Champagne & Candle(샴페인&캔들) – WHAT’S MY NAME [Brand New Music’s Brand New Artist]

Champagne & Candle(샴페인&캔들) – WHAT’S MY NAME [Brand New Music’s Brand New Artist]

Hello, this is Champagne & Candle We’re trying to make music that has two different moods like our names champagne and candle A lot of songs are coming soon, so please check us out And Brand New Music will be releasing a lot of young artists Please support! We’ll try a lot of different things, a lot of fun music So keep your eyes on us And on Brand New we joined too That’s all, this is Champagne & Candle Wrap it up

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  1. Wow! So young and fresh…ㅋㅋㅋ

  2. Why do koreans like leggos so much. I don't understand.

  3. CANDLE! I'm so happy he's finally debuting! It sounds absolutely amazing! ♥

  4. omg.. so cute ><

  5. Candle?! Seriously?!
    Catchy song though

  6. and i thought my name was weird.. lol

  7. Holy wowwww that's one sickk beat m loving it!! 😀 😀 

  8. The beat is nice but their group name sounds like an advertisement for a romantic date or essential items needed for quality alone time.

  9. Brand New Music always has great rappers.

  10. …. Never knew they made candles out of plastic. ba da bing! huehuehue

  11. Candle and Champagne are their names??? That is a total turn-off !!! The song is good though!

  12. Lmfao their names are ridiculous. But the song was pretty good

  13. I want more from them.

  14. loving the song but why champagne and candle though


  16. If anyone is wondering why their names are Champagne & Candle Here's the reason : The duo consists of members Champagne (Son Seung Hwan) and Candle (Lee Kang). Like their name, they’ll be expressing hot music that will range from party music (Champagne) to soft music (Candle). They plan on being the “brand new” artists who make luxury and trendy music.

  17. I like this!! I'll look forward to it!! Go boyss..

  18. I like they're music, really talented despite being so young & they are from BrandNewMusic!! The guy with a fringe looks better without. Love the basic beat in the background! Champagne & Candle hwaiting~ 

  19. Am I the only one who thinks the song is a bit boring upon first listen

  20. Champagne&Candle Fighting!!!
    Wish you both all the best.

  21. Handsome! Love the song it's so unoriginal, but I like it. ^_^

  22. Champagne looks like he could be Zelo's younger brother lol

  23. oooh Candle is so hawt :3 :3

  24. I have fallen for Candle, and im not coming back up

  25. i usually don't check new artists right away, but i thought i would check them out and i have to say i really like the song … looking forward to more 

  26. Is it just me, or do their faces just look TOO perfect, ranging from their skin to their features?

  27. are they old enough to drink champagne??? I love this track, they're clearly talented  but i can't call either one of them champagne or candle with a straight face. 

  28. Candle's smile at 2:53 is really nice^^

  29. i love this duo!!!!

  30. OMG this gave me feels i was not ready for…
    Champagne i know at the end you were probably standing on something you can't hide that XD

  31. For my romantic event can I just have Champagne and Candle. Lolol

  32. :0 omg I love this about to buy this and dance all around my city!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  33. Omo why are they soo cute!??

  34. Candleee Don't dare to ruin my biaslist guy TT,TT ! You don't even know how hard it is to create it uguuhhhh I'm not ready for new rookies

  35. The song is DOOPPE! But they look like babies 😛

  36. 14 & 15 years old?

  37. candle looks like gd

  38. That plastic noes though.

  39. Surprisingly i like this duo a lot! Fresh and original music! SWAG!

  40. this song is amazing! 🙂 I'm going to go download it

  41. Me gustoooooooooooooooooooooo

  42. the song is amazing IM LIKE!!!

  43. I wonder if the member named Champagne will have to change his name later on. A band in Japan named [Champagne] recently had to change their name because they were sued by France which legally owns the right to the name and usage of Champagne.

  44. Wow, they're cute. And I can already tell they're so much younger than me. I like the beat of the song and the flow of their rapping. But what do I know, I'm not expert.

  45. Champagne (Son Seung Hwan) y Candle (Lee Kang) se ven niños y tienen 20 años, la rola se escucha padre espero que tengan mucho exito, esperare por ellos

  46. i like their eyebrows

  47. the moans at the beginngin thou…

  48. 0:15 – 0:25 In accapella 👿

  49. Wow i can feel it…..~ i love this,, well 화이팅 ^^

  50. Follow me on instagram 'mobina_xox' i follow back 🙂

  51. I'm in love with the beat !!! It's dope

  52. That guy in White Cap look a little like Nakta from topp dogg><..

  53. How old are they? They look so cute!

  54. they look sooo young im thinking in there early teens probably 14 to 17  

  55. AWW~~ THEY HAVE CUTE BBY FACES~~~ >w< i wanna pinch champagne's cheeks!! dang it!! even tho they r like 6-7 years older than me >,< can i just like keep them lol they so adorbs~~ Im not weird guise i promise, their cuteness is just overwhelming~~its DA FEELS guise DA FEELS!!!

  56. Are both of them only rappers?

  57. This is friggin' good. Hoping to know more about them.

  58. Ah ouais canon 0.0

  59. bring dem fresh meat lol

  60. From what I got from this video, they seem very good, and I look forward to hear more from them 🙂 I'm just not sure about their names, I do know the reason why the choose them, but still…. 

  61. Good song but…..the short dudes hair tho

  62. Love this music. Really fresh!! Awesome!! Would love to purchase song.

  63. This song is toooooooo dope!! Loving the cowbell in the background. I just found my new JAM!

  64. Omg they have puppy eyes!

  65. They are so freaking CUTE. and oh man, this beat will forever be in my head 24/7

    Can't wait for more tracks

  66. ooh, i like the "mmmhhh" ♥♥♥ <3

  67. I didn't know liquor could be so cute xD

  68. why isn't there a member who's name is romantic or dinner…. romantic candle and champagne dinner…


  70. actually they are in their 20s

  71. champagne love…. so talented love your song and the duo produce this song.. jjang oppa..

  72. aaaaah i really love them! so cool…realmente los amo! son geniales!

  73. really really good music

  74. Those who want to know their ages by name here it is: Champagne "91" and Candle "89". 🙂

  75. @1theK (former LOEN MUSIC) what happened to the english subs?

  76. When are they releasing new music? I liked this song ^^

  77. I completely love these guys and hope they make a comeback soon. This is one of my favourite underrated hip hop songs of the year. It is criminal that Champagne and Candle only have around 54,000 views for this song, a total combined from the two versions uploaded to YouTube.

  78. champagne his voice is so damn sexy 😍

  79. absolutely love this.

  80. Desperate for their debut. Need the studio versions of the tracks they've performed. Groans.

  81. it's just me or champagne a bit looks like suga? lol

  82. Is champagne still in brand new ? Haven't really seen him being active and stuff

  83. I love how you can hear someone's kakao going off

  84. 샴페인&캔들 짱멋있다!

  85. are they still together??? they dont follow each other on ig anymore and champagne changed his ig name

  86. That was my jam!!! What's happened to them r they still active or what??

  87. Both of them are really handsome and talented😍

  88. Whatever happened to this flop?

  89. Will they never debut?

  90. where are they now? like i was going through my fave vids and saw this

  91. Actually champagne looks like like snsd's sunny 😂😂

  92. Where are they now? 🙁

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