Bruce Buhler Demos Lighting the SilverSmith Torch

Bruce Buhler Demos Lighting the SilverSmith Torch

now what I’d like to show is our air/fuel torch our silversmith torch this torch is designed just to work with the settle and only and it actually gets the oxygen for the flame from the atmosphere instead of a pressurized oxygen tank it’s obviously not as pure an oxygen tank will give us almost pure oxygen atmospheric oxygen which is drawn into to give us combustion in these tips is actually drawn through the base of the tip itself it’s pulled in it’s siphoned in as the gas flows from the torch and then through the tip itself and so that’s where we get our oxygen it’s actually from the air so this only requires one tank and a settling tank one regulator one hose and again does not require a flashback arrestor or check valve because we do not have the oxygen component with this now what we do there are there are different size tips I’m going to start out with the smallest tip this is our size double-aught there are six different sizes from double-lock up to our number four tip and what I want to do is show you the smallest and the largest tip now pressures for this torch should be set at a between 12 and 14 psi on the regulator on the outlet side of the regulator for all the tips all the air/fuel tips run at the same pressure so we’re going to be in that we want to be in that range of 12 to 14 psi what I’m going to do now is this is it isn’t necessary to purge this because it’s only one gas and so but I’m going to use the alcohol lamp just to light this you slightly open it up and we turn that on and you can see there’s a bushier flame a little bit larger this is the smallest tip it’s a double odd and this torch will work very well for a lot of different soldering applications it has some limitations compared to the little torch it does not have a small or focused heat it’s a little heavier too little bulkier but it is sufficient for doing a number of of soldering brazing application operations for the jewelry business and what we’ll do now – to shut this off is very simply just turn the valve and turn it off now these are designed to run full on or or off I mean you have to turn it completely on to run it you shouldn’t run it try to to reduce the flame with these they’re designed to run full-on if not the flame will recede in the tip and it will overheat that tip wear it out much quicker so I’ll just go ahead and extinguish this by turning the flame off the fuel off now I’m going to show you the largest tip and of course as I mentioned there’s six different tips for this this is the size four it’s a much larger flame higher BTU output the flame temperature is substantially less with this torch than it is with the little torch but you’ll see this is a very large flame can be used for some casting for silver casting some people do use it for that to a certain amount but again we open this up and we open it full-on and turn it up all the way at that 12 to 14 psi so that’s a relatively large bushy flame so if we want to go to a smaller flame you just simply have to go to a smaller tip and the double lot being the smallest that would be the smallest tip flame obtainable with with this torch so to extinguish we’re just going to simply turn this off now you’ll notice that there is a flash at the base of this tip and I’m gonna relight this torch and we’ll focus on it just so you can see that so I’m going to light it again and I want you to look here and notice what happens when I shut this off the bigger tips are going to flash out those holes because what it’s doing when I do is watch and see what happens it’s burning the residual gas left in the tube itself nothing to be alarmed about it’s normal the bigger the tip the larger that flash might be it’s nothing to be alarmed about it’s normal for this torch and that’s our Smith silversmith torch and just want to illustrate the variation in the flames and there are different sizes certainly in between the double I and four

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  1. can you use this torch with a propane tank only as well?

  2. This torch is currently goin for arounf $205. not $2000.00. Check it out at
    Mark N Tech

  3. At 3:30, is that ash being generated by the flame of that #4 tip? If that is true, is there anyway to prevent that or is it just going to happen that way?

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