BIG CAPCOM RUMOR LIST!: Monster Hunter Switch, Viewtiful Joe 3, Next-Gen Resident Evil + MORE!

BIG CAPCOM RUMOR LIST!: Monster Hunter Switch, Viewtiful Joe 3, Next-Gen Resident Evil + MORE!

What’s up everyone
OJ here welcome back to another video today we’re gonna be going over this big
capcom rumor list of stuff that we’ve kind of seen before a little bit and
some new things entered into the fray I want to first and foremost say this is a
rumor so of course treat it that way take it with a grain of salt some of
this stuff does seem like it could happen some of this other stuff seems
like it’s going to be crazy but Capcom is kind of crazy so you never know
what’s going to happen so let’s go ahead and look at this list here so starting
off Mega Man X 9 in development gonna be revealed by the end of this year it’ll
be released early 2020 for every platform mobile game will hint at the
new game so interesting to see there there was some rumors or at least Capcom
might even rumors but Capcom talking about them wanting to do another Mega
Man X game especially if Mega Man 11 did well last time I checked Mega Man 11 did
do well so it doesn’t like that could be plausible at some point double May Cry 3
is coming to Nintendo switch no idea about Devil May Cry 2 this once again
seems very likely that they would bring over one of the best Devil May Cry games
to the Nintendo switch double May Cry one already came out on the Nintendo
switch for the $20 digital and it doesn’t make cry – I just think they
don’t want to sell that to people anymore that game should be banished
from the face of existence so that does seem like that Devil May Cry 3 will
Polly come over and – we’ll probably just never come over next up on this big
rumour list is beautiful Joe 1 & 2 getting remastered with beautiful Joe 3
in development and this is probably the biggest stretch out of all of them only
because of how Capcom has treated beautiful Joe in recent history all the
other games on this list have stuff that was recently released whether it was
Mega Man or Monster Hunter or other something we’re gonna talk about
Resident Evil all this stuff was pretty recent with one other exception that
we’ll talk about the very end here but for the most part this is pretty much
been ignored when it comes to beautiful Joe he’s been like let in some like
fighting games or something like that but there’s really been nothing they’ve
done for beautiful Joe in such a long time so to sit here and see that they’re
gonna say beautiful Joe 1 & 2 are coming over remastered and then on top of that
beautiful Joe 3 is in development that would be absolutely nuts for Capcom and
I’m not so sure about that but they are poor comment time so
beautiful Joe 1 & 2 yeah seems like if they could be
something like that now next up is Devil May Cry 5 can get a new expansion and a
Gamescom announcement that seems very likely as well it’s still rumor but that
seems likely because doesn’t make cry 5 did absolutely incredible on the
PlayStation 4 on the Xbox one so yeah expand it get more people to buy stuff
they already have hyper transactions built into the game so why not do some
expansion with some DLC as well so that would definitely make sense if they were
able to do something like that or if that did end up happening next up on the
list here is resident evil 3 remake and is considered to be teased at TGS or the
game rewards summer 2020 revamp mercenaries mode bigger Raccoon City and
Carlos Olivera background expanded this is another thing that I think could
happen just because of the success of Resident Evil 2 remake you look at that
game and how well that game did Resident Evil 2 remake and you look at the re
engine and what they’ve done all the assets and everything are already built
all they got to do is just create a different game and why not why not take
advantage the people who love the classic Resident Evil and be able to
build upon the engine you already have the assets do you have and just make a
different game so they’ve already kind of teased that a little bit and I think
the success of Resident Evil remake 2 is definitely gonna lead to something like
this so yeah I see resident evil 3 happening once again a rumor this is all
rumors I want to make sure that I put a disclaimer in the middle of this take it
with a grain of salt some of the stuff we’ve heard before some of this stuff is
kind of new but let’s get into this next one here because I’ve talked about this
before and this is not a new rumor and I definitely think this is going to happen
but once again rumor but our Monster Hunter s is the title for the new
Monster Hunter game exclusive for the Nintendo switch they want to create a
hybrid portable and honed console experience with this game this is
something that Capcom has actually already stated when I think an investor
talked about Monster Hunter 4 the Nintendo’s switch I can’t get into
anything new and they said that yeah they want to continue making Monster
Hunter games on the Nintendo switch and maybe it’d be its own thing so I
definitely there’s gonna be an exclusive Monster Hunter game on the platform you
have more of the casual or expanded audience experience Monster Hunter world
that has Capcom’s biggest selling game of all time you have a huge install base
it makes sense for there but for the Nintendo switch people are more used to
that monster into generations the old-school Monster Hunter 4 where you
have a master count and there’s different
elements to the game there were more for the core hunters out there that have
been playing for a long time so maybe you make a game that’s dedicated for
that to where people can’t play on the go and also at home so it’s more of a
connected big experience for those type of players who like that style of Master
Hunter so once again I think that that could definitely be happening Nintendo
fans haven’t really got a new Monster Hunter game in a very long time there’s
been a lot of ports and remakes and re-releases even when you dated back to
the Nintendo 3ds I think this would be really cool if this was to happen next
up on this list as Onimusha games are being remastered or more games of being
remastered and ported and that would make sense they brought over the first
one it seems like it did well enough maybe for what Capcom was looking for
and why not bring over the other ones now that you have some momentum with the
first game being released so it would make sense if they brought over more of
them but once again rumor next up is resident evil 8 and Dino Crisis and that
was the game that I was talking about when it comes to Capcom pretty much
ignoring you know for the most part it was Dino Crisis so Resident Evil 8 and
Dino Crisis remake are in development for next gen systems 1 is aimed to be a
launch title for consoles so that would be interesting which would be the launch
title for consoles this one seems like it’s gonna be inevitable for one of them
when it comes to Resident Evil we already kind of know that Capcom is
always making new Resident Evil games they’re always working on the next
Resident Evil they’re always thinking of ideas for what they’re gonna do with
Resident Evil so it makes sense that Resident Evil 8 is in development or at
least started talking about it and what they’re going to do for the game
especially since Resident Evil 7 came out I think what 2017 so now it’s been 2
years plus so yeah that seems about time for them to start talking about the next
Resident Evil game if anything I would think that Dino crisis if this rumor
wasn’t turned out to be true like I would think that Dino crisis would be
the game that would be the launch title because I think it’d be a little bit too
early for Resident Evil 8 that’s just all what I think compared to like
Resident Evil 7 I know they have the re engine and they can build a new Resident
Evil game but if you look at Resident Evil 3 as well if that turns out to be
something the remake I mean I’m just not sure where they put all of this so I
would guess it’d be Dino crisis then Resident Evil 8 comes later and yeah I’d
probably say that’s gonna be for next generation systems because this
generation is pretty much done right I mean you look at everything that’s been
going on there hasn’t really been a ton of awesome and new games like it was
packed throughout the year there’s been some great stuff but you can clearly
tell it people are moving on you have some developers
publishers already starting to talk to the investors about next-gen you have
developers like take-two saying that it’s gonna be like lifelike or like live
action when it comes to their games and looking at something like Red Dead
Redemption and looking how good the graphics are in that game yeah they’re
probably gonna break the bank when it comes to making the next Red Dead or the
next GTA game from next generation systems so there’s a lot of developers
that are already kind of moving on just doing DLC and other stuff like that for
current gen so I can see Resident Evil 8 maybe being a little bit later and all
that and big companies like Capcom already moving on and doing stuff like
that so that makes sense but overall out of all these rumors I want to make sure
that I just think this again if you just missed it remember it is a rumor take
this with a grain of salt this is not something that as fact this is not like
oh I’m confirming this this is nothing of that at all guys okay we’re just
simply discussing and just talk about just for the pure fact that it’s just
kind of out there that people are putting it out but like I don’t trust
the source material when it comes to I think it looks like 4chan it wasn’t
linked when it comes to the Twitter post that I saw on also direct feed games
also quoted it and stuff like that because there was some rumors that have
already been like stated like the Monster Hunter one that’s already been
stating we already kind of knew about that and also like Devil May Cry kind of
already knew about that Mega Man X nine kind of already knew about some of this
stuff so like half this list of stuff that looks like okay yeah and like most
of this list it’s not like they’re talking about like rival schools and
dark stalkers and all these other like buried and dead franchises that Capcom
has are all of a sudden coming back it’s a bunch of stuff that they already do
Devil May Cry they already do Mega Man they already do Monster Hunter they
already do Resident Evil they already do Onimusha ah they already did a new one
for that one more Resident Evil I mean it’s just all stuff the Capcom already
does and they’re kind of like expanding upon that that will make cry expansion
yeah we know they make double make cry games right so it makes sense for all
this stuff however there’s just some things that I
have a lot of apprehension about especially the timing for a lot of this
stuff too it just seems to me like a lot of leaked information there and I just
don’t think all of it is like okay a hundred percent especially the source
material where it’s coming from but I’ve heard of some of these rumors here and I
do think that a lot of this stuff could happen or stuff like that could maybe
happen you know it could be like okay well maybe it’s not exactly when it says
but it’s around the time like making that x-man yeah I think
I could Megaman X it’s like making about eleven did really well he reviewed well
it’s sold well enough from what I understand like why not do what make him
at next nine people want that so I think they’re gonna do it and they have the
engine to do it now whatever they just use for Megaman 11 just use the same
thing for Megaman X 9 so it makes sense to me it makes sense to me for them to
just continue on with that it makes sense for them to release double make
cry that doesn’t seem like anything big right oh well don’t like cry 1 already
came out there’s another double make cry for switch owners you know double make
cry 5 expansion makes sense you know all this stuff doesn’t seem too crazy or
anything like that but once again think about the grain of salt know that Capcom
is crazy and we never know what they’re going to
do we never know when they’re gonna bring back old franchise or anything
like that but I will say out of this whole list I’m most excited about
beautiful Joe 1 & 2 and they’re potentially being a 3 heck even if there
wasn’t a 3 but a beautiful Joe 1 & 2 came back in some way shape or form with
modern consoles and remastered would look a lot better and silky smooth that
would be great for those who don’t know beautiful Joe is like this nice
smorgasbord of awesome gameplay elements from like final fight or Streets of Rage
and venture gangs with like certain types of like power-ups and being able
to upgrade your abilities and also like bullet time which was really popular in
the early 2000s cuz it had that as well slow-mo it was really cool I love
beautiful Joe I love the aspects of it and I really want them to bring back
beautiful Joe in some way when it comes to systems it would be great on the nose
lips to be able to play that type of game anyway that you want ps4 Xbox one
I’d be completely down for that but let’s hope they do I mean I only wish I
came back in a remaster so we’ll see about that
Okami got rematch like a million different times right so nothing’s to
say that they can’t bring back beautiful Joe’s it’s just been kind of like dead
for a long time but we’ll have to wait and see so what do you guys think about
all these different rumors here what do you think is actually true what do you
think is false do you think all this is false do you think some of it is true
what do you think is actually gonna happen let me know your thoughts in the
comment section below alright guys that wraps it up for this video here it’s got
the links in description below we got Facebook and Twitter gonna give us a
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you so much for watching I will catch you guys for the next one face

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