Carbon Fiber & Pallet Wood Roof Rack Customization – Wind Deflector & End Caps

Carbon Fiber & Pallet Wood Roof Rack Customization – Wind Deflector & End Caps

remember this stuff? I saved a few of these
sheets from when I made those coasters editing Jackman add a coaster in there in post anyway so here is the plan replacing the ugly black
plastic wind deflector on my roof rack with this now don’t forget to thoroughly mix mix mix
mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix and scrape so we’ve got the wind deflector here cut
out to look just like the original and next I’m going to inlay that piece of
carbon fiber that I just created so I went ahead and cut out this trapezoidal
test piece on my x-carve to follow with the lines of the pallet wood diamonds
now this test piece of plywood was to check the size and the angles to make
sure that all matched up but I also did some depth tests here to determine what
was the perfect depth for the pocket so once I inlay the carbon fiber it’ll be
perfectly flush with the top of the wood surface so the next step here is cutting
out the carbon fiber trapezoid on the x-carve the trapezoid is drawn up here
in easel with some blocks that are at a zero inch depth so it just means it
won’t cut on those lines that don’t need to be cut and then this one here we got
in the wood that’s a fill cut versus an outline cut like this one let’s go hey guys thanks for watching and thanks
to total boat for making this video possible
TotalBoat really save the day on this one this project is covered in held
together injected with Totalboat’s epoxies adhesives and finishes and not
to be outdone by my X-Carve CNC which cut wood epoxy carbon fiber and Corian
for this project now I recommend total boat for all of your epoxy finish and
adhesive needs all the products that I used are linked down below
and with the code Jackmanyou get 20% off all those products plus everything
else at and if you don’t follow along with my Instagram feed at
Jackman_works #alwaysbeplugging I very reluctantly
replaced the Honda Element recently and the new car is great but it just lacks
in the character that the Element always seemed to exude now this project was
inspired by the diamond pattern pallet wood coasters that I made about a year
ago so if you haven’t seen that video go check that out now and the roof rack and
ladder rack end caps were because well the stock ones just weren’t sexy enough
well that’s it for this one thanks as always and I will see you next time

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  2. I'm sorry, but there wasn't enough pain and suffering in this video Paul. This one just seems way too straight forward and you even had to invent drama with that break ๐Ÿ˜› j/k Great work as usual. Glad to see you are not torturing yourself (pencils) on this project!

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  28. I had to replace my element only because I needed to get three kids in the back. The element was great in every other aspect. Putting a car seat in wasnโ€™t as easy as in a car with regular doors but car seat are a pain in general to put in.

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