#brinyte_wt01_apollo Best Wireless Charging system Brinyte WT01 Apollo Flashlight

#brinyte_wt01_apollo Best Wireless Charging system Brinyte WT01 Apollo Flashlight

Hello everyone! Glad to see you guys by live broadcast, I’m Kitty from Brinyte. Do you know why my English name is Kitty? Because of my Chinese name’s pronunciation “Miao”, sounds like a cat’s cry, right? So my English name Kitty comes^^ Today, I would like to introduce a new friend from Brinyte. Her name is Allison. Welcome! Hello! I am Allison from Brinyte In the future we two will meet with you guys by live broadcast every week. Does anyone know the origin of the name Brinyte? Do you know that, Allison? Yes, of course. Brinyte originates from by bright your night. Yes, Allison’s answer is right. Do you guess that? emmm, Brinyte is a new brand, but our company has a long history. We have 12 years experience of LED flashlight manufacturing Some friends know us well Okay, let’s go for today’s topic. Does anyone know what is about today’s topic? About flashlight? Yes, of course, but which model? which model? PT18 Oathkeeper or WT01 Apollo? Which model? Maybe this one? Yeah, alright.. Today’s topic is about WT01 Apollo. This is a WT01 Apollo’s sales kit. Now let’s have a look about what’s inside of the box. What a box! Just black, simple and cool. Yes Okay, what’s inside? One card User manual One flashlight One 18650 sleeve Several Orings an adapter, this is an European adapter, but we have different types because of the different countries standard One car charger One 26650 battery One 360 degree rotating holster. What is inside? One USB cable The last one, cradle. Okay, now let me have a brief introduction about this flashlight. The WT01 Apollo is specially designed for home security search and rescue emergency escape, and outdoor sports This flashlight has a very compact size the same size as my hand or compared with a phone It is very comfortable for holding it This flashlight’s max output can reach 1100 lumens and it’s max runtime can reach 6 days, besides, it’s max beam distance can reach 320 meters If you would like to know more about its technical parameters, please have a look on our website Then let’s have a look about how to operate it Firstly, about battery installation Unscrew the head Put this battery with positive positive contact facing the head tighten it as far as it can go This flashlight can be compatible with one 26650 battery or one 18650 battery. How to use a 18 650 battery. Now let me show you This is a 18650 battery Just put it into the sleeve Then put it into the sleeve tighten the head as far as it can go Okay, now you can see the flashlight is on by default when the battery is inserted correctly If you would like to turn off it, just press the side switch once. It turns off. Then let’s have a look about how to change modes Tap the side switch the modes switch cyclically Turbo High Medium Low and Off if you would like to open the hidden SOS mode or Strobe mode just press and hold, press and hold the side switch for 2 or 3 seconds You can turn on the hidden strobe mode If you would like to the SOS mode, just tap once SOS mode then tap once again The flashlight is back to the standard lighting modes. OK, that’s all. Then it’s Allison’s time Yeah, It’s me. Now, I will show you how to operate this flashlight Before I operate to you, I have one question. Yes, my question is that – do you know the special design of this flashlight? Okay Let me tell you, as we can see that the special design of the flashlight is this one Yes it is the wireless charging system and This a part of this one, it has another special design is intelligent recognition control. Okay, I will show you how to charge it. Okay one cable one adapter yes and one cradle. Okay. Now we can connect them. and also this one connect it. Then plug this into the socket Okay And now we put a flashlight into the cradle, just like this, we can see that the indicator in this side switch is lighting , yes, Okay, and when charging it fully, this lighting will turn into green. Okay, and It’s very convenient that we don’t need to remove the battery. Yes This very very cool, yeah, okay and then let me show you why we say its Special design is the intelligent recognition control. Okay, let me show you. When it is power outage. Just like this I put it out. Yes it has no power then we can see the flashlight turns on automatically. Yes So we can tap it to turn it off. okay Besides this, we have another situation.I will show you. We put it into the cradle again and plug into the socket. When I remove the flashlight from the cradle, just like this We can see the flashlight turns on automatically. -Amazing. Yes yes Turn on automatically again, okay So this time we can also tap it to turn it off Okay. It’s very very Cool. Yes Yes is very beautiful, wonderful. yeah okay today our live broadcast is over, we will see you next time, if you have any comment, please PLEASE leave it under the live broadcast Okay? Brinyte say goodbye now.See you guys next time!

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  1. Thanks for Brinyte. I have a great flashlight from you.

  2. Wow, what an amazing flashlight!

  3. Parabéns meninas um abraço

  4. Ciao girls…as presenters you are both magnificent!!!, you are two beautiful girls and you look good !!!, both, you can read the news broadcast on Chinese national television programs !!!. anyway, i'm not kidding anymore !!!, Both you did a very good presentation of the magnificent torch Brinyte WT01 Apollo … congratulations for both, you are both really brilliant!!! ..

  5. Good job Kitty and Allison ^^
    Keep 'em coming!

  6. You ladies are awesome!!!! You make great products. So excited for you.

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  8. The two girls are so beautiful, the explanations are very interesting, and the wireless rechargeable security flashlight is also very easy to use.

  9. Love to try that Awesome Brinyte Apollo nicely done Ladies may be next time the camera should be a little closer so that we can hear and see the product clearly out of the box and also your beautiful faces…

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