Christmas Window Candles

Christmas Window Candles

Hi, I’m Sarah with Lights For All Occasions,
and it’s such aan exciting time of year when you open up your holiday decorations and get
ready for the holidays, and I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s hard to get myself
or my husband motivated outside to hang up those Christmas lights, so I wanted to show
you a very simple way to bring in that same feel of Christmas lights, but a lot more inexpensive,
and a little safer too. These are window candles, they are battery operated and they’re a dusk
to dawn candle so you can not worry about the battery running out in the sun, it takes
care of that for you. They all come in with a sensor, and I’ll show you on this one. When
the sun goes down, and I’ll mimic that for you by just covering my hand and the light
will go on, and as the sun comes up the light will turn off. They do have an on/off switch
as well, so you don’t have to worry about the battery running out, it’s another option
for you. I’ll show you on this light, when you switch it off, the light goes off, you
can switch it to the flicker option, or we can switch it to the more steady. They come
in two different colors. We have warm amber light, and we also have a cool light as well,
more of a white light, and so you can choose whichever one you like for your home decor.
I prefer the amber light because it does mimic that real candle look instead. So you just
want to let your neighbors know that they are not real, so they don’t get nervous about
you being away and having a real candle in your windowsill. Make sure they know that
these are battery operated candles, and I bet by the looks of your house they are going
to want to get some for themselves. So enjoy this product, have fun with it and We’ll see
you next time.

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