Bushnell Pro 1300 USB Rechargeable Flashlight

welcome to adventure sport today’s review the bushnell pro 1300 lumen flashlight what first attracted me to this light was how aggressive it looks the head has a narrow set of fins around it as well as a wide set of flutes that runs the link to the head the body also incorporates this fetching design both the head and tail cap or regulated the overall look of it reminds me of like an ancient hour from Lord of the Rings or something while I was shopping for Maglites at walmart this intriguing design caught my eye now I know walmart isn’t typically the place one expects to find a quality brand name flashlight at least I don’t the key selling point for me was when I look down the barrel to find this cree xhp 70 LED or so I thought at the moment later looking also at the lens was my first clue that it may not be an XHP70 it’s a dome-shaped lens that works like a magnifying glass and large in the image seen I was also able to eliminate the Xhp50 as a candidate based on the rougher more gel-like Dome of the 50 based on the set of markings around the perimeter of the emitter i suspect that it’s actually a Kree mkr the precursor to the Xhp50 no matter tho upon testing the bushnell pro was well able to achieve its factory rated 1300 lumens I got fourteen hundred and twenty it turn on and it held strong at 1317 at 30-second mark this was all at the see your breath cold temperatures of my shop in December when batteries don’t perform quite as well the light comes with two lithium ion batteries installed as well as the USB and wall charger the batteries are sealed inside the body which means they’re nice and safe where no one can mess with them but it also means that when the batteries are done so as your flashlight since batteries tend to wear out faster than leds this is a con for me to switch boots nice and large and switch feels easy to access and it does have a mechanical lock out to prevent accidental turn on there is knurling on both the head and the body the tall ridges left on the body from the grooving feel a tad bit sharp to me that would be ideal for a situation where you needed to grip the light with heavy work gloves the user interface is a high-low fast strobe which defaults to high when turned off bushnell pro 1300 has a beam distance of a hundred ninety four meters the beam from the orange peel reflector and dome-shaped lens is decent but not perfect on a white wall it’s a little bit square and the dark cross from for diameter is visible once outside this was hardly noticeable though if you have a bushnell flashlight of your own please let us know what you think of it if you’ve enjoyed this video please be sure to like share and subscribe thanks for watching

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