Coast HP17 Variable Power Flashlight –

Coast HP17 Variable Power Flashlight –

Hey guys, it’s Alex from
and I wanted to give you a quick look at the awesome coast HP17
flashlight and knife combo so this is a product it’s exclusively availible on
Optics Planet this coast flashlight has six hundred and fifteen lumens on
the high output, sixty-four looms on low output and it has a strobe function which is
also at that high output of six hundred fifty lumens. So, cool thing about it, it comes with three D batteries, included in the box.
You can put them in, this thing’s ready to go right out of the box. It’s a big flashlight, it’s
heavy, it’s perfect for uh… for carrying around and it’s pretty much a a
spotlight if you really, if you really uh… consider it. So turning this thing on you’ve got a
button right here. When you start it off you turned on and this is on actually this
is on the high lumen output. If you press the button again it goes to the strobe
mode and if you press it a third time it goes to the low and everytime you turn this on it will cycle
through low high strobe modes. Now the other cool thing is that you
can actually tighten the beam or expand the beam by moving
the head back and forth so if I turn this on, this is on high, you can actually see
on the table i can expand that beam to a huge size
or I can tighten it for sort of more intricate searching. So great flashlight and now you can get on and even better it comes with this folding knife from Coast
you can see it’s a great little stainless steel folding knife it’s got a nice from hole
here so you can open it’s just a normal folder. It’s got really nice scales
and uh… the two of them come together as a kit you can’t get that anywhere
else. So that’s it, the Coast HP17 and the Coast Folding Knife,
get it on, thanks for watching!

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  1. i see no reason why u dont have millions of views keep it up u got a fan out of me

  2. We also don't see such reasons. 🙂
    Thank you for watching and stay with us!

  3. gaaahhh!! Why does the tac version come with such a lower lumen output vs the regular HP17? 970 vs 615 lumens is a lot! Id rather have those extra lumens than that strobe! But yes overall either regular or tac HP17 are great lights with amazing run times

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