Brinyte WT01 Apollo – Wireless Rechargeable Flashlight – Best Value 2019

Brinyte WT01 Apollo – Wireless Rechargeable Flashlight – Best Value 2019

Today I am very happy to share with you a new flashlight: Brinyte WT01 Apollo This is the world’s first wireless rechargeable flashlight. This is the box of Brinyte WT01 Apollo and Brinyte PT18 Oathkeeper The box of WT01 is much bigger than the box of PT18 We will take a look outside the box of WT01 Apollo 1100 lumens brightness Using time up to 9000 minutes Impact resistant 1m Beam distance 320m Waterproof IP68 Charging status light, charging dock TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Turbo 1100 Lumens – Runtime 280 mins High 430 Lumens – Runtime 350 mins Middle 70 Lumens – Runtime 2000 mins Low 10 Lumens – Runtime 9000 mins Waterproof IP68 Dimension 156mm(Length) x 33mm(Body Dia) x 45mm(Head Dia) Do not let you wait long. I will open this box. Brinyte WT01 Apollo’s box is very nice The lid of the box has magnets Position 2 magnets. Extremely high class User manuals The user manual is quite similar to the Brinyte PT18 Oathkeeper flashlight Thank you note Our main character: Brinyte WT01 The flashlight is very beautiful The text on the flashlight body printed on a straight line looks quite advanced We will check accessories with the flashlight before testing the flashlight. Micro USB cable Adapter 5v 2.1A 18650 sleeve Car charger The company is very careful when it comes to keeping car chargers. Car charger 5v 2.1A You can use it to charge phones. Put it away I haven’t used it yet. Very nice box 360 degrees rotating holster. Special design, you can turn on the flashlight when the light in the holster. Charging cradle O ring. So all the accessories. We will take a closer look at the flashlight: Brinyte WT01 Apollo Check inside Battery protection We look a little closer Flashlight body is completed 2 layers very solid. It doesn’t matter if the tank compresses it ^^ Each line on the WT01 Apollo lamp is beautifully made This is the wireless charger of the flashlight High-end finishing Head The switch is very easy to press. The spring is quite nice and has good stiffness. Toughened glass with two-side coating. Anti-Reflection (AR) Coatings Toughened glass has a thickness of up to 4mm. Thicker than other brands The thickened glass makes the flashlight more reliable. If there is a drop, the glass is also very difficult to break Batteries included with flashlight 26650 battery has a capacity of 5000mAh 26650 protection battery I will compare the size with another battery Compare with HLY 26650 battery The 26650 Brinyte WT01’s battery is longer Brinyte did not mention that the flashlight can use the 21700 battery We can use the Brinyte WT01 Apollo with a 21700 battery The length of the 26650 battery is completely similar to the 21700 battery Time to test 26650 battery included To use the 21700 battery you need a sleeve. Sleeve is taken from another flashlight. Brinyte does not equip sleeve for 21700 battery Works normally It is great to be able to use 3 types of batteries: 26650, 21700, 18650 You will save a lot of money to buy batteries. When possible share the battery with other lights Great Brinyte WT01 Apollo luminance levels 18650 sleeve is included Well suited Time to test We will check the wireless charging feature Brinyte WT01 Apollo will always turn on at 10 lumens when you insert the battery. I will plug in the charging dock and try the wireless charging feature WT01 is the first light in the world to feature wireless charging. Charger with flashlight This is a wireless charging dock Works very well. Even without having to put the flashlight in the charging dock, the wireless charging feature is working. The indicator light will turn red while charging. The indicator light is pretty, can you see it is very similar in a game? The indicator light will turn green when the battery is full. One great feature is when you take the WT01 Apollo out of the charging dock. The flashlight will automatically turn on at 10 lumens ready for use. Press 1 time to turn off. The user interface of Brinyte WT01 Apollo is very simple. When the flashlight is on, hold for 2-3 seconds to access strobe mode Click to switch to SOS mode Click to return to the original mode. I like the simple UI of Brinyte WT01 Apollo Comes with a box of very high-end design. Brinyte WT01 Apollo is a great gift for loved ones. When fully charged, the indicator light will turn green. There is one very nice feature on the WT01 When your room suddenly power outage rinyte WT01 Apollo will automatically turn on WT01 will turn on at 10 lumens You won’t know when the power goes out When the power goes out, it’s dark. How can you find a flashlight? That’s a really great feature of the Brinyte WT01 Apollo Power outage lights up. I will put the wireless charging dock aside I will talk more about the SST40 led on WT01 flashlight As you can see the SST40 leds on the Astrolux FT03 product have a brightness of up to 2400 lumens WT01 only uses brightness at 1100 lumens it will have an advantage of temperature The longer you use the flashlight will not be hot The room temperature now is 23 degrees. I will turn on the turbo and test. When turbo Brinyte WT01 Apollo increased the temperature not too fast compared to the ambient temperature. You can use the brightness of 1100 lumens almost throughout the operation of the WT01. It is a very cool point Extremely seasoned and rugged. The size of WT01 is quite compact in the palm. Part for hand to create comfortable feeling when turn on If you buy it as a gift, Brinyte WT01 Apollo is a great choice. Especially those who have never used high-end flashlights Leaving WT01 indoors, the light goes out automatically. Then your gift really makes sense. Hopefully through this short sharing you will have a very great option is the Brinyte WT01 flashlight If you have any questions. Please leave a comment, I will answer you. Due to the long clip, the light test I posted in another clip. Thank you for watching. See you in the next clips.

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