Beauty Hack or Wack? DIY Sugar Wax FAIL | NICOLE SKYES

Beauty Hack or Wack? DIY Sugar Wax FAIL | NICOLE SKYES

So i think im going to make Cally the Official helper of “Hack or Whack” Wanna be the Official helper, boy? yeah you do! you gonna test these, these beauty products out? you gonna see? Just kidding, we do not do animal testing. we do not support animal testing. Hey, Whats up everybody, it is Nicole Skyes and weclome back to another episode of Is it a beauty hack, or is it whack? Where i test out popular Beauty hacks and see if they actually work or if they’re just totally whack. so today we are going to be testing out if the DIY sugar hard wax mixture combination and the waxing actually works. if it actually removes my hair. and we actually also are going to be having another besides my dog of course. um, my fiancee, Jay is actually going to be waxing part of his arm hair too see if this actually works or not. SO what we need to use to make this DIY sugar wax is half a cup of lemon juice, half a cup of water and two cups of sugar you also are going to need a jar and i didnt really have any jars so i used an old pickle jar and it happens to say bubbles on it. so after you have boiled your mixture for about five to seven minutes you wanna pour it into your jar. now if you are using glass, make sure that the glass is not cold by any chance because pouring hot liquid into it could burst the glass, and you do not want that. so after you let it cool down because you have to let it cool down i made this mistake if you watch this here i poured it when the bubbles were still bubbling and it made a huge mess so i had to wait so i poured it in the jar and you’re supposed to wait like i didnt think i would take this long this is still really hot and i think im going to have to pour this into a smaller bowl because its still really hot but it smells good, and i tried a little bit of it and its really good. so yeah, im going to pour this into a dish, then i am going to let it cool down, so it cools down faster because it is taking way too long. okay, hey you guys, here is my fiancee jay, and we are going to be doing a test on his arm too see if this waxing actually works or not and he has reluctantly agreed to do this he really does not want to but he is a good sport. hes a good guy so he is going to try it out i put just a tiny bit on his hand oooh, failure. it didnt even do anything okay, well we got a couple hairs actually we need to try this again. so this is not hard waxing, this is um, soft waxing. 3.. 2.. 1… ohhhh ohh cocky we got some hairs especailly like right here. lets see your hand, aw your poor hand is red, aw see, so it didnt totally get everything out it did, it kinda work for his hand a little bit. it made his hand red. and like did that hurt? no, it didnt hurt at all. so , do you think this is a hack, or totally whack? Totally whack. totally whack. haha, you think is whack? okay. thank you, babe i love you. thank you to bean, for being a participant. we are not going to wax beanbag. okay so, i dont know if my technique is off or something maybe im not that great at waxing people, so im going to try um, im going to try it on my arm. 3 2 hmm, 3..2..1.. well, it did take it off of my hand, in the areas you can see hm, and like, i dont know if you guys can see this but some hairs like right here. this feels nice and soft. okay so now im going to pull it off in 3… 2…1… ah! ahahah! Oh my god! oh my, that worked. so there is a bunch of blonde hairs, okay so there is a couple black hairs thats from my little chihuahua Willy, somehow his hairs got on my shirt welcome to the life of dog ownership, you have dog hairs everywhere on everything i dont know if you guys can see this see there is kinda like black hairs thats from my chihuahua but there are like blonde hairs on it. so, im pretty sure ah you need to use a really really thin layer that is what you need to do 1… oh haha wow, dude it does rip off hairs but it does do it thoroughly look at my leg right now kay there is a bunch of hairs on that but its not completely smooth. i dont know if you guys can see that but there are still a bunch of hairs and this is the area that i just waxed see this might be a little bit of a better angle so i waxed right here and not here so you can kinda see like redness but theres there still is hairs. so was the DIY sugar wax hair remover a beauty hack or was it completely whack? I am leaning on completely whack, now maybe I did it wrong, it does work but it doesn’t remove all of your hair its not like shaving or the regular wax methods that you can buy from the store it did work, it still hurt. but it wasn’t smooth. you still have partial hairs everywhere what do you guys think? was this a beauty hack or whack? did i mess this up completely? did you have different results when you tried it out? If you guys enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. also dont forget to follow me on my Instagram and twitter @Nicoleskyes I love you guys and i will see you in the next video!

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  2. Why do you speak with an English sometimes? Just stop, you're not very good xD

  3. Rimmel test on animals…..

  4. tape woks better

  5. lol my name is Kally lol that's so cool

  6. Your supposed to leave it on until it gets hard

  7. not failed at all

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  9. I love your dogs a lot am a dog lover

  10. in order for most waxes to work, the hair has to be a certain length, which is usually uncomfortably long for most females. anywhere from a centimeter to a full inch long.

  11. You have to wait for the wax to dry and then you rip it off!

  12. It didnt work because you didnt boil it enough so the consistency wasnt right

  13. Haha he's good for trial πŸ˜ƒ

  14. you have to let it dry on the paper before ripping it off

  15. I love how she shows that its normal to have hair on your body and she is not emberrased

  16. she looks like lady gaga

  17. If you revisit this in the future, or do a retest my suggestion would be to use Muslin strips. You can buy them at Sally's beauty supply or any beauty store really. Also, the hair has to be long enough for the wax and the strip to grab on to it so that's pretty long if you can imagine. Another thing – DO NOT SHAVE AFTER THIS. Your skin has to heal properly before shaving. If you accidentally use a rusty razor or a razor that was previously used you can put yourself at risk for infection because of the bacteria present. If you need to shave I would wait 1-2 weeks.

  18. dog products vesting with tour dog

  19. you used it in wrong way

  20. I think u did it wrong ur supposed to leave it there for a while and let it dry a little bit then pull it off

  21. Your dog is soooooooooooo cute

  22. Put makeup on your fiancΓ©

  23. you should've let it sit in the frige to let it harden up a bit then use it

  24. you should wait to wax for at least one week, two weeks is best . if you go to the salon they won't wax your legs unless the hair is at least a half an inch long or at least that's what I learned in beauty school .

  25. i love u necole skies

  26. your not cooking it right

  27. Had you made the wax correct, had more than half inch hair on your body and used the right fabric or used your hands (if the wax was made right) it would have not been a fail. Best for you to get the wax from the store and try it again . 😊😊. Its the best and never a whack for us 😍😍☺

  28. You only need 1/4 cup of water and 1/4 cup of lemon juice

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  30. what dog does she have

  31. I feel like she should've let it dry before she pulled it off.

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  38. Jays right it's whack

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  40. Your going in the wrong direction of your hair growth

  41. What do you mean you don't do animal testing? I wanted to see you use it on your beaver!

  42. Who noticed when she kissed him it left a lipstick stain

  43. You did not cook it longer enough I use this frequently and it is meant to be quiet dark and when on the skin your meant to apply it the direction off the hair grow and rub it in the same direction then pull it the opposite direction and it is less pain when the application is thin and if too cold could leave bruising and be quite pain full

  44. I like how she counts to one and pullsπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ πŸ˜‚

  45. I think it was a hack.

  46. In any situation, there might be a time not all hair comez up even in professional

  47. The best hing to do is not using that thing only using the liquid and pulling it off with your hair

  48. it was a wack sorry

  49. Sugar waxing is actually amazing but first if you want to use a Strip, you HAVE TO use a solide textile such as Cotton the one you used (an old t-shirt ?) Was too flexible and thats part of the tesson you had a lot of residue left. Second, sugar waxing originally dont need any Strip. You take the coldish sugar and roll it in a ball with your hand, then place it on the skin in a back and forth motion to really grip the hair and finally you lift one end and pull fast against the hair !

  50. it doesn't work that well because she is using the wrong paper. She is using a cloth your supose to use a different type of paper not cloth. But i still love u Nicole skyes.πŸ˜œπŸ˜˜πŸ˜€

  51. dude this thing is completely wax lol… I mean wack

  52. Nicole you should retest this because when you do it you have to put the wax to direction the hair is going and the pull from the opposite way

  53. I need some of this…and fast…Just gonna add this stuff to my dad's shopping list :/

  54. I think the sugar waxing is hack/wack

  55. I think it is because that hair is short it works better with long hair

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