Can We Get On WikiFeet?

Can We Get On WikiFeet?

( upbeat music plays )Welcome back
to the show! You… are my
favorite human. Now, remember, if you want
to get the full GMM experience every single day,
the entire episode, – this is just a piece…
– You should start at
the top of the show, probably. Yes, right, you want
to see the full thing? – Yeah.
– You’re gonna click on the
video with the green border. – Uh-huh.
– Green means go on GMM. But if you want to learn
all about Lizzie’s feet, ( chuckles ) Well, you’re in
the right place. Here’s the thing,
on GMM, it has become somewhat
of an Easter egg to find all the ways
that Lizzie’s feet show up on camera.
Take a look. A good chef
preps her tools.( music playing )You have open wounds in our shared tub. – It’s not open.
– That’s like… Oh, boy! Oh, doing great. I can understand why someone might be
afraid of toe. Now, all these
appearances have garnered Lizzie
some unusual fame on a site called “WikiFeet,”
which is exactly
what it sounds like, Wikipedia for feet. But it is
a respectful community where users just rate
and comment on people’s feet. – That’s what it’s about.
– Okay? And she has been posted
on there, or her feet have, but she’s not doing great. But luckily our friend
Grace Helbig has the highest rating
possible on the site – Mm-hmm.
– and she has agreed
to help Lizzie, along with Ellie, in her newfound
career path, so let’s check it out. Thank you so much
for being here. Thank you for having me. I’m nervous and excited. We really appreciate
you taking the time to mentor us
on this. I don’t fully understand
the concept of WikiFeet. Basically what we want is to make her feet a star. Five stars,
to be exact. – Five stars.
– Okay. So, just to explain, we’re thinking this could
be a good backup plan to just sort of
live off of my feet. And once we noticed that someone
had made me a WikiFeet page,we figured that’s it,there’s gotta be
money in feet. I’m a very much
foot amateur. – You do have five stars
on WikiFeet.
– Lizzie: Yes. Grace:
Oh, I didn’t know that.
my feet are disgusting. She’s at a paltry
four stars on WikiFeet. That’s not
good enough for us. That’s not good enough
for our future children, our current pets. Yeah. I think there’s
some good ideas here, some aspirational
ideas here. I want to help, and I’m being honest
about that. – Lizzie: Yay! Wow.
– Thank you so much. – That’s great.
– Thank you! To be honest, I don’t think
I can give you decent answers until I see the materials
that we’re working with. – Oh, God, yes, of course.
– Oh, not a problem. – Let me just…
– Okay. – ( groans )
– Yeah. We can eat those later.
( groans ) – Do you guys eat off of this?
– Yeah, for sure. – All right.
– Here they are. – Wow.
– There’s a little hair
on this one, – but I swear it’s not mine.
– Ah! Ah! They’re real clammy
all the time. I don’t think
I’ve ever heard anyone describe
their feet as “clammy.” Yup, that’s a clammy foot. You are moist. I’m not a prime role model
of this ’cause I have
dirty, dirty feet, but my assumption is that
the people that utilize WikiFeet are looking
for clean feet. Honestly,
it’s really good. I think we just need
to buff you up. Excuse me, what? – Oh.
– Lizzie: Ew! It’s an actual
tiny cheese grater. – Lizzie: It’s a cheese grater!
– Oh, no! My feet are so sweaty and
they’re just getting sweatier. – How does that feel?
– It’s like a giant cat
is licking my foot, is what it feels like. I don’t think I’m pushing
down hard enough. All right,
try and scrape it off. – What are you doing?
– It’s got a callus
on your little baby toe. It’s about the details. Grace said
it’s about the details. All right, fine. Don’t like that one.
Don’t like that one. You can hear it. ( scraping ) They’re looking great. – Thank you.
– They’re stars in the making, Your feet are sweaty,
but they look ten years younger. Lizzie:
We were looking at
what other people – who like me also liked.
– Mm-hmm. And they liked Katy Perry
and Kristen Bell’s feet. That’s tough.
You’re gonna have to think outside the box
to keep up with these ladies. What do they say
about competition? – If you can’t beat them,
join them?
– Murder them. I was gonna say, if you can’t
beat ’em, join ’em, – Oh, join them, yes.
– but I guess we could do that. That’s a different phrase,
yeah. If you can’t beat ’em,
become them ’cause I’ve already thought
about this and I have a plan. I’m still more
into the killing. Oh, hi. We’re gonna turn your feet
into Anna from “Frozen” and Katy Perry from the
“California Girls” music video. You have tiny wigs that
are molded to my toes? Yes. Do you ever use this space
as a kitchen? Oh, my God! These are… very specific outfits. Oh, yeah. Please flare out
that skirt a little bit. – Oh, yes.
– Ellie: What do you
think about that? Grace:
Oh, look, your foot’s
getting a corset. How did you
measure them so well? – You take a lot of naps
in the writers’ room.
– That’s not true. – Ellie: I hope I got
the mold right.
– These teeny… tiny little wigs. Why did they look
so accurate? – This is weirdly so cute.
– What? Oh, my God,
you’re so wet. That’ll do.
She’s beautiful. – Ellie: Oh, yeah!
– Lizzie: Oh, wow, – that looks…
– Ellie: ♪ Do you want
to build a snowman? ♪ Yeah.
Or she’s screaming. – Would you trust me…
– No. …if I told you
I had another idea? – Mentor?
– Yes! Ellie:
Welcome to the Photo Fantasy Foot… room. – Wow.
– Okay. – Yup.
– Well, what do you
want me to do? – Sit on this?
– Absolutely not. You’re gonna pop
your butt down there and you’re gonna
throw ’em up like I’m
your gynecologist. – ( sighs )
– Grace: Oops. Oh, wow,
they’re so beautiful. Yeah, just really jam
that on my toe there. ‘Member, intention. – I want five stars on WikiFeet.
– Grace: Okay. – Wow!
– Is this really my view
while you do this? This is the stance?
Okay. Lizzie:
Are you kidding me? I mean,
she’s an artist and has her own
creative process so I think
we should respect that. Your feet are looking great.
They look a little tense. You’re gonna need
to loosen up your feet.
Start moving them around. Grace:
Have you ever watched
“America’s Next Top Model”? – Lizzie: Oh, “smize,”
all right, all right.
– Ellie: Yes! – Grace: Smize.
– Ellie: Smize with your feet. Grace:
Smize with your big toes.Whoa, whoa.These girls look like they’re in their own
music videos right now. This is the spot! –Make them dance!
– Grace:Oh, look at these!– They’re dancing
– Look at these two icons just casually
hanging out. I have a third idea. Do you think you could
blow on them? Oh, like a wind machine.
Uh-huh. – It’s perfect.
– Oh, they do look like
two Beyoncés in training. Ellie:
Yeah. – Oh, yeah.
– Grace: Mm-hmm. Lizzie:
Yeah, they’re dancing. Whoa.They’re having a time.– Lizzie: Really?
– Yeah. – Am I about to have
a foot career?
– Ellie: You’re gonna be a star. – How many photos did you take?
– Over 200. And you’re gonna upload
all of them? Well, I’m gonna create
a catfish account,like a fake account.Grace:
Ooh, all right.
Like how the Russians buy bots.
Thank you. And thank you. Women supporting women. – Yeah!
– Yes, exactly! – 2017. Girl love.
– Glad to be here. I love you.
But I mostly love you. Wow, okay, maybe we calm down
on the girl love a little bit. ( laughter ) – Oh.
– What? I don’t– I don’t know if you
have a blossoming career or if Ellie
has one as like… As a foot photographer? – As my shady foot manager?
– …as a foot photographer. Yeah, it’s like,
with her positioning – for the photography.
– Yeah, it requires some compromising
placement. Well, listen,
you know what? – We should thank Grace
for being a part of that.
– Yeah, thank you, Grace. That was a little– that was stretching
for all of us. Yeah, she was lovely. You know what?
But I have a lot of confidence that the people of WikiFeet
got what they wanted. Well, but now–
how does it work? They’ve got to watch it and they gotta
star it at five, right? – Yeah, I mean,
– Star it five. hopefully they’ll watch it,
and take screenshots, and then put them up
on WikiFeet, and then
give me five stars. – Well…
– Right. speak directly
to them, Lizzie. – They’re watching.
– Please. The key to you
breaking out and getting
those five stars, and becoming
the next foot model… – This may work
against our interest.
– America’s next top foot model. – Okay.
– You know? But, okay, if this is your dream,
go for it. – Talk to them.
– Do you have any tips? – Just be authentic.
– All right. – And be personal.
– Okay. This is the internet,
be authentic. – Okay.
– Be real. –( music playing )
– Greetings, foot lover. I notice that
you like my feet or that you’ve
at least seen them. And I would just like to ask you
to rate them five stars ’cause I have five toes, and that should count
for something. Also, my cats eat really
expensive grain-free food,and I would love if I could
pay for their food
exclusively through my feet.Um…– That’s really it.
– ( Rhett laughs ) They’re wet all the time, but that could be a bonus. “So go on over… go on over there,
the link is the–” – We’ll put the link in the–
– Okay. Really? All right. – Yes, we will.
– So… so head on over there
to the link that’s
in the description and, you know,
rate my feet five stars. “Because… I’m asking.” I’m asking, too. – Yeah, they’re all asking.
– We’re all asking. – Yeah.
– But– so do that… – Make her dreams come true.
– I have a lot confidence
this is gonna work. – Secure her future.
– Yeah. No trolling over there,
five stars only. – Five stars.
– She deserves it. And, of course,
after you click on WikiFeet and five stars,
click on the next video ’cause we ’bout
to sing Tay Tay a completely original
Happy Birthday song. Hmm. I can’t wait
to see what happens. Rhett:
Santa’s not the only one
with a list.
We’ve got a monthly
mailing list.
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