Cleveland Newspaper Torches Jim Jordan For His Disgusting Behavior

Cleveland Newspaper Torches Jim Jordan For His Disgusting Behavior

The plain dealer, a newspaper in Cleveland,
Ohio this past Thursday published a scathing op-ed attacking Republican representative
Jim Jordan, who also happens to represent part of the area where the plain dealer is
one of the most popular newspapers out there. And here is what this op-ed had to say about
mr Jim Jordan. There was no good reason to punish greater
Cleveland by making the person who is now the second most contemptible human being in
the entire US government, part of the region’s delegation to Congress. Everything about Jordan reeks of a man willing
to cast aside common decency and fairness in service of a corrupting cruel president. He may be the most unfit man to ever represent
part of greater Cleveland in Congress. And that’s only part of what people who live
in Jim Jordan’s district had to say about Jim Jordan. They also in the op ed mentioned the fact
that, uh, the only reason Jordan’s even in Congress right now is because back in 2012
they had to redraw the districts and they gerrymandered the heck out of that one that
Jordan currently represents. It is now a sickle shaped district, much like
Dan Crenshaw’s district down in Texas. By the way, it’s just weirdly shaped going
all which ways into areas that ought not be going. But because of that, they drew it in a way
to kind of scoop up all these little areas of Republican’s all over the map, put them
in a single district and this is what you get Jim Jordan. But of course the paper did not only focus
on the fact that Jordan is pedaling conspiracy theories during his time questioning in Congress
during the impeachment inquiry. They also talked about the fact that you know,
the guy’s now named in a lawsuit for ignoring sexual assault at Ohio state university and
that’s really the big one, right? We know that Jim Jordan’s a nut job when he
gets on the floor of Congress. But we also know because of these lawsuits,
because of the people who’ve come forward and said what Jordan did when he was an assistant
wrestling coach at Ohio state, that he’s also a scumbag. Cause you’d have to be right when you have
these young men on your wrestling team, your in charge of their safety and their protection,
you are in a mentor role for them, not just a coach. You’re somebody. They look up to somebody they trusted and
they came to you and they said, this is happening, this is bad, this is assault. And Jordan laughed it off. He laughed it off. He could’ve stopped it. He could’ve prevented dozens of, of more young
men from being assaulted, molested or harassed by this Dr. Richard Strauss. But he didn’t do it. And that makes him a scumbag. But that is what Jim Jordan has always been. And why the Ohio state state story is so important
because not only is it important because we have to listen to the survivors and we have
to believe them. And we have to get them justice, but it also
shows the, Jim Jordan’s always been this way. Jim Jordan did not suddenly become crazy when
he got on the floor of Congress. Jim Jordan has always been a scumbag and will
always be a scumbag, but I also find it interesting that the two top Republican attack dogs in
Congress fighting against this impeachment inquiry are Jim Jordan, the guy who ignored
all of these sexual assault complaints coming from his own wrestlers, and the other one
is Devin Nunez who is now directly implicated in this Ukraine scandal and is facing an investigation
himself. Those are the two people that Republicans
have picked to lead their party. So I ask you if you’re a card carrying Republican,
if you’re somebody who says, heck yeah, the conservative party of the United States represents
me, then you need to take a look at those two people who are kind of running the show
right now and ask yourselves, are these the people I want being the face of my party? Would I be comfortable leaving my kids with
these people? Would I trust them with my ATM pin code? The answer to every one of those questions
should be no, but I’m willing to bet there’s plenty of Republicans out there who would
still say, heck yeah, Jim Jordan. Let me know when you’re free to come babysit
my kids.

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  2. Jim Jordan is a MABLA news letter editor & Grand Poobah of his MABLA lodge.

  3. This is a communist quo against Jordan

  4. Is this guy an American? I’d listen to the accomplishments he has made for not only Ohio but for all of Americans

  5. My question…Are you a Republican…or an American?

  6. Wake up Americans patriots and throw all corrupt trumpers from office as soon as possible before it is too late it is your obligation to America

  7. As an American, I was embarrassed by his performance during the impeachment hearings. Though I also didn't appreciate how he was added to the committee last minute to serve as an attack-dog type. As an Independent seeking truth, he sought no actual facts but seemed to want to testify himself. If I were a Dem, I'd be disgusted. If I were a Republican, I'd be disappointed that his attempts didn't land in any meaningful way. No matter how you look at it, seems his appointment to the committee for the reasons he was fell flat, especially with Vindman. The evidence is pointing in the same direction and it was refreshing to hear Ohioans' thoughts on their rep as mine is of no consequence since I live in a different state.

  8. I would expect nothing less from the garbage people who live in the Texas of the North.

  9. Cowardly ‘Gym’ Jordan is such a worthless-political-nothing it’s not even worth writing an Op-Ed about him.

  10. So many conservatives are pedophiles and closet cases and their followers just don't care.That should tell you something.

  11. GYM 🤼‍♂️🤼‍♂️ JORDAN


  13. How odd, not a word about Jim Jorden, …….until……he began defending the President. You people and your sickening comments are beyond belief !! Lies and you all are too dumb to see what’s really going on !!

  14. This guy need to rising
    Get all the dirt out to disinfect! !!!!!

  15. Finally!!! Yes, jordan is a real idiot, is he defending himself? He is a loud mouth when he is with his half wit friends in the house of congress! Now he is running like a mad dog!

  16. If Gym Jordan were to go to prison it would teach him one hell of a lesson, it’s called don’t drop the soap or you may be literally screwed! He would fast learn how these young men felt! Turn about would be fair play, and I seriously wish no bad on anyone!

    He wasn’t there just to be their coach he was supposed to be their mentor as well as the person they could turn to for help the person who kept them safe from predators as well.

    If you have no Guts and or spine to stand up for the rights and safety of these young men, then what makes you think that you can stand up for the rights of people in this country?! What you did to these young men is unconscionable.

  17. Give it up losers no one cares what you think. You want to see disgusting look in a mirror. What trumped-up charge is next on your agenda. You people are in serious need of psychiatric help.

  18. You have so solidifyed the forever Trumpers I thank you for that. I would much rather have one of your socialist candidates running our country. Get a life dork you have no one who can even run a lemonade stand let alone run a country.

  19. It is very rare that I say this phrase of words about a person but I make this one exception – Jim Jordon I hate you with all the passion my body and mind can direct at you. My hatred of and for you is total and true. You work for the devil, you believe in the devil , you are the devil. God will never welcome you into his world when you pass and that is as it should be and may your last days be filled with agony and pain ………….. you are not fit to live on this earth and when you pass – take Nunes with you!

  20. Jim Jordan is an absolute piece of shit.

  21. Admit it y'all you people are Democrats that's why you don't like Jim Jordan and you that's reporting are also Democrat admit it creeps

  22. Yeah clean house vote out the three witches

  23. Yeah… scumbag about covers it

  24. What is this Rof crap

  25. He even walks like he’s taken it up the ass

  26. Fake news on this site, fake news!!!!!

  27. Dan Crenshaw and Jim Jordan are the ones that have guts enough to stand up to these crazy dems

  28. Jim Jordan needs to file a law suit against you for putting out fake news

  29. A disgraceful reprobate, debasing himself, his office, and the US in support of another debased reprobate, imagine that.

  30. ROF is totally biased never reports on the positives from public servants like Jim Jordan and Donald Trump. Do yourself a favor and evict this loser from your news feed.

  31. If Jordan was a dem. Trumpo would of called him " human scum"

  32. He was probably watching

  33. Torch Gym? Couldn't happen to a more fitting person for being tarred and feathered before he's run out of town. Who would expect him to have any sort of moral compass.

  34. WELL spoken…!!! I don’t even know THE guy…but from WHAT I have seen from THE hearing, I saw a PERSON that is EXACTLY WHAT you SAY he is…!!!

  35. the chances of a republican watching this video at all are almost nonexistent.. let alone one who would feel challenged by these facts and ideas

  36. I simply love how the unhinged lunatic left like to smear people with ZERO proof. Jordan and Nunez are tearing the Communist democratic parties treasonous witch hunt to shreds. Sorry liberals accept President Trump or go to Canada or Venezuela. Sock if your corrupt politicians treasonous accusations. What happened to Mueller Report!? You dim wits turn a blind eye to democratic corruption and globalist agenda yet will spend the tax money and salary raises in a second! Obama split this country and you damn well know it. This country will never be socialist/communist just look what obummer care did. Then it was declared unconstitutional! Will be skipping down the road when I.G report and Durham report come out and lock all your corrupt "leaders" out. Keep up the unsubstantiated smears! President Trumps base grows Every day with walk aways!

  37. Good points but there's a simpler way to describe Jimmy Suitjacketless Jordan| He's a punk!

  38. I'm from the UK and to say I'm disgusted at these low life lying Rethuglicans, is an understatement. Put them in PRISON for what they have done, for knowingly supporting this EVIL Fake President. To support what he has done, obstruction of justice and the rest of it, is against the law.

  39. Jordan is a wannabe lawyer. Never called to the Bar. Sad.

  40. Figures that Jordan’s district is jerrymandered to carve out a deep red seat. That explains why he can be such an asshole and not suffer any consequences.

  41. I believe with all my heart that you that have commented on Jim Jordan is finally correct and honorable. He needs to be taken out of office. He is not only an embarrassment to Cleveland but to the entire nation. Compare him to an honorable Chairman Schiff who Jordan doesn't even think twice about degrading Schiff. There is NO COMPARING. JORDAN NEEDS TO GO !!!!!!!!!

  42. We love Jim Jordan, don’t know what lies you are talking about. He is great and Dems are just scared of him. They always badmouth the ones their scared of. Just like Trey and others. O yeah, another fake sex assault by somewhat doesn’t like him. Get over it all you whinny ass people.
    Yes , we trust him and all republicans , don’t trust any democrat just because of all their past fake lies and accusations with no proof they have done in the past.

  43. If you have no enemies, you haven’t been doing anything

  44. Jim Jordan is a clown, a buffoon the court jester.

  45. You r all so misinformed with lies. Media and news is almost all liberal…morons

  46. Jim, you look pale! You need to get some of that orange butt cheese from Donald. It worked for Devin!

  47. How interesting the Holy bible seeks for the truth and also our constitution is seeking for the truth under THE LAW.

  48. Let the republicans swear on the BIBLE since they claim to be Christians.

  49. Being that it's a very liberal paper.

  50. Gotta laugh at how this fool gets on a soap box to preach ethics!! Especially when we almost once a month hear about a Democratic leader, or supporter involved in a rape, or child molesting sex ring. Gimme a break dude.

  51. That guy not only looks the other way with trump’s awful presidency but ALSO looked the other way when young men were being abused and molested….
    I will never understand how people voted for that shit to the Congress!

  52. He allowed a child molester to attack 100s of Young question is was he involved with the molestation?


  54. I would like to seeing this guy defended those youngsters that came to him for help, the same way He defended the President.
    Scumbags like this coward guy should be put behind bars.

  55. It’s astonishing that everyone with a 3-digit IQ thinks this whole Trump Criminal Administration is an embarrassment for the US but we can’t do anything about it.

  56. Can’t wait for justice. Jim
    Jordan, Devin Nunes, and the lot of them are traitors to this country.

  57. Jim Jordan will be portrayed in History as
    the low life wrestler who sold America to Russia.Hadn't been for his gerrimandering trick,at this moment he would be on top of a young boy's back(wrestling).

  58. Wouldn't that make POS Jordan an accomplice for allowing the Coach to continue his sick behavior with the young men who were clearly asking for help?

  59. He's also one of Trump's minion's

  60. This guy has no clue

    First where is his outrage about bill Clinton raping women

  61. Right on to my hometown newspaper!

  62. Jim Jordan is a genius!

  63. He's scumm, along with #DEVILNUNES… How does someone go from #GYMJO to HOUSE w/o CROOKS..Then again Fugly Fck Frez. FRUMP has an IQ of 75 max….To anyone who still believes in his SELF-RUSSIAN-MANDERING, DON'T BE DUMB!

  64. The Rethuglicans chose them because none of Them were going to personally embarrass themselves by spewing that nonsense. Those two were the best trump-rump kissers for the job.

  65. just another scumbag so far trumps ass that they can see trumps the burgers and fries in his stomach

  66. Devin Nunes was sitting on it Jim Jordan picked it up and put it in his mouth is that what's sticking out of his mouth

  67. 🤔💭 Another 💩⚽⚾🏐🎳Scumbag

  68. Everyone is talking about how awful a man Jordan and is dismissing the fact that no one would let a stranger babysit or gve their pin code to their money. That’s just ludicrous even if he just talkin metaphorically.

  69. Dump jordon the phony

  70. Jim Jordan is a creepy asshole, I hope to never see that ugly face again 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  71. You are the best***

  72. Does anybody wonder why all these people in this District voted in Jim Jordan when he did nothing to protect their children from being sexually assaulted or even when he was told about it he did nothing

  73. Ball sacks Jim Jordan ball sacks

  74. I am British. This is what is needed. Tiptoeing around Trump is guaranteed to get you implicated in this small, failed president’s purposeful mess- making. Push back. With facts. Get the fucking anger out to promote those FACTS and use them to protect your country. And my country, and NATO, and Ukraine, to thwart the belligerent disgrace that is today’s Russia, so clearly Trump’s real focus of support.

  75. these schmucks will get what's coming to them. Orange jumpsuits bread and water. I am glad that the the METOO movement came into being, sad for the cause but happy we are finally calling out the pricks. Been getting away with this shit since the beginning of time.

  76. I saw him questioning hon. Rosenstein in Congress. What a terrible man is JIm Jordan. He has no respect for people and is screaming as a pig in front of his butcher. He must be banned from television and good that The Cleveland Plains Dealer is attacking him on behavior.

  77. Sickel shape redistricting reminds me of the Russian sickel on their flag 🇹🇷 hammer and sickle emblems 👹👹

  78. This anchor is paid bye Democrats socialist communist party. Full of lies
    Again Democrats socialist trying going after people who disagree with Democrats
    Democrats socialist try cover up
    Bribes crimes
    Go after who support trump
    Trump keep draining swamp rats are running
    Democrats socialist afraid because trump can't be bought
    This anchor is bought an paid bye Democrats
    This guy is scam lies to people
    This guy is nuts
    Need cell next to Hillary Biden an Obama paddle cell throw away key

  79. Jim expose Democrats corruption and crimes
    Democrats socialist telling lies protect themselves from going to jail

  80. only decent person in that waste of a city full of lazy slobs called cleveland TRUMP 2020 clean up the toilet called ohio flush the libs

  81. I lived most of my life in Akron, Ohio. Trust me, cleveland is NOTHING to brag about. As a truck driver for a period of time, I and many other drivers actually hated having to go there!! 😥😪😞😰 This has to be another f'd up liberal website!! ROFLMFAO

  82. Jim Jordan for president after Trump serves a second term. Fuck all Democrats !
    TRUMP 2020
    JORDAN 2024

  83. Jordan said he's doing what Ohioans want him to do oh well!!! Things are becoming clearer about Trump. supporters. They are dirty low down and rotten to the core. Trump blackmailed this trash but the truth is slowly coming to the light. So they jumped on the band wagon for nothing. The truth is still coming out. Wonder how they feel now? Years of carrers are being flushed down the toilet not to mention what history will say about these idiots!!!!!!

  84. Shirtboy looks like a computer repairman haha!

  85. Nunes shouldn’t Be allowed to vote for or against impeachment of Trump because he’s part of the corruption. It’s a giant contradiction and conflict of interest if he’s able to vote.

  86. The paper. A loser out of date destine to die rag. Why is it all they can do is name call. Listen to these people. Listen to all they can do . Name call. Like this guy. For what . Great insight. Like scumbag. Why they will lose every time

  87. The idiot Jordan &
    Nunass are the most defenders of the crime family boss.

  88. Jim Jordan is the type of person Donald Trump likes.

  89. Actually you're the fucking scumbag. Jim Jordan is just pointing out the obvious that all you fucking piece of shit liberals are scumbags and liars and you're coming up with anything you can to get rid of the best president we've ever had in office.

  90. From now on he is Jordan scumbag .

  91. Fab4 Jordan is a douchebag .

  92. You know there's a lot more people on Fox News than CNN

  93. Jim Jordon speak fast because he hoping that the message he saying can't be understood HA Ha we heard &he makes no sence

  94. What an incredibly stupid fake news site this is – junk mail!!

  95. It's hard to believe that the State that gave us one of America's greatest heros John Glenn had elected the repugnant likes of a scumbag and cretin to its 4th District where now he not only disgraces himself, his home state of Ohio and the US Congress,… but also someone along with fellow cretin and human feces Devin Nunes is actively engaged in helping the completely lawless Trump Crime Syndicate (aka Trump Administration) to attack our very Republic. Ohio, you can do better,…. WE can do better.

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