Candles Direct | Yankee Candle – Cinnamon Stick

Candles Direct | Yankee Candle – Cinnamon Stick

Thank you so much for joining me
from for a festive review for Yankee Candles
UK and it doesn’t get any more festival or any more Christmasy than Cinnamon Stick which the fragrance
I’m burning at the moment and if you’ve seen some of my other videos by on their YouTube channel etc you may have realised or seen that I am a big, big food & Spice fan, these are the fragrance that I tend to be more drawing to so its probably understandable that I absolutely adore cinnamon stick I’m that i think is really one that
everyone can appreciate I know a lot people have said in the past
they haven’t gone for this one, they’ve smelt it
cold and it’s just been too overpowering for them
it’s just been to cinnamonny for them and thats that’s true cold but when it’s burning is more rounded out you know it but there is more depth to it than it just being a cinnamon fragrance and for me I’d happily burn it all throughout the year anytime VA and my living room and kitchen hallway
anywhere really around the house because I do love my cinnamon a lot people on so keen on that the spice fragrances fragrances might find this more suited
as a kitchen fragrance I’m to be there might as well of course with yankee there’s great opportunity for mixology, so if you like the idea of playing at bringing in a bit of cinnamon for Christmas
but don’t want to commit to a full on cinnamon fragrance this would be lovely burnt alongside your vanilla fragrances or perhaps marry marshmallow to help add that chrismassy feel Many thanks for reviewing and I hop to bring you another festive review soon Bye

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  1. Great review! I have smelt it cold and for me it's a bit over powering. I might buy a tart instead.

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