Cleaning Melting and Filtering Beeswax

Cleaning Melting and Filtering Beeswax

Hey everybody it’s Jen, I’m going to take you guys through My process for filtering And melting beeswax So if you weeks ago I had an unexpected Honey harvest and I have a ton of wax And so I need to deal with that And I thought what better way then To show you my process for getting it clean And getting into the shape That everybody recognizes as A beautiful block of beeswax so here we go This is what it looks like After you’ve pressed all of the honey out of it So I am moving it from One bucket that has a bunch of holes in the bottom of it For the honey to drain through into a solid bottom bucket, this bucket Will get repeatedly filled with Cold water until the water starts to run it fairly clear Which took me About four or five times And I would just let it sit overnight So I would drain the bucket in the morning Fill it up with cold water and kind of Slosh the wax and junk around in there and then drain it So this is what that looks like After it’s been rinsed out It almost resembles sand or gravel. This other bag Is virgin wax What that means is there’s never been any eggs laid in it This wax was exclusively used For honey and that’s what I took Out of the supers this last summer Notice how it resembles Potato flakes Nobody believes me when I show them this and say this is beeswax This is what beeswax actually looks like Straight from the hive So take a pot make sure it’s not one of your good Pots because you’ll never get the wax out. Just buy something like at a thrift Store or something for like $.25. Make sure it’s just for beeswax melting Then fill the bottom of it up With about 2 inches of water For this size pot for me that was about 2 cups But it depends on the size of pot you get so Just do 2 inches give or take Of water in the bottom of your pot Then put all of your wax In it all the flaky wax And for me it wouldn’t all fit So I had to melt and then add some more flake And then melt it down and add some more flakes As the wax compresses You’ll have more room and you can add I was able to add that entire bag So then we’re going to just stick it on the stove And melt it, now this is on low And you see how fast of a boil it is going So you cannot leave this unattended It will get to this fast of a boil And overflow if you are not There with it and watching it So then were going to take it off of the stove Set it on a cooling rack and go to bed You want to leave this thing to cool down Slowly overnight Don’t stick it in the fridge to help it along You want to let the particles that are inside the wax have time to sink to the bottom And they only can do that if you let it slowly cool overnight So the next morning I take this guy out And dump all the water outside in the grass Because I don’t want any wax particles Even if they’re small getting down my drain Because that’s a recipe for disaster So go outside and dump your water out outside Grab your hunk of wax and your pot and come back inside So then I just Take a towel and a scrape all of the gunk That is along the bottom Until it’s as As clean as I want to get it. And then We repeat So again I’m going to stick this guy back in It’s container And then fill it up with a good 2 inches of water And remelt the thing And do that whole process again let it sit overnight This was my final melting I’m fine with The amount of grit that still left in here But if you’re not just keep melting it down until its Perfectly filtered and it’s the way that You like it. And that is how I melt beeswax.

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  1. good video the tongue stud through me a bit the mind boggles LOL 

  2. Great simple video.
    I just started with bees, caught/rescued my own swarm.
    Looking forward to more learning from you.
    I'm in Australia.

  3. That was great thank you!!

  4. its depens on what size pot u get that was she said lol

  5. Well, you could heat up the bees wax then pour it slowly through a paper towel in a strainer.  This will filter it allot better.  I saw someone using this filtering method with a solar wax melter and the wax was nearly clean on the first pass.  But I would do what you showed for the second pass.  I think a mix of the two would produce a nice product as far as home based.

  6. Can you tell me, is the wax you were cleaning and filtering from the cap on the frames or???

  7. To save time Filter you melted wax through a metal mesh strainer and it will get the "bits" out so all you have to do is melt it once

  8. Hello,
      Instead of washing the honey out of the comb, Lay it out on a tray and let your bees collect the left over honey, we find that after a few days there is No honey left and it helps the bees get a quicker start reworking the honey super

  9. How much would that cost

  10. this was really helpful thank you 🙂

  11. Melting some beeswax from a dead hive right now!

  12. Beeswax should not boil. Melted at 150 Farenheit and keep all the benefits intact.

  13. Tanx for the info you share!

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  15. Great info…thanks sweetie!

  16. if i have it all full of honey still can i just melt it all and let cool? the honey will be on the bottom and wax on top?

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  18. By the way, if you keep it "warm" and "still" (making sure not heating up to bubbling) for several hours then let it cool down to room temperature slowly, you don't need to repeat the process few times as you give enough time for sedimentation of foreign particles.

  19. I want to ask please answer me… can beewax be mixed with a little bit of water.

  20. Super helpful tutorial. I've been struggling with this process for years and haven't yet made clean wax. Thanks!!

  21. Thanks for your ideas.  Especially washing the  dirty wax before heating, I've never washed it.  What is your method for draining  the  "dirty' water between each of your overnight soaks?   Thank you!

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  23. believe it or not you just taught me to make a bronze sword for my new series. just need to render the wax in a more bronze age appropriate way. any ideas are welcome.

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  25. I have bees. I use the honey water to make kombucha, it's really good for it. I also added to vinegar making, for the mother of vinegar to consume.

  26. Hi I have a question do you sell beeswax?

  27. Hi, nice video, I 'd like to know what uses have the honey water, I think it has a lot of goodness and I don't want to throw it away

  28. i really dont know why im watching a video of something i will never do myself at 5 am. it was a good video though.

  29. would this process be adequate for using in lip balms or other personal or hygiene products?

  30. I this is an older post but I will ask. Couldn't I just wrap the comb in cheese cloth (fine cheese cloth) and boil it that way to get the wax separated from the debris?

  31. This video is a PUBLIC DISSERVICE . Advocating the melting of wax without the safety of a double boiler to prevent fires and keep the wax at safe workable low temps is the same as showing kids how to play with matches around gasoline. Always melt wax inside a water jacket or a terrible burn or fire is almost certain. Please remove this video.

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  34. Thanks for this great information! Sounds simple enough!! 🙂

  35. Let it come to a boil and remove from heat? Or just melt it and remove? Thanks.

  36. Thank you, very nice tutorial!!! 😀

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  38. Hi. I have a question. How long do you boil it until you let it cool down? Thanks.

  39. This is an amazingly straight forward video. Thanks for taking the time to share!

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    the way you look at the camera and the way you speak o.o

  41. Good job on the video , both the presentation and the camera work !

  42. I just watched LDS prepper he has a much faster way of filtering you should take a look at it. He has a cookie sheet filled with a little water and a screen with a piece of paper towel in a solar heater and takes a small pile of wax, lets it melt and continues this until he has all the wax melted the paper towel holds all of the impurities and he lets it cool over night and it's perfectly filtered and formed in the cake pan with water.

  43. Thank you for this very helpful video. I'm planning on buying raw wax from a farm and I think they did a little bit of the process but still needs some more filtering.
    Please do not change the way you are, or you look at the camera. You are a wonderful woman!

  44. Hi.
    Try placing a 60 watt tungsten filament lamp in the bucket and the wax should float off the rubbish overnight. Switch the bulb offa nd lif the wax away when solid. Wouldn't it separate like that?

  45. Please blink more often and do more actual video of the wax instead of your face, no offense.

  46. Thank you so much for video. You did a great job! Your practical advice about what pot to use and not to get any wax down the drain is super helpful. 🙂

  47. thank you! trying your method now. appreciate the time you took to make the video.

  48. Thank you for interesting Video. Best greetings from beekeepers in Ukraine! Good luck and good honey!

  49. I bought some beeswax online, but it's a green type of colour. Is this normal? I want to use it in making my own beard balm.

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  54. thanks for the video,I found it very useful …..just one question: you don't run liquid wax thru sieve?

  55. Hi, would you sell a couple bags of the virgin wax? I'm a woodturner and use beeswax mixed with a finish to apply on my turnings. Thanks!

  56. That moment you judged a book by its cover and then you see the tongue ring…

  57. Thank you very much for this helpful video. I'm a new beekeeper and won't be harvesting anything until the spring. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep the bees alive over winter. I have been scraping burr comb when I do hive checks and really don't have enough to bother rendering, but I'm might give it a go anyway. Thanks again.

  58. This was helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  59. how long do you boil?

  60. This is a helpful video. Thanks!

  61. Wow, It's 2018 now. thank you for the video. =)

  62. Thank you. Very informative!

  63. I bought excellent handbook from stodoys website. Just google stodoys and start your journey to the better life

  64. Your process was way more simple than other videos I watched. Thanks. You didn't use all sorts of sieves and cheesecloths. This is a lot less messy. Yeah, you have to do several times in the pot. But it really works.

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  66. Ty. You made it look easy.

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  68. Virgin wax? You just making shit up? What a shit video. 99% ranting 1% information. Focus!

  69. Thanks a lot!!! I have a big chunk of unfiltered beewax and really wanted to use it for cosmetics! I'm gonna try it tommorrow

  70. you have beautiful eyes 🙂

  71. Very nice video. Your a great speaker, very informative. Thank you from IL.

  72. Great video! When our TBH failed I also had an unexpected honey, propolis, pollen and wax harvest. Thanks for making this video.

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  77. Wash with rain water, hard water will just make soap. Or at least add some lemon juice. Never boil like that- always use a double boiler- so unsafe.

  78. Good luck buying real beeswax from China sellers on Ebay. Even Ebay sellers from the US sell fake 'organic' beeswax. It is almost impossible to find on Ebay real beeswax like the one this lady holds. She knows the actual smell of real beeswax, a sweet honey flagrance that you can smell from several feet away.

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  84. You wasted all that residual honey. Instead of rinsing the wax you could have just added water and boil the wax on low and let cool. After the wax solidified, you could strain that water and reuse it to feed the bees, a portion for cooking and use in drinks .

  85. Good job. The best I've seen after watching many others.

  86. Great for bullets too.

  87. you never pour it through a tshirt or a piece of cloth? I have to filter 20-30lbs at a time and I find it too much work. I heat it with water just like you do when Its all melted I pour it into a bucket through a an old tshirt. then repeat 3-4 times.

  88. Excellent thank you

  89. I tried this method and all of my slum gum stuck to the underneath of the wax. Nothing sunk to the bottom, so when I pull the cake out I had all of the slum gum stuck right there and had to scrape it off. A lot of it was also incorporated into the beeswax, so unfortunately this method didn’t really work for me that well. Do you have any pointers? Thanks!

  90. Hi! Can I do the same even though I also have larvae and almost-completely-developed drones? They should also sink to the bottom right? C:

  91. Amazing. You're great. Thankyou.

  92. I gave it to the bees and they suck it dry. Then I wash it

  93. The fastest way to filter any wax is pour it through some pantyhose. Like this>>>>>

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