rugged might help.

  24. The studded vent on the back of the Bedale/Ashby is for horse riding, it’s more comfortable to sit on a horse when the back is open

  25. BEEdale, not BeDale. And you are the expert? Also learn to pronounce Edinburgh

  26. Considering many other brands make their jackets in China and charge as much or more(I'm looking at you Fjallraven), yes I'd say Barbour are worth it.

  27. It's most certainly pronounced "Beatle."

  28. The question should be “why haven’t you bought a Barbour jacket” i own a blue Beaufort, an Olive Ashby, an international with union flag lining and the Parka, oh and a Lidesdale quilt, superb jackets for all uses

    The Ashby and Parka have a more fitted design than the other designs

  29. Loves teaching pronunciation….can't say Edinburgh

  30. I recently got my first Beaufort and I love it. The Beaufort does have an inside pocket of sorts, it has a vertical zip between the main zip and storm flap.

  31. Dude you need to workout a bit to help the clothes fit

  32. Ive recently bought a pair of barbour boots,checked shirts, jumper and gloves. I even boughg a barbour brolly.

  33. The 'Barbour International' is much better looking brand than Barbour.

  34. I have 17 years of ownership with my Beaufort. Its had two trips back to Barbour for sleeve lengthening, repairs, alterations and re-wax's. It's still my favorite jacket and will probably continue to be, never found another that gives me as much joy to wear or has developed more character.

  35. I was gifted a black bedale, it’s an XL though and I’m a M. Although it still looks like it fits, but looks closer to a trench coat on me lol.

  36. Got Barbour jacket and a Barbour parka with hood very happy with them both. Strongly recommend Barbour and its English..

  37. Do Pyrenex Mistral bomber

  38. All three jackets modelled are way too small. The sleeves are clearly not long enough for the wearer. Why??

  39. Looks wise- not a fan

  40. 24 years later, my Bedale is still my go to and just getting broken in. Aside from the fact that it smells like a tent, it's a jacket I will always own if this one ever wears out. I have an emotional relationship with it, like an old friend.

  41. What about WELLENSTEYN?

  42. you missed the most iconic…. belstaff 😀

  43. There’s a slim version of the Bedale on the Japanese market. Sleeves are supposedly longer too, but it may or may not have the built-in ribbed cuffs.

  44. Is it only me who thinks the Barbour jacket are fare from functional. As soon as my body gets a little bit warm the jacket start to condense on the inside and even though the jacke is rainproof I still get wet on the inside?

  45. No jackets looking like these worth 400$.

  46. Raphael I was under the impression from other videos released by the gazette that it was unbecoming for a gentleman to put garments together in very close colorways but slightly different. Yet you did it in this video multiple times with your jacket and gloves. Is it more acceptable to do so when the garments vary in texture? (That didn't seem to be the case in the video either. Just curious no judgements! I also noticed a little slip up on your history of cordaroy article I believe it was. Then is used twice (them them). Not a huge issue in any case. Just one I thought you'd like to catch. I am extremely grateful for your videos and articles. I also love your products on fort Belvedere and although I haven't had the pleasure of purchasing anything from you as of yet. I certainly plan to one day. In particular I have my eyes and heart set on a pair of your gloves. Ideally in a burgandy or petrol blue color. One day I will get my hands on one! Or in them might be more appropriate ! 😏 I appreciate your time (or whomever reads this) and am incredibly grateful for what you do. Have a wonderful day and keep up the fantastic work! 😁

  47. I own two Barbour waxed cotton jackets (which I no longer use) and I totally understand their appeal – the quality, tradition, and the last-for-a-lifetime build. But I think it should be mentioned that the whole idea of the waxed cotton material is now outdated (in my opinion). Modern materials are lighter and more breathable (don't know about the thornproofness), while the waxed cotton jackets are heavy, not breathable, smelly and oily – you have to look where you sit, to not leave oil stains. Plus the wax attracts lint (particularly visible on the blue variant, like in the video around 3:16). These are features one needs to know before buying such a jacket. I'm happy to see so many commenters here who love their Barbour jackets, but I think a first-time buyer should know about the significant drawbacks. I no longer use them, as I prefer modern Gore-Tex jackets or something like that.

  48. A jacket I have to wax every year is a jacket I won't wax every year. Also, I live in Los Angeles where our idea of a downpour will make you laugh.

  49. My Barbour shoes are very nice, took some time to wear them in but they are very good now

  50. You can also get a Barbour on eBay for a pretty good bargain. Even used, the thing will last forever so long as you wax it once in awhile, and if it does rip, just send it back to Barbour for a repair. Be prepared to wait on repairs though…and wait. Its worth it. My Beaufort is ripped to shreds and patched all over; and it still keeps the rain off me.

  51. The Beaufort looks better. The others are too tight. I own a slim fitting Barbour wax jacket and will upgrade to the Beaufort. Climate matters when choosing wax jackets. I live in Scotland so it's often soggy and damp which makes Barbours ideal.

  52. One of the best and thorough series on Youtube about branded fashion.

  53. Love the driving gloves

  54. Honestly I can get one from carharrt or LL bean for a lot less. Yes it’s iconic but does that make it worth it ?

  55. I really want a Barbour jacket some day. It'll be either the Beaufort or the Northumbria model. I just can't try one on where i live. It's high quality and that perfect smart casual sweetspot for me. Great zipper and pockets etc. Will wax it now and then, not too often but sometimes.

  56. Try a drizabone instead.

  57. Got one of these jackets, fantastic. Can’t recommend them enough 👍 thanks for your detailed review

  58. Jackets well worth the price which I personally feel are great value for the quality you will receive

  59. are you ever going to get a jacket that actually fits ?

  60. The sleeves are cut a little short to accommodate gauntlets – handy when piloting your 1933 Bentley VpD open tourer. These jackets should really only be worn in the right circumstances – outdoors in foul weather – when working or driving.
    I've only noticed beaters and pickers wearing wax jackets on a shoot – they are not comfortable to shoot in and most guns wear tweed or soft jackets by Musto, Schoffel, Jack Pyke, or the like.

  61. I bought the Bedale and here are my thoughts. First, much depends on your climate, in TX it was in many ways overkill and underachieving. It's bulky, clunky and not warm enough when needed and with the zip in lining it's very challenging to put on as you literally have 4 arm holes to get through so it's not a coat to throw in the car and slip into and out of. The high collar option would appear to be very nice except that-the top button is right at your throat and is COLD! So unless you live in a very wet, cold but not icy/snowy climate (it's not nearly warm enough for extreme cold) this is not the coat for you and certainly isn't worth $500+. I ended up returning it after a year of barely ever wearing it. Just my opinion, no need for insults.

  62. I love these jackets but I honestly think a man looks instantly middle-aged when he wears one.

  63. Bought my Barbour for £5 at the charity shop. They always have them.

  64. I have the barbour ogston, kirtland and chain baffle all much more modern style and fit love them all barbour are the best 😍❤️

  65. Just bought an Ashby in Olive at John Lewis, £167 in Black Friday sale 👌

  66. I have a Juke barbour waxed jacked and it my favorite. I am currently sending it back to Barbour to be rewaxed.

  67. I have the Barbour International “Duke” in tan. Nicely designed and made, great fit.

  68. I used to live in South Shields not far from Barbour , I have owned one or two Barbour waxed jackets from the 1980s on here are the good points


    It is a true Heritage brand that simply never goes out of style/fashion

    They are really well made and no matter how much abuse you give them they can be "redeemed and or repaired back to good as new "
    They are really waterproof ..really ..(provided you rewax every year or two depending on the type of use and climate you use them in )
    You can easily rewax them yourself no problem which saves money AND makes you invest more in your coat as YOU have personally maintained and looked after it so to speak .
    They age wonderfully , full of character that develops to you and your body over years of use .
    They are expensive but they literally last you a lifetime (with maintenance as required ) 50 years plus is quite common Barbours and even then they don't look dated the classic designs are almost ageless.


    They are heavy ..just heavy they don't hold water or anything they are just a heavy jacket right off the rail .
    They don't seal well around the neck area in a rainstorm I usually wear ashort scarf to stop water ingress around the neck area which in truth is badly designed one size fits all kind of deal.
    They smell very strongly when new and rewaxed but ony for a while personally I don't mind the smell as it's not that unpleasant and is a reminder of what I am wearing .
    They are uselss in really cold conditions even with the optional furry col;d weather liners that can be press stud fitted and removed , yes they stop wind chill dead in it's track be they have no lofting ability or snow skirt to stop the wind just whistling straight up you body and robbing you of warmth .
    They are just way to warm to wear in any condition that requires even walking up a hill or such ( by warm I mean they make you perspire as they are absolutely NOT breathable in any way ) even when not fastened on a moderate 9 degree celcius day you will sweat if you are walking even over moderate terrain or in a shopping Mall .

    If you want one of the Barbours go for it it's a great product but my modern down jackets or waterproof goretex style outdoor gear is far far more usefu and everyday wear than any Barbour I own .
    there is a reason skiers , mountain climbers , snow sports etc do not wear barbours doing these endevours but Barbour waxed jackets definately have a place in the outdoors and street wear situations albeit somewhat limited .

  69. Buy used off eBay not new !

  70. Love my Barbour Duke. You’ll need to size up, Barbour jackets generally are of a bit small fitting

  71. Is he related to Ed Miliband?

  72. I've had my Bedale for 3 going on 4 years now. It is still my go-to for every day wear. It holds up to the cold and damp New England elements. I shoot clays in it, wear it around the city, and anything else one can think of. Wears well without fail every time. For re-waxing, it just depends on how much you actually wear it, I wax mine myself after every season, but that's just me.

  73. why do you alwayds wear your jackets about a size or two too big??? i love your content but this always makes me do a double take.

  74. it's a Border for me, break them in in the fields, not the towns, and re-proofed until they can stand-up on their own in the corner, then you've had your money's worth……….

  75. you realized the bedale is not meant for hunting but rather for riding horse, thats why there are no poacher's pocket in the rear, and the reason its cut shorter and the vents in the back is for when on the horse's back, the jacket won't interferes with the saddle, also the ribbed storm cuffs was added so rain doesn't run down the sleeve when holding the rein.

  76. Excellent video sir and very informative. Barbour have recently bought out a new coat called the Icons Beaufort. Their blurb says its "a modern take on a classic design" … and "it's re-engineered" … but frustratingly don't tell us what is different? Poor marketing from Barbour there. I'm after a Beaufort to replace my old Rohan Wax Coat .. so it's a shame no one can tell us what the difference between the two Beaufort's actually is. The prices are different though!

  77. Hi , I have a original Barbour jacket if you are interested in . It is a limited edition by tokito

  78. Horrid greasy things. Weighs more as it rains…fade as they get old. Re-proofing is a stinky messy affair. Overpriced. Will not keep you all-day dry.

  79. Great review thank you! But I think there is a missing link here: the Bristol waxed jacket.

    I bought myself an Ashby but soon traded it for the Bristol. It has slightly more room in it but not as much as Beaufort or Bedale. It's perfect for urban outdoors.

  80. I've got the Barbour International Delta. Somewhere between a modern parka and a traditional wax jacket. It's hard wearing, stylish, warm and absolutely worth it.

  81. I recently looked at a Barbour wax jacket but at 200/300 pounds I couldn't justify that much, so opted for a Hoggs of fife woodsman instead and it's not far off in quality, it cost me £35 and people keep asking if it's a Barbour, personally I think the Hoggs looks much better and at a fraction of the cost!

  82. Barbour waxed jacket will last you for decades if well looked after and they never date. Maybe you should review some Belstaff waxed jackets? also made in England but far more pricier. I personally own a Barbour Winter Parka which is exceptionally warm.

  83. They last for many years so not really expensive in the long run.
    However, if you intend to use it for extremely rough use from new, they are probably a bit expensive. You can buy good quality British made alternatives for a fraction of the price. Keep the Barbour for slightly better wear.

  84. alright mate listen, you dont got the drip like I do. DROWN OFF MY WAVE

  85. too bad Barbour is yet another one of these brands which still bank on their history but except a few core products, outsource production to Asia… 🙁

  86. Is that a pair of trickers your wearing

  87. I wear the Beaufort Sporting Jacket and I love this one. thx for the vs Video.

  88. I got one for 180 almost brand new with a lining, look in antique stores.

  89. I bought the Bedale and it is just perfect! Thanks for your video, was very illustrating.

  90. Lets be honest the Beaufort is the only one to be taken seriously the other two are far too townie

  91. フェラでもしとるんか

  92. not for me I’m afraid !

  93. Love my Ashby it’s travelled the world with me.

  94. Can’t believe others have missed, but the Beaufort has an inside moleskin zippered pocket positioned inside the storm flap between the 2nd and 4th snaps. Unlike others Barbour’s actually get better with age; mine has been patched, leather trimmed, darned and self re-waxed numerous times- badges of honor! I loaned my old Beaufort to my son while he attended U of PA and although he was reluctant at first to wear it, he realized it was a status symbol in Philly among students. Even the Barbour store downtown complimented him on how nice it looked with all of its repairs.

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