Brinyte PT28 Oathkeeper 1600 Lumens – Newest Tactical Flashlight – Best Value 2020

Hello friends. Nice to meet you again Today I share with you my new flashlight: Brinyte PT28 Oathkeeper Brinyte’s latest flashlight to date Special version Flashlight engraved name If you want to engrave a laser. Just say you know YouTube channel: VietnamReviews Laser engrave are beautiful When you laser engraving you will have a special flashlight The first special feature is the magnet charger Magnet charging port is completed very beautifully The tactical ring is the second special point The new tactical ring is very beautiful The tactical ring is made of steel. Very strong The color of PT28 is very beautiful Steel clips We will take a closer look at the tactical ring Unique design of PT28 Made of steel There are 2 small slots inside There are 2 small slots on the tail of the flashlight It will help fix the tactical ring You will not be able to place deviations Very creative design We need to be in the right position Very nice and smart design Rubber band help to fix tactical ring Very clever My impression in PT28 is this tactical ring Brinyte PT28 has not been officially sold. The price of PT28 will be cheaper than PT18 This is a flashlight worth buying at the moment The PT28 is very beautiful and the magnet charges very quickly The 18650 battery has a capacity of 3100mAh included The battery is protected. Very beautiful The threaded pipes is made very beautiful Brinyte PT28 Oathkeeper has 2 classes The shell is very thick and strong Inside the flashlight Brinyte PT28 very compact and beautiful Very elegant design A few highlights help PT28 look better I like the design of the Brinyte PT28 Oathkeeper Maybe I will use PT28 more than PT18 Nice and compact We can easily carry PT28 Good grip feeling The lines are very soft Very beautiful Compare the dimensions of PT28 with BLF A6 PT28 is a bit longer than BLF A6 PT28 is a bit bigger than BLF A6 PT28 Oathkeeper is a great tactical flashlight and EDC. Perhaps this will be your daily flashlight. The length of PT28 is equivalent to 2 18650 batteries With 1 special design. Brinyte PT28 Oathkeeper is still very nice without a tactical ring PT28 works perfectly without tactical ring. We will install the battery and test it With protected battery With unprotected battery Time to test Works well You can remove the clip easily We will explore the user interface of PT28 Oathkeeper Tail cap Brinyte’s logo Momentary on: half press and active till the tail cap switch is released Constant on: fully press and click the tail cap switch, then the current mode
is on Switch the mode by clicking the front side switch The modes switch cyclically: low-middle-high-turbo double click to the strobe mode As a tactical flashlight, the strobe of PT28 is very fast Constantly changing frequency makes the effect of dazzling higher click once to back to the last memorized brightness mode Double click to the strobe mode Double click again to SOS mode his is the SOS mode of the PT28 Oathkeeper click once to back to the last memorized brightness mode Momentary Strobe: Tap the tail cap switch once then quickly half press it. the full press it to: Constant Strobe: The included magnet charger cord is very nice The cord is wrapped and very soft Time to test When we plug in the power there will be a nice indicator light Self suction Red light while charging When fully charged the indicator light will turn green Very high charging current Charging current up to 1.6A. Very fast compared to other magnet chargers The carrying of PT28 is another of my favorite points. It is great that you can carry a tactical flashlight with you Pretty compact. You can bring your PT28 daily The design of the PT28 is great for daily carrying. he flashlight is very deep in the pocket Great When taking out the flashlight ready to fight Great Excellent design of Brinyte PT18 Oathkeeper Due to the compact design. The PT28 is not equipped with a strobe feature quick access button However, the ability to access the strobe feature of PT28 is quite fast. PT28 with quick charge magnet Beautiful design Patented – tactical ring I think this is a great flashlight of 2020 If you need a tactical flashlight that can be easily carried, the PT28 is a great option. At the end of the clip I will send you the light test clip. Thanks for watching Hope you will choose a flashlight that suits your needs. Thank you. See you in the next clips. If you have any questions please leave a comment. I will answer you

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