Can These Former BFFs Recover From The Ultimate Betrayal? | MTV’s Ghosted

Can These Former BFFs Recover From The Ultimate Betrayal? | MTV’s Ghosted

(intense violin music) – [Producer] Hey guys. Delmond is here. (dramatic music intensifies) – [Narrator] On this episode of “Ghosted: Love Gone Missing,” Travis and Rachel are helping
Julia figure out why her long-time best friend, Delmond, cut her out of his life with no warning. – [Travis] Have you guys known each other since you were kids? – Yeah, I’ve known him since I was three. He was five. So, we’re a couple of years apart. – [Rachel] You would say
he’s your oldest friend? – Oh yeah. His mom used to babysit me. So, we grew up and did
everything together. I don’t get along with my mom. I don’t get along with my sister. He’s the only family I
have at the end of the day. We’d go on vacations,
we go to our cottages and we did girl things
even before he came out. I was the first he came out to. He’s been like my sister
and everything, so. – [Narrator] All that changed though on a typically celebratory anniversary. – When was the date of the ghosting? – The date of the ghosting was around November eighth last year. Every year, we decided to
go out on his anniversary of him coming out November eighth, 2014. So that way, you know, we could just have a great time and enjoy. – To celebrate.
– Yeah. But, I was going through
a lot with my family. So, I wasn’t able to make
the anniversary party. And, um, I think that’s what really took a toll on our friendship. He stopped talking to me after that. You know that night at
the anniversary party, he was posting things
on Snapchat and Facebook and when I had seen the
Snapchat shortly after, Delmond, he blocked me on there! So, on Face– – He saw that you watched his– – Yes.
– Story– – [Rachel] Yes. – And then, he immediately blocked you? – Immediately, yeah. So then, on Facebook, I
don’t think he noticed that we were still friends on
there and he posted a video on there saying he was
with his real friends. Whatever. And I actually have the video
if you guys wanna see it. – Sounds like a pretty
passive-aggressive post. – I’m here with my real
friends celebrating me. (everyone cheering) – [Narrator] And now that
she’s six months pregnant, Julia is desperate to find
out what exactly happened. – I posted about it. – [Travis] So, there’s a
very, you know, big chance that he saw the post. – Right, and he hasn’t–
– And he knows. – Reacted. He hasn’t called, texted,
liked the picture. Nothing. And, you know, that’s just odd. How can you go knowing
someone your whole life and say that you have a nephew on the way and you just don’t care? – [Narrator] Julia has one other theory for Del’s disappearance. – It could be because
obviously I was spending a lot of time with my ex-boyfriend, Devin. So, maybe Delmond was jealous that I was spending more time with him. – Why did y’all break up? – Uh, we broke up because Devin was not the normal boyfriend. He was being very manipulative,
he was invading my privacy, he was just–
– He was an asshole. – Yeah. We broke up right before
the anniversary party. – How did Devin and Del
interact with each other? – I mean, they were, it
seemed like Del, you know, kind of just put up with him. – [Narrator] Equipped
with the info from Julia, Travis and Rachel dive
into Del’s social media and find a very unexpected comment. (loud gasp) – Wait, what’s Devin’s last name? (bleep) Is it? – [Travis] Yeah, I
wrote down in the phone. Devin (bleep). You know you can always talk to me, Del. – Can we just pause on the
fact that Devin is commenting on Del’s profile–
– Yeah. – And according to Julia, they just kind of tolerated each other. – [Narrator] After tracking Devin down, things get real fast. – [Rachel] Well, you kinda
understand the gist of things. Julia reached out to us. We’ve just been talking to people trying to figure out what’s up. – [Devin] Okay. – Did you guys ever hang
out with her friends? – Yeah. – How much time did you
spend with all of them? – I mean, I wouldn’t say
a good amount of time. – Why did y’all break up? – Just, like, honestly, I don’t know. – You don’t know?
– No. – You didn’t ask ques,
well, let me back up. Did you not care that you guys broke up? – I mean, I did care because, like, I was fragile at that moment. So, she hurt me. When we did part ways,
like, I was left homeless, like, struggling for a job, like, workin’ side jobs here and there. – Well, what about Del? – It was hard for me. So, like, her best friend was Del. I talked to Del. We ended up growing a friendship. – Really?
– Yeah. – Okay, that’s surprising to
us because Julia made it seem like you and Del weren’t close. – I mean, it is what it is. – The reason why we’re
asking all these questions, we were on his social media. He recently posted something about not having anyone to talk to. We know there’s a comment that you wrote. – [Rachel] Yeah. – And you said, “I’ll always
be here for you, Del.” – And that’s just– – Yeah, because he had my back. When Julia left me high
and dry and (bleep) me over in the time you need the
most, that’s what happened. Del was there for me. She wasn’t. – Let me ask you this. Are you surprised that
Del has ghosted Julia? – No. This is something I’ve
known was gonna happen. – Why?
– Because she used me. So, what I did is, like, I talked to Del. I told him what Julia said. I told him the lies and all
the (bleep) Julia was talkin’. Julia wouldn’t talk to him
face to face and say (bleep). But, guess what? She was telling me (bleep). – What was some of the (bleep)
that Julia was talking? – I mean, it’s not my place to say. – She was talking (bleep) about Del. – Yeah. – So, Julia was talking (bleep) about Del and you decided to tell
him to get back at Julia? – Yeah! They’re all two-faces. Like, he always posted on social
media about being yourself. But in all reality, he’s not. The plastic surgery, like, everything! Come on. – So you think Del’s a hypocrite as well? – [Devin] Yeah. – Do you take pride or any
responsibility in the fact that Del ghosted Julia? – Revenge is sweet. – (sighs) Oh man. – Karma’s also a bitch. – Like I said, she used me
and she basically left me in the time of need when I
needed somebody the most. Revenge is sweet–
– Remember when we– – Karma’s a bitch! – Karma is a bitch! – (Bleep) happens. – [Narrator] After learning
that Travis and Rachel met up with Devin, Delmond
quickly hits them up and agrees to meet them. (door squeaks) – Hi, Del! Can we call you Del?
– Absolutely. You guys can come in. – How are you?
– All right. – Nice to meet you.
– Okay. – Did you guys said you talked to Devin? – So we–
– Yeah. – We literally just left Devin. – Okay, what did he say to you? – I don’t like him. Let me just start there. – I don’t either. – Okay, so, that’s news to us. – Okay, yeah. – So, we brought up Julia. He had a crazy reaction. He essentially admitted
to telling you things that Julia said. – What exactly did he tell you guys? – He talked (bleep) about
Julia and the things that she confided to him in private. But, he’s very outspoken
about, you know, how he doesn’t like what you put out on social media. He’s accused you of getting surgery and all these crazy things. – He didn’t mention anything else? – [Both] No. – He just kept saying “revenge is sweet.” He said that over and over again. And he was referring
to whatever he told you and how it broke up the relationship that you had with Julia. Can I ask you this? You would consider Julia family, right? And your closest friend before
whatever went down went down? Do you feel like whatever it is that Julia has the right to know from everything that you’ve been through? – I can’t, I can’t do this. I can’t do this. – I will tell you this though. 15 year plus friendship,
like, you work through that and you get past that. Y’all were family. And I’ll be honest with you. She has been miserable for
these last seven months. – Do you know that she’s pregnant? – [Both] You do know. – She said her baby needs
to meet his godfather. – There is a bit more, but
I don’t know if I can, like, really talk about it. – Look, you don’t need to tell us. What we will ask is that you
find it somewhere in your heart to sit down with her tomorrow. We’re gonna be there. You’re not gonna be alone. – I’ll talk to her. – I think you’re making a
step in the right direction. – [Narrator] Okay, so since Del is in, it’s time for these two former
friends to come face to face. – (voice breaking) I just
don’t know what to say. I miss you so much! I love you so much! I’m so sorry for not going
to your anniversary party! I was going through so much
and you don’t understand how hard it was to go through
what I was going through with my mom and the breakup. – (whispers) She’s so heartbroken. – I’m six months pregnant, Del. I don’t know if you
knew, but your nephew’s gonna be here in three months! I’ve been doing it all alone! I need to know what I did so wrong. Was it because I was spending
more time with Devin? Was it because he was talking about me? Was it because I didn’t go
to your anniversary party? What did I do? Why did you ghost me? – I did know that you were pregnant. I just couldn’t face you. It’s been so long. – (voice breaking) How
can you do that to me? (sobbing) – I was upset that you
missed my anniversary party. – (whispering) That’s not it. That’s not it. That’s not it. – Devin reached out to me. He told me all of these horrible things that you supposedly said about me. He told me the reason you
didn’t come to my party was because I’m a terrible friend. He talked about plastic surgery and just all these nasty things. And it really hurt my
feelings because you know how much that hurts me. You know how many times a
day I get that from people? People call me fake
or, or, superficial or. Did you say those things about me? – I never said anything
about you to him, Del. (voice breaking) Like, why
would I do that to you? – I guess I didn’t know where to stand because you didn’t come to my party. So, I wasn’t sure if you were mad at me. We weren’t really talking. I should have been a better friend. – (sobbing) I would
never talk bad about you. You’ve been my best friend forever. You were never a bad friend. – That’s not true. I was a bad friend. The reason I ghosted you,
after your breakup with Devin, we had sex and we were
together for two months. (crying softly) He reached out to me. I guess I was a shoulder to
cry on and he seduced me. (crying softly) – (voice breaking) I’m so
disgusted with you right now. There’s so many men in this
world and you choose one piece of (bleep) over me! I’ve been in your life how long?! – Julia, I. (sobbing loudly) – Julia, you. (Julia sobbing loudly) – I was just stupid. I was stupid, Julia. I’m sorry. I. – I (bleep) don’t care about him. It’s the fact how could you do that? You stopped talking to me over that. I thought I ruined our
friendship and it wasn’t me! – You know how manipulative he is. But I (bleep) hate him. Honestly, I wouldn’t blame
you if you didn’t forgive me ’cause I don’t know if
I can forgive myself. (voice breaking) You did
not deserve that, Julia, and I wanna be in Memphis’s life. – You’ve seen the post. (Julia crying) – Every single day, Julia, I regret that and that’s something I can’t take back. – I don’t know what to say. I have to think about what I wanna do. – [Narrator] And with that bombshell, these two now have to decide
whether they’re going to make up or ghost each other for good. – Before you send your final
text, you have a chance to get your last words out
if there’s anything else that you wanna say. – I don’t know if I can ever
look at you the same way again. I don’t know if I forgive
you because of the fact that 16 years was worth giving
up for someone so temporary. What you did was wrong and I can’t have that happen to me again. – I just wanna let you know
that I fully take responsibility for what I’ve done. It was not okay and I
just want you to know that I do love you and I
apologize for all of this. I was wrong. – [Rachel] Please send a final text now. (loud typing) (phones ding) – [Travis] Del, what did you decide? – I decided to make up. I honestly (bleep) up. I don’t deserve you. I really don’t. And I’m gonna do everything in my power to make it up to you. I’m gonna try to gain your trust back. – [Rachel] Okay, Julia. What did you decide? – I decided to make up. We have so much history and
I won’t allow another person to come between us. You’re like blood to me. I forgive you. I won’t forget what you did. But, I’ll always love you and you will always be a part of my life. You’ll always be a part of my heart. – I missed you.
– I missed you too. – [Rachel And Travis] Aww. – [Julia] It’s so nice to see you. – [Narrator] Now that
some time has passed, it’s time to find out
if things are still cool between Julia and Del. – Hi! – Oh!
– Oh, you guys are together! – How are you guys?
– Hey guys! – [Travis] What’s goin’ on?! – [Both] Well. (Rachel laughing) – We’re happy and we made up. I’m thankful for you guys
bringing my best friend back. – Oh my God. – Now, my son has his godfather. (everyone laughing) – [Both] Oh! – Just to address the
elephant in the room, have you guys spoke to Devin? You guys been in contact or is he cut? Is he canceled? – No!
– Absolutely not! – No, he’s blocked. – From everything.
– Bad block. – Good!
– He’s been blocked. – Good! – [Rachel] I’m glad we can
bring you guys back together! – [Both] Bye! – [Del] Bye! – Aw, that’s why we do this!
– I know.

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