Canonical Link Element

Canonical Link Element

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  1. Web evolution? Hmm…
    First of all, stop using Arial right NOW.

  2. Great new feature, thx. I've stuck to best practices to eliminate most duplicate content issues, but referrer tags have been an ongoing issue on at least 2 sites where I've done some SEO work. Great to have this tool to finally deal with that.

    As to the video itself, please lose the subtitles, or at least make them way smaller. Matt speaks very clearly and at a good pace, so the text really isn't needed, and just gets in the way.

  3. Great advice from Mr cutts will discuss this in our next development meeting!!

  4. Darwin belongs in the monkey cage with Galt, where they perpetually evolve into genocidal Eugenists. [Lose the Darwin.] What does "dub – dub – dub" mean?… Otherwise, great info.

  5. Thanks for the video, this really shed some light on the canonical thing

  6. Freekzero, I disagree about the subtitles. Whether if the subject of this video SPEAKS clearly enough or not, there are millions of Deaf viewers who don't have the same convenience of listening to audio instructions like you do.

    I understand you take it for granted but please realize that the subtitles are of utmost importance for a large enough number of us to actual warrant such a easy-to-implement feature, that doesn't "get in our way".

    I thank Matt Cutts for subtitling this video; equally.

  7. matt is a great speaker

  8. Didn't realize the subtitles could be turned off. Seems they came up by default earlier, but not they don't. Thanks for that.

    DeafTuber, you got me wrong. I got nothing against providing the option of subtitles at all, just don't think they should be intrusive and mandatory as these were earlier. I actually consider screen readers in every site I build, and volunteer web services to a disabled sports group (which includes some deaf users), so I am decidedly more sensitive to the issue than most

  9. Matt, this a very good explanation to all of us. Thanks!

  10. How does google treat links tagged with the Google URL Builder???? Are these considered unique links with duplicate content?

  11. Much respect to the cleaning crew

    12:28 / 20:28

  12. Great video, very useful and well explained for users at all levels. Was interesting enough to watch the entire 20 minute video! Great Job! Sincerely, Jamie Dolan

  13. absolutely fabulous tutorial. it solves all canonical problems in ten minutes

  14. why is that not all videos have that CC button . For example i'm trying to watch a russian video and I want it translated but the video doesn't have the button . Would you please tell me what to do ?

  15. If I have a canonical tag with the same content but pointing to a url with different key words but the old url ranks better then the new canonical url, can that happen? I could have 10 old urls pointing to 1 canonical url & 1 of the old urls ranks better, this sound very black hat though. Is it?

    I want to leave the old urls because they might change with my site, but I don't want to break links that I ahve promoted, I don't want to be penalized for this I hope only canonical url is used?

  16. <3 Matt Cutts videos

  17. @freekzero I like the text.

  18. why does Google not make a tool to check your site if it is ok with the TOS and point out possible problems and give possibility to fix it, before you get an abrupt BAN of SERPS

  19. Great suggestions. The main reason I'd be interested in it is for "Printer-Friendly" version of pages, or "Handheld Friendly" versions, that posses the same content with different structure and style. CSS provides a way for styling media="handheld," but it's not widely supported across devices and completely ignored by browsers, just like media="print."

  20. Also… Lots of websites have pdf versions of their files. How could we do the canonical version of that? There are two thoughts: 1) Google probably ought to give preference to a non-pdf file that has largely the same content as a pdf version, 2) It's possible to display a pdf file as an embedded plugin, but still — it usually shows the direct link to the file within the source, which may get tracked instead.

  21. Yeah I'll be at SES NY and the SEO haters run rampant,? just focus on the positive folks!

  22. 30000 products …. 301 redirects for every variation is amazingly stupid…. considering all the possibilities and url rewrites ….. good luck

  23. I don't like absoluet URLs, I have a base link tag (or what ever) and many relatives URLs. Google sees the base URL and concatenate it with the relative URL, doesn't it?

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  26. bottom-line.. don't shot yourself in the foot!!

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  28. Hey Matt,
    Glad you shaved off the facial hair.

  29. Wow, Matt is an awesome crystal-clear-spoken lecturer. Thank you so much for explaining it very detailed.

  30. An ibm sticker. No school like the old school

  31. remember when you wrote this 4 years ago?

  32. I do. Your point?

  33. Time is running out

  34. It is mindblowing watching this video right now (considering its already 2013).

    Seems that Matt still has the same diplomatic way of answering. Cheers!

  35. Always learn great stuff about SEO from Matt.

  36. GREEEEAT video, Matt!

    But I've got a question: you mention (around min 4:30) that on webmaster tools we can choose between 3w or non-3w versions. I've been looking into it for around 10 minutes now and can't seem to locate where I can actually set that up. Can you help me on this one? o.Ô


  37. Found it! Nevermind.
    Sorry! *-*

  38. Ive created a automated canonical rel, when everything is fine i want to display a messege, Automated canonical by such and such, dus resulting in 404, does this affect the indexing and ranking?…Does anybody know?

  39. I will point to a empty canonical for now, i hope i can display my messege in the future.

  40. In writing canonical code <link rel=”canonical” href=”” /> will there be an effect in SEO if we put it this way <link rel=”canonical” href=”” /> without the http and the www or is should be written with htto and www. Hoping for your response

  41. Duplicate content is an old tactic and thanks for google updates. I beleive they are not using it anymore. But canonical tag is good for the websites who are publishing same content under different listing pages.

  42. Thanks, this was really helpful!

  43. Is this information still relevant to the current Google algorithm and search theory?

  44. How do i get a hyperlink to preview itself on social media like Facebook?
    It seems like people do this so easily. Ive used the developer share debugger and its a bit confusing.

    Also, how do people turn a cdn link into a normal hyperlink.

    Ive seen example: x.cdn.x1/images#(x)"image"
    or without the id # sign

    Is it because the browser will simply open the image?

    Trying to figure out how to send image thru cdn because i see so many people do it on social media, because it ads a layer of urlsec.

  45. Why did Google suggest this to me?

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