Candles Direct | Yankee Candles – Red Apple Wreath

Candles Direct | Yankee Candles – Red Apple Wreath

Hi my name is Michael and thank you for
joining me for another festive round-up for Today
I’m burning for you and red apple wreath described by Yankee as a christmas homecoming of sweet apple and cinnamon maple and owner must say does make the morn Brady upcoming to come three don’t take
them when you when you panic cold am and is a bit perhaps over I’m with
the cinnamon but once you’ve got this one banning no
meat to worry about back you don’t like like he’s in a min you
can detect it that just smells like nice born abate apple pie and absolutely delicious for me am I would ban this palm all through the year I’m I know people
have perhaps connotations it’s an Ambien Christmas 92 degree but I say it’s just
that Beijing’s now an apple pie that release makes it
delicious and IP Act bans when in the living room I’m a lot people perhaps would find it
more bad kitchen fragrance that like say I P spend this all year round
but think this at the end lucky one to have in the hallway yes at
guess it come in over for Christmas the festivities to nice
warm homey feeling I’m prepare them for that Christmas
that’s coming up

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  1. Just bought this in pillar version and a large jar in cinnamon sticks, absolutely in love with both!

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