Be the Bee #48 | Lighting Candles

Be the Bee #48 | Lighting Candles

Hey everybody, this is Steve, and we light candles in lots of different places. On birthday cakes, in dark rooms, in stinky rooms, but one place we don’t light candles, is in church. That may seem odd, since if you’ve ever in an Orthodox Church building, you’ve seen the lit candles in the Narthex, the first room you encounter when you walk in. And though we Orthodox Christians sometimes talk about how we light candles, that’s not exactly what happens. When we light birthday candles, or scented candles, we provide the light. We use matches or a lighter, to make the candle shine. But when we step into a church building, we receive the light, the light of Christ, the light which the darkness cannot overcome. Every Pascha, or Easter, at the Tomb of Christ, the Patriarch of Jerusalem receives a miraculous gift, the Holy Light. He steps into the tomb without any matches or lighters and emerges to proclaim that Christ is Risen, with his candles, miraculously lit. In the darkness of the tomb, Christ provides the light. Because only Christ can offer true life, in His resurrection. The Patriarch emerges from the tomb with lit candles, but he doesn’t light them, Christ does. This same miraculous light makes its way to Orthodox parishes around the world, and is the same light we receive when we offer our candle. When we offer our candle, we don’t light it, we receive the light, from the church. When we offer our candle, we aren’t just offering wax; we’re offering ourselves, each other, and our whole lives, to Christ, Our God. We’re participating in the Liturgy. Where we offer God our weakness and limitation, and He offers us, eternal life. The reason a candle works is because it offers up its dull, cold wax, and in return it’s transformed in to brilliant, warm light. To shine with this light, a candle needs to shrink, to slowly decrease in size over time. In the same way we need to humble ourselves, so that God’s light can shine through us. Because it’s about Him, not us. It’s a process, and it takes work, but we all can draw closer to God. We can all allow God to transform us, from cold and lifeless wax, to warm fire, full of life and light. When we see saints in icons, we see them with halos around their heads, because they’re full of Christ’s light, and they shine it throughout the world, like living candles. So the next time you offer your candle, remember, you aren’t lighting it, you’re receiving God’s light. And you’re seeing before your eyes, the beautiful transformation that God has planned, for you. Because God wants you to be like a living candle, God is calling you to be a saint. So let’s, Be the Bee, and receive God’s light. Be the Bee, and Live Orthodoxy. Remember to Like and Subscribe! I’ll see you all next week!

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  1. Beautiful and interesting, I had never heard of the transfer of light from Christ's tomb before. Oh, and as I have just discovered "Be the Bee" and I'm new to Orthodox Christianity, I was wondering if you've made videos yet explaining the Church's perspective on Mary, the saints, icons, the use of incense, etc. I have really enjoyed your informative, up-to-date and engaging videos so to learn more about these other questions I still have would be so great!

  2. Wow!! This is so amazing!! I'm a recent convert to Orthodoxy from a Charismatic church. I am so enriched from your videos! Thank you and God bless!

  3. Hello from Greece, although in Chicago for some days. I had the opportunity and evlogeia to watch some of your videos and I am amazed. All very true and based on real orthodoxy. One thing, though, that can be corrected, I you please, is the music that plays. Most of the time it is rocky and it is secular, not ecclisiastical, not of our God. I suppose you are trying to attract new-bees, but, to my opinion, it should be byzantine chanting, that is both ecclisiastical and christian, because it glorifies God and nothing else. Moreover it helps guarding the senses, which is the most important thing in our spiritual life, if we want to say the prayer of Jesus undistracted. God bless you. Thank God for everything. Stay orthodox in all aspects.

  4. Hi, Steve! Don't worry about fundamentalists' comments. Every parochy is different. Some even light the candles and so on. Your videos are a blessing, with the potential to unite us more.

  5. I've witnessed the miracle of the Holy Fire in Jerusalem … my heart has gone ablaze <3

  6. Thank you so much! This helped me for the oratorical festival!

  7. I altar serve, and we use a lighter to light the candles for the reading of the Gospel etc. Haha.

  8. Oh no I always light them with my lighter. I didn't know! I light candles to pray for my Ancestors, Mom , and Aunt Carol!

  9. Beautiful and Inspiring
    Bless You!

  10. Thank you for the video. I also saw a video that the candles we light at church and the prayers that goes with it are the offerings/sacrifices which were brought to the entrance of the Temple when it still stood in Jerusalem. Because there is no Temple standing in Jerusalem with a sacrificial system, our prayers to G-d became offerings?


  12. Lighting a candle in a church is just a pagan ritual! Many religions incorporated this kind of pagan rituals like christmas, easter, coins on dead people's eyes, red eggs etc. The light from a candle is basically fire, therefore a light meant to replace true God's light. The BRINGER OF LIGHT, a light from FIRE! When you celebrate easter, another pagan holliday by the way, guess what light are you bringing home? That same light from fire! Now why would you light a "fire" when you pray? Do you think that God doesn't hear you without a "fire"! Does God listen only to those that light a "fire"?
    A apologize for my grammar, not a native English speaker.

  13. A candle is not a living being therefore cannot light itself. Thats obviously impossible. Glad to be Jewish

  14. Yeaa xD,Something Gotta Spark Light

  15. Yeaa,Its All Good xD,Does He Smoke??xD

  16. Omg Damm xD,Na No

  17. Yeaa,God/Me Is Our God/Me

  18. Yeaa Na No,Not A Bad Bad Thing Its A Good Similar Same As That Thing

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