Best Flashlight for Concealed Carry | Episode #5

Best Flashlight for Concealed Carry | Episode #5

I personally everyday have this
beautiful little Streamlight Stylus Pro. No they’re not paying me. I like the
simplicity of on, off. I’m not into twenty technical buttons that as an turning it
on and off its doing all kinds of stuff and Morris code and all that. I want on, off.
I actually find the light that have a simple tale cap. Tale caps what you’re
looking for. If you’ve got the button here, you’re limited in how you can hold the light. If you like these videos subscribe above. If there’s something that you hadn’t seen that you’d like to, hit us up in the comments
section. We do check those. Train safe guys, I’m Mickey Schuch with Cerry Trainer dot com. Thank you.

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  1. I like all your videos and I would like to know if you could talk about weapon lights specifically for concealed carry

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