Beeswax Foundation Mould Press DIY #1

Beeswax Foundation Mould Press DIY #1

Beeswax Foundation Mould Press How I did it First experiment with a silicon resistant up to 300 oC I took 2 pieces of pine-wood and an equal piece of bee-wax sheet, added the silicon on both sides and joined them together the same procedure with the other piece of wood, creating something …. like a sandwich Then I added a couple of a door hinge, and I melt out the beeswax Then I funnel some melted beeswax and I closed it to form. And after separating it from the silicon I had an excellent result Next stage : Creating a paper model (to fully understand, how to bend over the aluminium sheet) upside down upside down and back Final project made by aluminium sheet 2 mm upside down computer sink nailed with rivets taking form piece by piece Notice the two stops at both edges of the front side also notice the piece of the door (closet) hinge at right, in front of the sink the door (closet) hinge drill two holes for the hinge and join them together and now you have something like a toaster add a couple of 12V PC’s blowers on the top and underneath the toaster (You’ll need a converter for the blowers to work) Constructing the silicon mold using melamine wood upside down Insert a beeswax sheet level it silicon SA type and the activator (catalyst) I used about 1 litter but it depends funnel the silicon into the mold and a piece of wire mess in order to succeed the joint of the white silicon and the red one (we’ll use it later on) put over some weight to keep the wire mess down in the silicon After 24 hours detach the melamine you’ll have to clean up the silicon which gone under the wax sheet Now, the difficult part is to join together the white silicone with the aluminium … … because if we use silicon again after a short period of use the joint of the two silicones will brake that’s why I used the wire mess, to make a strong join between the two silicones. I used the heat resistant silicon to attach them together then put some weight on and wait another 24 hours seal the edges too. also its necessary to put an aluminium stop in front, sealed also with silicon… … to prevent the funnelled silicon from licking out level it again and funnel the silicon. insert again a piece of a wire mess I used again the red heat resistant silicon for the joint of the silicones put on some weight again wait another 24h and open it. (Be very careful, it needs a lot of patience) …. and at last …… !!!! You can use a piece of aluminium or plastic in front to collect the extra wax into a container. As a container I used a bread maker which consists a bar to keep the wax melted In action: At 1st spray the surface with a mix of water and soap Then funnel the hot wax over the mold (best temperature of the wax is around 85oC) and close the toaster clean the wax from the face of the toaster and use definitely compressed air to open it (or else you’ll damage the new wax sheet) cut over the edges to create a clean result, easy to use. Using our bees wax foundations Fully accepted by the colonies…. ….relief and satisfaction for the bee-keeper (and the craftsman too) ….

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  1. Περικλή είσαι απίστευτος

  2. είδα 40 βίντεο με κατασκευές….τι να πω φίλε μου το "τερμάτισες" !!!! Σε παραδέχομαι!!!! Συγχαρητήρια

  3. I like it and i will try it.

  4. Οταν λες πλεγμα για να δεση ησιλικονη τι ενωεις;

  5. Απο που προμιθευτικες τα υλικα; απο τι μσγαζη;

  6. Μαλλον οτι καλυτερο DIY κυκλοφορει . Μονο ο τετραπυρινος επεξεργαστης του λειπει 😀
    Μπορεις να πεις το κοστος του σε υλικα ?

  7. Νομίζω ότι είσαι ο καλύτερος. Πολύ καλή η ιδέα σου.

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